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Making history all day with these history makers! @nhmla #tattoonhmla

L.A. tattooer @lucky_bastard_ftw has been fascinated by tattoos his whole life. As a working artist, he’s been able to travel the world, learning new styles and bringing them home to Los Angeles. This weekend, see Lucky tattooing live in the #tattooNHMLA Parlor, and learn about tattoo’s ancient and global history at Tattoo: An Exhibition. Tickets and info in our bio.

I have come far from who I was to who I am. My skin is thicker and I say less I have more compassion for all living things and I have acquired knowledge of design through a professional education I fight tooth and nail to find my success but don't get me wrong I am still a nomad I am still a stray dog and I will bite. #tattoo #irezumi #hardcore #tattoofamily #tattooparlor #tattoonhmla #naturalhistorymuseum #tattoohistory

what is a tattoo?
‘...a sign of identity, a rite of passage, a visible memory, or a piece of art to be collected and worn...tattooing is humanity’s shared legacy – spanning across the world and time.’

‘tattoo’ exhibit at the @nhmla is very interesting & informative, it traces the origins and the evolution of tattoo tradition.
check it out!!

Very good #tattoo exhibit at #nhmla — go check it out.
#iloveLA #tattooNHMLA

#iloveLA #tattooNHMLA #careymcwilliams #nhmla
“…in all the world, there neither was nor would there ever be another place like this City of Angels. Here the American people were erupting, like lava from a volcano…” - Carey McWilliams, Southern California: An Island on the Land. 1946

Thank you @jessyentattoo for taking over the #tattoonhmla Parlor during our Late Night Tattoo event and teaching us about traditional #tebori #tattoo. It was such an honor to host you! If you missed out on tonight’s event, we’re hosting another after-hours night on 3/22 with live tattooing, food trucks, DJs, and more!

tattoos are not just a mark of identity. to some, it’s a visual memory, a rite of passage, or simply a piece of art. this exhibition does such a great job at walking you through the rich history and culture of tattooing and inspires me to get a few of my own.
#tattooNHMLA #naturalhistorymuseum #losangeles

We’ve got music, drinks, & a small army of #tattoo artists coming through to sign babies & kiss autographs. You know where I’ll be. #tattoonhmla

I have the honor of working at the Natural History Museum this weekend 24th & 25th. Jump on over to the shop IG @finetattoowork to watch me babbling on about tattoos and come by the museum to check out an amazing cross section of world tattooing. Thanks @nhmla and everyone that has helped with this project #tattoonhmla

Hello from the dark side in, does anybody here wanna be my friend? #tattoo #tattoonhmla #hardcore #traditionaltattoo #museum #tattoofamily #irezumi

Good time at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles "Tattoo" exhibition @horishin_horiyenichimon and the crazy 88 🔪 #tattoo #tattoonhmla #hardcore #irezumi

More photos from TATTOO: An Exhibit 5000 Years in the Making at the Natural History Museum L.A. till April 15th. Don't miss it! #tattoonhmla #nhmla #thisislosangeles #tattoo

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