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Stunning 😍 do you agree?
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Fav Bruce Lee leggings 😍

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Tell me this isn't real...


Happy #TransformationTuesday I almost missed this again for like a month straight!!
Whenever I look back at the picture on the left, I am in complete shock.. I have worked so hard to be where I am today, and to be honest, a lot of days I still see that girl on the left in the mirror. .
I cannot believe how much 70 pounds of a difference looks like. This journey has been the best and the most difficult thing I am doing, and have done, in my entire life. I struggle very often with nutrition, summing up the will to press play on my workouts without procrastination. There have been multiple times I have wanted to quit and just stop and throw in the towel because hey, 70 pounds is great, maybe that's enough. .
NO.. its NOT enough. This journey is all about mindset, and determination, dedication. The days I want to quit are the days I work harder. I have goals, and I refuse to give up on them. I refuse to stop half way through, and quit. I have done it way too many times before. I used to always start things and not finish them.. weight loss, projects, anything. I never stuck with it. .
If that's you, I promise that there is something out there that is possible, that you can stick with. I found mine! At home workouts, and a simple nutrition guide, my Coach, and a community full of people just like me. .
Accountability is a HUGE thing when it comes to my weight loss journey. That is why I post status's like this, Transformation Tuesday, Motivational Monday.. I want to help YOU, but little do you know, you help me. Posting pictures of myself makes me vulnerable. It makes me realize I have eyes watching me and it makes me want to keep going. .
We all struggle, we all fail, but we don't have to quit. I refuse to give up on myself anymore, because I am worth this fight, and struggle... AND SO ARE YOU!
It's never to late to start your journey! And I want to help you get started.. my accountability group starts on Monday.. Reach out to me!! I don't bite! <3

Very dope piece by @mike_cruz87

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