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Men lemme holla at y'all. U gon be texting with a girl. Everything going great, conversation flowing mellifluously, nice lil chemistry/banter/flirting/humor. Fun and sexy. U feel me? But out of the blue, things take a lil turn. U say something cute to her and instead of a thoughtful reply u get "😍". It's not dismissive, it's just short AF and not engaging. Or u be like "I see u killing it at the gym mama, GET IT!" Now the old Stephanie would be like "ayeeee...just trying to get this ass a little bouncier 🍑🍑🍑😘😘😘" and maybe even send u a sweaty "ass in yoga pants" pic but now all u get from Stephanie is "💪💪💪". U feel me? Again, not quite dismissive, but all the oomph is gone. Men, don't get mad at Stephanie. Stephanie is a great human. Full of love. Full of compassion. Full of everything she was, when texting was good. The difference is, Stephanie's life has changed Bruh. Stephanie, my friend, is getting that good dick 🤗. U feel me? Good dick will do that. Now look - it might not even be a relationship. That's why she still texting u. Keeping the conversation going. She just ain't as flirty or engaging because that new dick got her priorities (and Punani walls) realigned. She ain't at the gym focusing on taking a nice booty pic for u. Now she in a rush to shower and get home and let her daddy beat the brakes straight off that Punani. U feel me? The lesson learned is: if u fux with her, don't just banter for weeks on end. Make a move. Cuff her. I know summer ain't cuffing season but u expect her to wait forever? U took to long, brother. Stephanie has moved on to bigger and better tings. Be happy for her. Just don't make the same mistake next time, or else you'll be stuck with the same short ass "New dick who dis?" text. Ya get me! Bless up 😍😂😂😂

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Summer is coming 🌊🔥💦

I love this song 💫🌻
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Guys guys guys the texture is so nice. It's hard to explain it's like thick and stretchy and smooth and MOIST (comment an unpopular opinion)

yes or no 🤔
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( i am back to posting regular pics because I feel like I'm ready )

This is mahh fave outfiiiittt guurl everything PINK (actually rose but bahahahah)
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Its been a while since I did a cover video! Here's a sparks fly cover lol #coversong #taylorswift #sparksfly #allaboutthegreen

ok so this actually slays so I'm posting this.
all hate gets blocked.

Just finished this edit! I hope you guys like it! 💗 #kyliejenner #edit

💚or 💜?
There's this cool thing called post notifs ?¿ you can be like the first one to see my posts which is pretty great if you ask me ...🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
- I haven't posted an edit in a minute bc it's quality over quantity and I just don't want to post shitty edits just to post something.. but I will be posting a lot more bc it's almost the weekend !! #taylorswift @taylorswift

Zeus and Tinker Bell 💖
I think Zeus actually had fun making a friend for once.
#Zeus #tinkerbell #disney #puppies #dog #dogs #arianagrande #taylorswift #selenagomez #gainpost #gaintrick #babes

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