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Mucha gente nos pregunta porque nos llamamos "JEV Accounting". El nombre del negocio proviene de las iniciales de los tres hijos de la fundadora: Joselin, Edgar y Valentina.
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The October 15th Tax Deadline is fastly aproaching...If you filed an Extension or have not completed your taxes yet, feel free to call to make an appointment (562) 646-6185
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How many shares should I issue?
Contrary to popular belief, for small companies there isn’t really a recipe to follow when deciding on the share structure.
If you are to be the only director and also the only shareholder, you could simply issue one share to yourself.
Most commonly, you see one hundred shares issued in small companies. This allows the allocation of the shares to reflect the shareholders’ commitment to/control of the company, while being inexpensive.

Please note the following, ST JAMES N.I.S. Collection Centre will be CLOSED from OCTOBER 1st 2017.

Should you decide to form a limited company (guaranteed by shares), you’ll need to nominate shareholders and directors, decide how many shares to allocate, and how much share capital to put in at the beginning.
Step  1
Companies are managed by directors and owned by shareholders (also referred to as ‘members’). You can be a director and a shareholder.
Shares are issued (or allotted) to shareholders to ultimately define their liability should the company fold, and at least one share must be issued from the outset – although variations can be made later down the line.
Normally, ‘ordinary shares’ are issued by small companies, which will have full rights to dividends, voting at meetings and entitlement to capital should the company fold.
However, the company could also issue ‘preference shares’, which have a fixed right to dividends and no voting rights

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