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Just finished microneedling my face with and added overlay of tazorac gel 0.1%. Check back in a week for the after. #beautifulskin #skincare #microneedling #tazorac #menskincare

Tazorac, a type of retinol and a derivative of Vitamin A, has many skin benefits. It is the gold standard for acne treatment but can also improve the appearance of stretch marks and has many anti-aging properties! Come in today to see if it's right for you. #retinol #tazorac #acne #antiaging #vitaminA

Mid November and I just wore a tshirt outside, i love my job, I still have a tan, my face is finally almost cleared(thanks #tazorac), I wake up at noon because I can, I go back to Florida tomorrow, the Christmas tree farm opens soon, the holidays are upon us......#lifeisgood 💁🏼 #selfie #selfiesunday

This is criminal. Serously?! $918.09 retail price for #tazorac for my 13 year olds mild acne? Wonder how much in Canada or Mexico? #bigpharma

Dermatologist put me on the strongest retinol possible. I've been struggling with my face since middle school and finally investing in myself and confidence. So if my face is all peely and what not, trust me I am aware. Here's to an even skintone and acne free by summer. 😉 #acnenomore #prescribed #azelex #tazorac

I have to use this prescription cream on my face. It's the STRONGEST retinoid made! The derm told me I would peel and flake and thankfully it's been almost 3 weeks and my face is doing great!! Thanks to our AWESOME skincare line! #tazorac #tazarotene #bestmoisturizer #creamgel #bestskincare

Part 2: Dr.Trent’s Secret Weapons for Anti-Aging
1️⃣ SkinMedica Dermal Repair Cream - great antioxidant to help protect against free radical damage to our collagen by the sun, also has hyaluronic acid to moisturize
2️⃣ SkinMedica Lytera - non-hydroquinone lightener for brown spots
3️⃣ SkinMedica TNS Recovery Complex - contains growth factors to help rebuild the collagen in our skin and combat wrinkles
4️⃣ #Tazorac - great #retinoid to treat acne, as well as to help build collagen, fade brown spots and help with #photodamage
5️⃣ Revision Skincare Revox™ 7 - contains peptides to help decrease lines on the face, smooth and firm the skin
6️⃣ Revision Skincare Nectifirm® - amazing neck cream, has peptides to help firm and tighten the skin and lessen fine lines

Let's talk about retinoids... to stress the importance of this product I'm sharing a #nomakeup selfie. Unless you are under 10 years old, trying to conceive, pregnant, breastfeeding, or have an uncontrolled skin condition like eczema affecting your face, you should be using a retinoid. These vitamin A derived products pack a punch when it comes to #antiaging and #acne. They affect cell turnover, help to keep pores from clogging, and stimulate collagen production (collagen helps to keep the skin plump, firm, and smooth). They improve the texture of the skin and can help to promote an even skin tone. There are many options, both by prescription and over the counter. I use Rx Tazorac and alternate with @skinmedica Retinol complex 0.5 depending on the climate and my skin's level of hydration.

The floors & the washing machine have yet to be repaired. No rush. It's not like we're running out of clean clothes (😬🙈👙)
These are all the products with active ingredients (hence "actives") that I have being using lately in my #PMroutines. I usually only have 1 active per routine so I don't aggravate my skin. For my nighttime #skincareroutine these include AHAs/BHAs/retinol/retinoic acid. In the daytime, this would also include antioxidants like Vit C & niacinamide, but those are two actives that I actually combine with other actives like AHA/BHAs .
🌟Acid Exfoliator: #Skinceuticals Blemish + Age Defense* This is a blend of 3.5% Glycolic (smooths skin & encourages cell turnover), 2% Dioic acid (prevents hyperpigmentation & helps control oil), & 1.5% Salicylic (helps unclog pores). I have been using this consistently for 7 weeks. I was impressed from Day 1, but I became really blown away around week 5. My texture is greatly diminished, my pores look smaller, & spots and red marks seems to heal quicker. ❤️A full blog post is coming!
🌟OTC #Retinol: #JordanSamuelSkin Etoile plus 0.2% retinol. Retinol is said to be 10x less potent than retinoic acid, but that doesn't mean it is less effective--in fact, even a lower concentration can produce similar results over time (Babcock et al, 2015). AND a mild retinol like the JSS can save you from skin flaking, dryness, etc that a comes with using a stronger retinoic acid. Consistent use for ~8-12 weeks leads to great results!🙌🏻
🌟Rx #RetinoicAcid: #Tazorac Cream 0.1% This is strong & it works, but even after years of using it, it can still lead to some dry patches. Bc of Etoile, I dropped this down to once a week.
🌟Acid Exfoliation: I used to use #SundayRiley #GoodGenes 2-3 x a week, but once I fell in love with the Skinceuticals product, I didn't reach for this as often. I still LOVE the way it plumps my skin, so that's I why I keep it in rotation. I also love this as a primer under makeup when I'm going out. 👍🏻 about 3x a month I use Good Genes or #TheOrdinary 30%AHA+BHA Mask. That blood red mask does a good job at providing strong exfoliation without being too harsh for my skin.


My #daith #daithpiercing #daithpiercingformigraine #update for #week4 (if you’re keeping up or interested this is the latest news). It’s technically Tuesday, which means, I’ve had this awesome piercing for one month. I’ve had one migraine total in a month. It was on the non-pierced side! (I’m going back to visit Ed @hulamoontattoo as soon as everyone in my house is well to get the right side pierced...I’m also going to ask about some other interesting piercings I’m reading about that can improve depression, appetite, etc. I’ve had a few mild headaches, but only one migraine in a month 🙌👏😍. The headaches I have had have been sinus or stress related. This is one month I’ve not had to spend 3 days in bed because a migraine controlled my life! It feels wonderful to not take imitrex like candy. If I can help you or answer questions please let me know. Don’t read up on how painful this piercing is. It’s junk. Go in on a day you’re having a horrible migraine and get the piercing. By the time I sat in my car to leave @hulamoontattoo my migraine was almost completely gone. I feel like I’m regaining control over my life again...migraines are under control and if you didn’t know I finally was diagnosed with #hypothyroidism (which basically means #mythyroidisanasshole), but I’m working on kicking it’s ass. I’m going to go back to #herbalife and get healthy. I’m already losing weight on #synthroid and feeling better. I’m taking 50mcg but will probably have that upped in a few weeks. Im super excited! Im also getting my stupid, stupid, stupid acne flares under control. I was graciously given some samples of #tazorac to try. #acne at almost 39 is horrible and embarrassing. It’s as embarrassing as the weight I’ve gained from my #assholethyroid Everyone have a blessed rest of the week! ☮️💟✝️ #melissawbt

Retinol: Does it really work?

First let me start by saying Retin-A and retinoic acid are not the same thing!

Retinoids make skin cells die rapidly so new cells will growth.

Retin-A requires a prescription. Prescription formulas contain retinoic acid, the magic ingredient that fights visible aging! I read that as they swept away dead skin cells they enhance collagen production, skin smoothing, and evening out of pigmentation.

I used it every night as it is best worn at night. I used one night one formula and other night the other one. (See the pictures) (tazorac and the other one called RetinAngel- i forgot to add pic. Of that)

It made my skin drier-than-usual and lightly peeled my skin.
Many formulas claim you'll see results within weeks, but, it took more than 8 weeks for me to see some small changes, and even longer time needed to see some improvement. So STICK YOUR RETINOIC ACID!

As for fillers and botox, i already tried both but i have to make more research on those. But for now, for these pictures, what I can say is there is no botox or filler in any of the 'before' or 'after' pictures.

#retinol #retinoicacid #wrinkleprevention #wrinkles #vitaminc #drmurad #tazorac #retinangel #skinceuticalceferulic #skinceuticalshydratingb5

Happy Thursday! It's always nice to start an early morning with grateful, happy patients who are getting results because they are following the plan. Tazorac (usually the 0.1% cream) is one of my favorite tools to get acne patients results. #dermatologist #acne #skincare #skin #tazorac #tazoracjourney #tazoraccream #retinoids #allergan @allerganplc #pimple #acnetrreatments #zits #beautifulskin #beautifulskincare

So I just wanted to have a little chat 👩🏼‍💻yesterday while dropping my babies off at the gym, I met a new teacher there Ms Sophia. Immediately I was like wow she's so pretty and of course naturally like anyone I got all nervous. "Let me stand up straight" I'm in gym slum attire lol! And while totally admiring her eyebrows, YES ladies! Eyebrows! They were perfect! I noticed her right side of her face had substantial scarring. And I wondered ❓is this what it's like to look at me? She was beautiful. I wanted to reach out and ask if it was acne or something else because it looked different than of acne. . I wanted to share my journey, ask about her, if she's had any treatments? Because you always wonder, had they had treatments? Is it better than before? If so I want their number... but anyway, an acne scar sufferers daily battles,,, the ones they have in their head and no one knows.. I guess the moral of the story is, have boundaries, respect and know she's is beautiful. I mean she was so sweet! And if you're sweet and pretty, then that totally outweighs being just pretty and shitty. ✌🏼#acnescarring #acnerelief #acnesucks #scar #fraxel #co2fraxel #dermatologist #makeup #unevenskin #resurfacing #acneresults #acneresurfacing #laserresurfacing #acne #cysticacne #dermatology #accutane #tazorac #acutane #spirnolactone @aveneusa

#tazarotene has anyone tried this? I use to use #tazorac 😩but my insurance ❌doesn't cover it anymore and it was over $800 out of pocket with the insurance paying 30%. So I contacted #BCBS and they said the active ingredient is #tazarotene.. so I'm trying it but I also get the feeling it won't be as super strong. With tazorac I only applied to the affected areas as the next day it would be gone or nearly and super dry.. a lot of people complain of burning which is why they only spot treat. My only breakout areas now are the occasional and near the jaw line which is suppose to be hormonal and be controlled by the acne hormonal medication #spirnolactone. My main issue is the lack of evenness with my skin 😕so embarrassing. A company called #nerium reached out about their products which show awesome results but I can't help but wonder why dermatologists wouldn't be recommending this products? Also it's over $400 😣who has that extra cash lying around? So anyway y'all! Here we go 🔆#acnescarring #acnerelief #acnesucks #scar #fraxel #co2fraxel #dermatologist #makeup #unevenskin #resurfacing #acneresults #acneresurfacing #laserresurfacing #acne #cysticacne #dermatology #accutane #tazorac #acutane #spirnolactone

Makeup you guys!! Alright so I'm super sensitive when it comes to makeup and god I love makeup and am always trying new things, but let's be real 😩most of us don't have the skin 🤦🏼‍♀️ to be risking a chance like that:( for instance I L💜ve makeup forever but I breakout ❌like it's nobody's business 😫. So here it is. I recently heard about @maskcara makeup through this sweet shop I buy tees from (@love_blooms_here ) and became obsessed so I ordered it! It's not in stores right now and is currently only on website but girls let me tell you! I love it and it stays and it conceals and looks nothing short of awesome. and when you think you're ordering the wrong color, you aren't because #1 you get color matched and #2 everything blends! I know, I was surprised too! And no I'm not a rep, im just about sharing info that can help others in my situation. For example, I love express clothes, I like target and Starbucks, just saying 😜. Also I used Mac studio fix when I'm in a run and need quick coverage like when I'm packing the kids in the car @7 am to bring my husband to the 🚂. Also matte Mac lipstick 🙏🏼yes! I'm all neutrals, same for the @urbandecaycosmetics bronzer line. I like their bronzer but not a fan of the concealer 😕it feels too 🎂. And there you have it guys! @maskcara @maccosmetics @urbandecaycosmetics ✌🏼 you're welcome 👀almost forgot! I also use Clinique neutral transparent powder for a final touch. #acnescarring #acnerelief #acnesucks #scar #fraxel #co2fraxel #dermatologist #makeup #unevenskin #resurfacing #acneresults #acneresurfacing #laserresurfacing #acne #cysticacne #dermatology #accutane #tazorac #acutane #spirnolactone #mac #urbandecay #maskcara #makeup #coverage #acnecontrol

Alright you guys so it's time for an update. It has been exactly ✌🏼months since I had my 5️⃣th laser treatment with @holly_greenemd. So where to start?✔️ welp I'm a work in progress. I know Drs say it takes time or you'll only see at most 60% of what we are really looking for, but we always agree and NOD even though we are secretly hoping for 💯. As holly said, usually you'll see the effects of your first treatment about two months out. So since I started in March, I'm suppose to now be seeing he effects of treatment 3️⃣🎉. Well of course I'm like geeze how long does it take for your skin to recover? Apparently a long time sub-dermal even though it's currently naked, which is why progress pictures are 🔑 . I realized as I started my makeup that I needed to update with pictures so if you swipe all the way to the end, you will see I started putting some 👀 concealer on but did ❌put any on my problem area cheeks so you can fully view. Obviously I still have scarring, but it's much better from where I started 🤦🏼‍♀️. 📢An update on @myclearface it's been over a week since my last dosage and unfortunately I did not find any extra relief while taking the three daily pills 😖I found it taxing to remember to take three pills daily (I kept to it though) and also can't help but wonder if maybe it's a vitamin for regular breakouts vs my cystic acne. Nonetheless, thank you @myclearface for allowing me the opportunity to try your product. I was humbled! 🎁. Another update on the @sciton_inc @scitonlaser @scitonlaserson @halobysciton of Plymouth meeting dermatology in PA, the office reached out and stated they are scheduling me for Friday the 25th. I called several times in regards to questions for the laser day and did not hear back. That on top of telling me if I didn't want to come back for bandage healing care, or ever again after the laser, I would not have to. So no callbacks on something major and their comments made had left a very unprofessional taste in my mouth. So I think I'm just going to wait until I'm either blessed with another amazing opportunity or one day start saving again. One day y'all, one day. 🙏🏼

Just a few of the things I mentioned in my Skin Talk segment on my channel! I spoke about the struggles of my skin and what I use every day to make it better. You're not alone, it will get better... I mean clear. Link in bio! 🌸⏳🛀🏻#skincare #acne #skintalk #skin #acnescars #acnetreatment #acnecommunity #rosacea #rosaceasucks #clearskin #regimen #bioclarity #bioclarityresults #botanics #botanicskincare #tazorac #clarasonic #bobbibrown #mudmask #biorestrips

The skin on my chin jumped ship today. #thejoysofretinoids #tazorac #flakyskin #ijustwantclearskin

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