i hope everyone had a great day & if you didn’t just look at these beautiful photos of taylor i promise they will make your day 10x brighter

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Don’t take this too personally LOL, I’m just sayin that accounts that look so similar to Taylor, that are liking my stuff give me freakin heart attacks lmao💓😂
“Being Kind is a Wonderful Legacy to leave behind.” ~ Taylor Swift😘✨
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A play on lyrics from the best song off reputation (or the best song @taylorswift has written tbh, fight me 😈) 3 days and aching with excitement. Yes i am that person and no i dont care! Im a fan page now lmao
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why, hello!! welcome to my account! if you ever knew me i was @breakingheartsswift - unfortunately i got locked out of my account a while ago & tried everything to get it back but couldn’t... i decided to take a break but i’ve missed the fandom w/ all my heart & knew it was time to come back! hopefully you’ll like it 😬 i’ve loved taylor since i was six years old & i heard tim mcgraw, she’s been my role model & her music has gotten me through life... its crazy to say ive loved her for 11 years and i’m only 17 but without her i have no idea what life would even be 💕 i can’t wait to get to know you guys!

October 24th, 2006 Taylor Swift’s self titled debut album was released. Now October 24th, 2018 (Australian time) it has been 12 years since that day.

Taylor Swift has gone on to win over 300 awards and nominated for over 600. She has sold out multiple world tours, and has beat HERSELF for the highest grossing tour by a female artist. Taylor Swift has to date sold over 58 million album copies, and has received a Diamond status for both Fearless and 1989.
Taylor Swift has also graced the cover of Vogue 7 times. Through all this Taylor Swift still manages to be humble, and is constantly donating large amounts to charities and to people who need it. She is one of the most generous celebrities of this time.

Look at her now, she’s made us proud.
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Taylor holding one of her ten kids

Fun fact: I wrote this lyric on my math notebook in eighth grade because we had to write facts about ourselves that included numbers and one of mine was “I have one favorite singer”

the ending of this is literally adorable imBshhfanfjaijfakjf
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“You are in love” is the second bonus track from the deluxe version of Taylor Swift’s fifth studio album “1989”. The song runs through a series of fragments that form a strong relationship. It is not based on an experience of Taylor herself, but is the story of the union of two of her close friends. This is not the first time that she borrows from other people experiences to write a song, but her close involvement with both individuals is evident, as she easily creates one of the most relatable and human love stories that she has ever written.

During the 4 minutes and 27 seconds of the song, Taylor perfectly describes how you feel when you truly are in love with another person. Is not just infatuation but a sense of belonging, of knowing that your partner is in it with you for the long run, “And for once you let go of your fears and your ghosts”, because you have truly found your best friend.

The emotion you feel while experiencing this song and trying to decode it as a listener, is similar to how some of the most romantic songs on her latest album “Reputation” play out. Here, the love seems assured, secured, and not prone to vanish at any given second, which deviates from the regular aura of 1989, where the other romance ventures seem very much fleeting.

Being in a long term relationship myself, I personally felt excited to have this song come out close to when I got engaged. The lyrics “You can hear it in the silence, you can feel it on the way home” resonated with me in deep way, and I could not help to tear up the first time that I listened to it.

If you swipe to the left, you will find the personal picture that I have chosen for this particular song. It captures a little moment when my husband is fixing my hat to represent exactly what this song is to me: a collection of small details that may seem insignificant, but put together form an epic love story that shines golden and bright. #taylorswift #taylorswiftsongreviews #taylurking #youareinlove #youareinlovestans #1989 #1989deluxe

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