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Aprovecha mi tiempo y atrapa tú oportunidad🌞 #tbb

Words can't describe how I feel about hearing this today. I'm in disbelief on this shit bro, you were the little homie. Years spent in 860 were always rememberable and you were always part of my family. I remember all the times I took you camping years ago with me just to get the extra dollar and making money together. I know I haven't been to the block in a while due to me doing my own thing. You always know I always had your back and so did the block. You weren't just a friend you were one of my brothers. I'm going to forever miss you Andrew and wish you were here every time I go to 860. #RIPDREW #ANDREWLIVES #TBB

Wait, whaaaatt?
They say, ask and you shall receive <3
I guess the picture says it all.
Proud Campus Ambassador of my current favorite App, @lbb.mumbai

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👉🏼Sometimes the most difficult decision and the right decision are the exact same thing. 💡

I was angry at my doctor when he told me I was overweight and needed to make a change, even though in my heart I knew it was true. How dare he tell me I'm unhealthy!? Who does he think he is?! A doctor or something?!🙈 I would go to group classes at an expensive gym a few times a week, and would make it my goal to be second last. As long as I wasn't the slowest, the weakest, I'd be content. Really setting the bar high for myself...🙄 I would never push myself or challenge myself in any way, as long as I showed up to the class that's all that mattered. I could tell people, "yeah I go to the gym 3 times a week"... ❌I also had ZERO control of my diet. I was an emotional eater! Happy? Eat. Sad? Eat. Bored? Eat. None of your clothes fit anymore? Hell - might as well eat! You get the picture. There was zero balance in my life - and even less vegetables.
And the hardest part for me was feeling like a prisoner in my body. I was so incredibly fed up with how I felt in my skin, it had nothing to do with weight or size. I just felt like I didn't belong - I was constantly tired and grumpy. I felt like there was a radiant, confident, active, and energetic Kyrstin somewhere deep inside - just PRAYING to be set free!❤️ I hit my breaking point in March of 2014, and made the decision to try. To really truly try to get healthy! To stop eating shit all the time, to be active every single day, and to start being kinder to myself and raise my standards No more of this "aim for second last" bull crap! 🐮 ✅I started working out 30 minutes every day in my living room, portioned out my meals, and really began diving into personal development. I devoted myself to becoming the best version of me!
We all deserve to feel incredible! But it starts with the decision that the difficulty and struggle it takes to get there, is worth MORE than the ease of staying comfortably uncomfortable with our lives!❤️❤️❤️ I hope you have the courage to make this decision too!


Sign of the times 💁🏻 (why is there no flamingo emoji)

Colorful dinner is served! ✨🌿🌸 Everything is better as a bowl so I topped a bed of arugula with roasted cauliflower, baked chicken, and quinoa salad! 🙌

Let's hustle together and build an empire✌✌
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#tbb 😂😘💋

#tbb 😂💗

Alhamdulillah sedikit rejeki untuk membahagiakan teman 🙏

It's #tbb at the office today! We can't be on time for everyone's birthday, but we can #throwbackbirthday any time! 🎂🎉

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Makine sağlam #bmw #tbb

Our stars: @iammaasante featured on #TheSouthbankShow via Sky Arts directed by @naomi_wright airing July 19th! 🙌🏾 #ourstars

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