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paseando con las princesas #dasha #tayra #andrea

Come si fa ad arrabbiarsi? 🤷🏻‍♀️#waimaraner#Tayra

Guy's I dont mind you using it as long as you give credit lmfao. I went through hell an back to get it 😂😂😂😂 #tayra

Moji mali dve lepoticki 🙊❤️ #causins #lovethemall #tayra & #timea

They are so cute❤ #tayra 's week #lelinator

" Ya casi medio año conmigo. Haciéndome sentir de todo , pero cuando te miro a esa cara bonita , todo se pasa. No te puedo querer más ❤️🐶". #amo #a #mi #pequeña #tayra


paseando con las princesas #dasha #tayra #andrea

Nada más lindo que ver un amor así 🐶😍 #Tayra #Tayson #Boxer

Las experiencias son las que marcan el alma para bien o mal. Las llevas en tí y forman parte de tu vida. Fueron y serán la mejor de las experiencias. #Lasquieropequeñas #Tayra #Mariapaz #marinera

Con mis amores 👼👼👼👼👼👼👼#Tayra y #Eduardo 💞💞💞💞💞

^Lena's POV^ Lisa:what do you think happened? Lena:I have no idea, Liv is gonna be so hurt Lisa:so hurt? She's gonna be devastated Lena:how are we gonna tell her what he did? Lisa:we don't Lena:but if she finds out Lisa:she'll understand Lena:I hope Lisa:we have to go back in there and comfort her, before things get worst Lena:yeah let's go bad head back into my room where Liv is on my bed crying for an hour at least. Lisa:how is she not dead? Lena:Lisa?! Lisa:I mean like she's been crying for an hour, can't you die like that? Lena:I think it's longer. We sit on the bed and hold Liv in our arms. Lena:I'm sorry for your loss [saturday, 2:30 Am, hospital] nurse:kids we're gonna need you to step outside for awhile! Doctor:nurse I'm gonna need those files! Nurse:I'm coming! Go. We head out of the room Cole was lying in, we sit outside and Liv starts questioning if Cole will survive, after a few minutes we hear the sound of failure, we hear the long blow of a whistle, Cole was dead, Liv jumped out of her chair and ran into the room, the doctors apologized and said what they always say, "we tried everything we could", but they haven't even tried yet, Lisa and I run into the room crying as well, we didn't know Cole that much, we started to hang out but barely, still a death was something worth crying for. [Present] Liv:I can't guys, after the death I was scared shitless, and then after the funeral, I couldn't even look at anyone Lena:this isn't your fault Liv Lisa:yeah, we don't know what killed him, but we know for a fact it wasn't you Y/n:hey guys I'm back! Doh uh were crying, why are we crying? Lena:follow me. I lead Y/n back downstairs and tell him about Cole, he didn't react how I thought he would, but he also barley knew the guy, of course Y/n cried a little, but not enough to show he was sad, he was more shocked, we head back into my room and we al hold eachother until the rest of my family gets home, everyone goes into the living room and after a long talk, we watch a couple of movies, hoping Liv won't think of Coles death, but only the good times they had @lisaandlena #lisaandlena #entertainer #staylitentertainers #staylitfam #liv #lelinator #tayra #tim

Mustelid Monday: tayra. I know I pick the tayra a lot, but look at how awesome they are! I love them. They are widely spread from South America up through Central America.
#mustelid #mustelidae #mustelidmonday #notmyphotograph #tayra

Treino de Xco em Rio das ostras, coração na boca num circuito muito top, essa descida no rock Garden é alucinante!!! #lagosracing #mtb #mtbbrasil #mtbbrasil #xco #rockgarden #tayra #ecoparque #riodasostras #rj

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