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Throwback 😻

Hahahahah creepy πŸ˜‚

2003 X 2011 😍
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Sometimes I struggle with this but at the same time there's such exciting parts about every stage of life and you can't stop change so you just have to embrace it. // Rant or vent about anything below. ❀

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2007 β†’ 2017
Look that I found guys πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ My old drawing of Sel from "Wizards of Waverly Place"!! I remember, then I was a kid, I always came from school, took a delicious banana yogurt and watched Nickelodeon or Disney. I was always careless and messed up all my clothes in this yogurt. But it was yummy tho. I miss that time so much! πŸŒπŸ§πŸ“Ί


Mami πŸ‘…

"I just got this crazy feeling I've been making someone wait for me... " 🎼🎼🎼 #taylorswift #istandwithtaylor #teamtaylor #crazy #shawnmendes

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What are you doing rn? πŸ’•

✈️Hey guys!✈️
β€’ I might be going on a trip soon which I'm really excited about!
β€’Taylor where are you???? I've had to find other things to do other than fangirl 24/7πŸ˜‚ @taylorswift @taylornation
#qotd :what's your favourite colour?
#aotd : Blueβ„οΈπŸŒŠπŸ’§πŸ’¦ #taylor #swift #taylorswift #follow #like #follow4follow #feminism #taylorswiftedit #twins #selena #travel #trip #plane

want one? read original πŸ’—

Covered in the colors 🌈

Too much sauce πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

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