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dont worry, boyfriends are coming next 😉


This was so hard to do. Tbh, I don't really think there is a perfect phone case for each sign. I think all the signs will like multiple ones. Comment below your actual favorite.
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Da série: Freio de Mano!
🔹Pistola Taurus PT 59S, calibre .380 ACP, capacidade 19 + 1, Inóx.
🔸Seguidor Preferiu não ser Identificado.
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summer break is almost halfway over for me and I've barely done any of my summer work 😩


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The Cancer Super New Moon is the perfect time to think about setting intentions for a new beginning.

This ritual is an intention setting ritual, it will also inspire you to set your intentions from a heart centered place, rather than from your mind or ego.

Here is what you need-

3 White Candles

1 piece of paper and a pen

Small bowl of water

Sea salt

Your favourite crystals


1.) To prepare your ritual, light and place the 3 candles in a triangle shape either on table or on mat on the floor. In the center of the candles, place the bowl of water along with your crystals, the salt and the paper/pen.

2.) Close your eyes and breathe deeply, try not to engage in your thoughts and instead allow them to float in and out. You can also place your hands over your heart center and visualise moving the energy from your mind into your heart. Visualise a beautiful, glowing light radiating from your heart center.

3.) Once you feel calm and relaxed, with your hands over your heart, repeat the following mantra three times or write your own- “My heart is open, my heart is wide, guide me to the thing I must decide. Carry me forward, show me the way, allow me to start over I pray.” 4.) Next, take your pen and paper and begin writing whatever messages are flowing from your heart. You can write about what new beginning you would like to create or your intentions moving forward. Try to allow your heart to guide you rather than your mind.

5.) Take a pinch of salt and sprinkle it into the bowl of water. Using your finger swirl the salt around while stating your intention or what new beginning you would like to create. You can summarise what you wrote, or you can come up with a simple sentence like – “Moving forward I would like to create (insert here). I would like to open space in my life for (insert here).” 6.) The salt acts as a purifier and symbolically represents good luck and good fortune. Once the salt is stirred through the water, place a dab over your third eye area. This helps to “seal” your wish. End your ritual by giving thanks and gratitude to the Universe. ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇ The final step below ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇

The Signs As Social Media!
//Happy Cancer Season!//
Summer Aesthetic
Don't be a ghostie!
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