Gunmen have shot dead 11 taxi drivers returning to Johannesburg from the funeral of a colleague in Kwa-Zulu Natal, a police spokesman said on Sunday, July 22.

Kwa-Zulu Natal Police spokesman Jay Naicker said today that the drivers were on their way home from the funeral of a colleague on Saturday evening when their vehicle was ambushed in KwaZulu-Natal province.

It was gathered that the drivers, who were members of the Gauteng taxi association, were in a minibus driving along the R74 when the unknown gunmen opened fire on them.

The eleven drivers died while four other people were critically injured in the attack.

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T-NEWS:Madereva 11 wa taxi wamepoteza maisha nchini Afrika Kusini baada ya kufyatuliwa risasi ndani ya Basi dogo 'Minibus' nililowabeba wanachama wa madereva taxi nchini humo.


“Signorina, mi scusi se mi permetto, ma potrei chiederle il nome del profumo che indossa? È meraviglioso! Quando si è avvicinata al taxi, ho sentito prima il profumo, poi mi sono girato e c’era lei!”
“Ma certo! Si chiama Twilly. È un regalo di mia cugina, un pensiero bellissimo.”
“Mi scusi davvero se mi sono permesso, ma credo che lo regalerò ad una delle mie figlie! È incantevole! Mi può scrivere il nome qui?”
“Ma certo!”
Io e il tassista gentiluomo abbiamo fatto due chiacchiere ed ho così scoperto che di figlie ne ha quattro in tutto.
“E non è per dire, ma mi sono tutte davvero affezionate. La più piccola ancora oggi a volte mi lascia dei biglietti, con sù scritto papà, ti voglio bene.”
“Significa che è stato un buon padre.”
“Sa la più piccola è timida, ma fortissima allo stesso tempo.”
“La trovo una combinazione perfetta.”
“Vero signorina? Lo penso anche io.”
Arriviamo a destinazione.
“Signorina è stato veramente un piacere. Io sono Giuseppe”.
Una stretta di mano.
E così, a fine giornata, lascio che un piccolo incontro mi rimetta in pace con l’universo.

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So I was doing a caviar delivery last night, riding down a busy downtown crossing on a bike. I spotted this man beside me parked in his taxi. He was playing his🎸
I stopped in front of him, got off my bike then walked up to him and was like, “I love that guitar could I take your picture?” He was happy to let me take his picture that he wanted me to send it to his phone as well! So I did and also I told him I love those types of guitars. He gave me a little history on his guitar and started telling me about old music he enjoyed playing on his guitar! Especially a lot of Stevie Wonder songs. So we had a great conversation then I went on to say it was nice meeting him, he then said “nice meeting you as well! Take care sista”😊👍🏾

🔴 Japan has an estimated 260,000 taxis operating nationwide, with Tokyo alone having around 35,000 taxis working from 333 different taxi companies. Japanese taxis are not cheap. In Tokyo since 2017 the starting fare is 430 💨 • #japan #japao #toquio #tokyo #nighttimesurcharge #taxifares #japanesetaxi #taxidriver #taxidrivers #doyoutravel #discoverjapan #traveltophotograph #photographerslife

A warm and joyful SMILE in the "City Of Joy", KOLKATA..!!
This pic was clicked near Shyambazar, Kolkata, India as part of of my North Kolkata photowalk during my last visit to India on Feb'2018.Though I don't know whether to call it Photowalk or not as it starts with yummy Mango lassi and ends up with eating famous Fish Kabiraji from one and only Mitra Cafe, the pride of Shyambazar.Anyways, my intention was to capture the cultural heritage of North Kolkata through its narrow lanes, century-old buildings and its crowd and their emotions, but as I mentioned earlier not being a typical street photographer I felt shy to approach people roadside and even this time also there was no difference when I found this taxi driver in the stand waiting for its next rider !! But then probably I realised the power of a simple smile, as he saw me smiling towards him holding my camera, he smiled back and that gives me enough courage to click him with his pride, his ride the yellow ambassador taxi( One of the prime identities of Kolkata) !! .
By @soumyajyoti_photography
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Regrann from @brandcommunicator - Taxigo Collaborates NUPEDP On Boosting Taxi Drivers’ Income, Service Standards

Taxi-app Company, Taxigo has signed a partnership agreement with the Lagos taxi-union of National Union of Professional e-Hailing Drivers Partners (NUPEDP) in helping drivers boost their income and operate within best service standards, as it is set for launch in August.

Read more at: www.brandcom.ng


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