Time for a shout out to @no3_ltd and their delicious Hand & Body Cream. It’s our current favourite and also makes for the perfect gift 🎁 Shop their range THIS Saturday down at the Papamoa Pony Club for our next #winter @thelittlebigmarkets that'll be kicking off at 9am. There's a delicious line-up of gourmet street food vendors, entertainment for the kids and a unique blend of local artisans for you to shop from. See you there, it's meant to be a goodun' ☀️

Another one of those annoying “I miss” posts... Do really miss Ady Nd Sissy tho 😭 #annoying #newzealand #papamoa #tauranga

Mother Tynnetta Teaches "Our Divine creation from #Allah, God, is described in our #DNA genetic code.
We will note that these three letters (DNA) when added together equal the number 19.
The letter D equals 4; the letter N equals 14; and the letter A equals the number one.
It is fascinating that the first revelation of the Holy Qur’an numbers 19 verses and describes God’s counsel of warriors identified as “The Braves” of His army.
This statement equates that all chosen messengers of God are appointed as heralds of good news and are identified as warrior kings or rulers who are born or chosen from a clot of blood which is determined by the decree of Almighty God Allah.
The nature of all creation is set in battle array, even #Christ at the time of his return is described in the 19th chapter of Revelation as a warrior, appearing on a horse coming from out of the heavens with an army following behind him all set in battle array.

The Great #Mahdi, Master Wallace Fard Muhammad, is present in America and the world to deliver His people from the midst of their enemies as the Champion of war, also set in battle array with His angelic hosts.
All chosen prophets or messengers are warriors who are raised to fight the disobedience of God’s enemies.
The Holy Qur’an states in several places that Allah has chosen messengers from among men that are mentioned as well as messengers who have not been mentioned by name but who are characteristically recognized by their works.

This class of messengers also includes the angels who are described in scripture as the warriors and fighters by God’s command."Mother Tynnetta Muhammad: The Spirituality of Ghengis Khan

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#GlobalWarming Mother Tynnetta warns "He #Christ) also informed us that HUGE BLOCKS of ICE would break off from the #NorthPole and float down into our Great Lakes until they would spill over the banks into the COASTAL areas of America.
We are looking at signs of that devastation taking place today.

In the Theology of Time lectures in 1972, he spoke about those seven great angels who were like seven hungry cats that would be responsible for bringing some of the plagues on America that we are experiencing today, which includes drought, devastating FLOODING, famine and destruction of crops and our food supply from the land and from the sea.
In closing, he spoke about himself as being in the circle of those seven powerful angels and in the circle of the 12 scientists; and further stated that when the proper time would come, they were there to inform him that they would be with him in the time when he would be taken away.

The Honorable Minister @louisfarrakhan is now giving us the same message.
He is saying that the Word is not enough to awaken us to Truth, and that following his Final Warning increasing calamities and the winds of war will continue to fall upon America." Mother Tynnetta Muhammad : The Sun of Islam Rises in the West

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เอียงหลังหน่อย เพราะหนักพุง 😂 #puriinyswishlistin2018 #AyearinNewZealand #tauranga #newzealand

Bit of a throwback to the first show I took my camera to hence the rough images L.A.B with joes van they were bloody excellent #labband #joesvanmusic #joesvan #totarastreet #livemusic #livemusicphotography #photography #canon #musician #mountmanganui #tauranga #bayofplenty #nz #nzband

Possibly my favourite place to eat in Tauranga.The interior is pretty killer. My food photos were rubbish. #interiordesign #restaurantdesign #asianfusion #Tauranga

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