My god is the sun

I’m feeling so spacey lately


She loves to gamble. Well grandma so do I.

Two years ago my grandmother lost her fight to cancer. The day she died, my friend told me to “always look out for the cardinals as they represent someone looking over you.” As I left the house to go to my parents I saw a cardinal fly up and perch itself on my porch. The day of her funeral in Florida two cardinals flew up to her yard, began to fight, then retired to the palm tree in front of her house. Ever since her death I have seen cardinals at times when I needed them most (birthdays, the day I left Ohio for Scottsdale, the day of my show). Tomorrow is her birthday and as I was thinking about her this morning I noticed a family of cardinals has made their home on the side of my parents house. Now I have my own personal guardian to look over me every day. Thank you @tatfranklin for bringing it to life. You are amazing!!

If you didn’t know, @tatfranklin owns the coolest tattoo shop in Columbus. Check out @suite300columbus if your mortal flesh is looking a little too clean. #tatfranklin #suite300 #tattoos #flesh

Don’t let yo brain hold you back

Lil Dr Bird , swipe to see it next to a healed #darktower piece I did

The sun will never set on your memory

Someone asked “do you do #disney tattoos?”

Also the only thing I like better than heavy ass music is @jurassicworld so thanks to @tatfranklin for teaching me how to combine my loves. #jurassicworld #slayer #jurassicworldalive #tatfranklin

‘Twas a hoot

Flower x-ray

When a client brings you all of their favorite ideas and you create a whole new narrative.

@tatfranklin did an unbelievable job creating the exact dream-like piece I wanted from the very beginning. Elements of so many artists I adore and take inspiration from into one creative and surreal piece of art. I can't thank him enough. Incredible work.

This was just after finishing so pardon the blood 😉

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