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Imam Sajjad (A.S.) said:

قال عليٌّ بن الحُسين (ع):
إني لم أذكُر مصرَع بني فاطمة إلاَّ خنقتني لذلك عبرةٌ

Surely, I have never brought to mind the martyrdom of the children of Fatimah (A.S.) except that I have been choked with tears due to it.
Bihar al‑Anwar vol. 46, pg. 109.
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#ياحسين #امام_حسین #تهران #ايران #محرم #عاشورا #كربلا

حضرت آيت‌الله العظمی خامنه‌ای: قمه‌زنی یک خلاف شرع قطعی است.

His name is Asheghe Hussain (lover of Hussain).
2 months before muharam he starts walking from Pakistan, so he can reach karbala on muharam.
He has chained himself for the Aza of Imam Al Sajjad (as). #yahussain #muharam #ashura #shia #yahussein #karbala #ahlulbait #ahlulbayt #iran #iraq #imam #imamali #imamhussain #azadari #arbaeen #matam #tatbir #pakistan #rafezi #yaali

Tatbir is one of the wrong doings. I know some will say: “It would have been proper if he had not talked about Tatbir.” They will say: “What do you have to do with Tatbir? Some people practice it, let them do so!” No! One cannot remain silent towards such a wrong action. It is wrong that some people hold daggers and hit themselves on the head to bleed. What are they seeking?! How can this be an act of mourning?! Of course hitting on the head with one’s hands is a sign of mourning. You have seen it several times that when people face suffering, they hit on their chests and heads. This is a typical symbol of mourning. But where have you ever seen a person who is suffering from the loss of a dear one, hit on their head with a dagger and make it bleed?! How can this be a form of mourning?
#Tatbir [#QameZani] is a fabricated tradition. It is among the issues that does not belong to the religion and undoubtedly God is not also pleased with such a practice. The more I thought about it, the more truly I realized I cannot overlook informing our dear people about Tatbir- which is certainly an act of wrongdoing and a heresy. Do not practice it! I do not approve of it. If someone does something to pretend that they want to practice Tatbir, I will be truly dissatisfied with them. I am declaring this solemnly.
Ayatollah Khamenei, June 07, 1994

No words. 😍🗡 #tatbir #تطبير

مقصود از وهن دین و یا مذهب چیست؟


کانال تخصصی فقه و احکام


#slaveryinislam4 ✔️After the advent of Islam slaves were not considered goods,
Instead, Islam considered them spiritually humans like the souls of their owners. 🖇Slaves became dignified people that law guaranteed its privacy, and no one was allowed to violate it with deeds or speeches.
🌸"Allah has made you their owners, if he wanted, he could have them become the owner and you would become slaves" ➕Thus, Islam by remembering this point recalled the pride of the owners, the common human spirit that exists between them and the friendship that must be in it relationships between them

🕋Islam commands us to honor our parents, to obey them, to respect their opinion, and to be kind in general to our family members.
🖌One of the most important concepts for family life in Islam is known as “upholding family ties” (silat ar-rahim). The Quran and Sunnah contain many injunctions calling us to behave well with our family members, even if they are unbelievers, and scholars have compiled these into many works demonstrating the importance of strong family relations.
✅In fact, Allah will maintain relations with those who are good to their families and He will cut off those who sever relations with their families.
🔸Severing family relations is an act of “corruption” (fasad) that is the hallmark of the disobedient and sinful.
🌺Healthy family ties begin with “righteousness towards parents” (birr al-walidain). Allah has commanded us in many verses to be excellent to our parents and has indicated the importance of this deed by stating it in association with the pure worship of Allah alone.
💙Allah said:
Worship Allah and associate nothing with Him and be good to parents.
Surat An-Nisa 4:36
💛And Allah said:
Say: Come, I will recite what your Lord has made sacred to you. He commands that you do not associate anything with Him and to be good to your parents.
Surat Al-An’am 6:151
💚Allah commands us not even to say “uff!” to our parents, which is a very minor word of annoyance. Our respect for our parents should be impeccable in every circumstance to the best of our ability.
💖Allah said:
Your Lord has decreed that you worship none but Him and be good to your parents. Whether one or both of them reach old age with you, do not say to them a word of annoyance and do not repel them but rather speak to them a noble word. Lower to them the wing of humility for them out of mercy and say: My Lord, have mercy upon them as they brought me up when I was small.
Surat Al-Isra 17:23-24
✅We must be good to our parents even if they are unbelievers and command us to commit sins.
✔even if our parents wage jihad (jaahada) against us to make us worship idols, we should not obey them in this particular matter but we should obey in reasonable matters

سب و #لعن دشمنان خداوند در کلام اهلبیت علیهم السلام .
دشنام و لعن به مستحقینِ دشنام و نمادهای #تروریست ، از کمال ادب است . هیچکس با #ادب تر از اهلبیت علیهم السلام نیست .
حتما حتما مشاهده شود و منتظر قسمت های بعد باشید .
هشتگ ها فقط برای نشر پست 👇👇
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