Spring is coming...

Tasmanian Mountain Pepper & Passionfruit Soufflés. Didn’t take a photo 😂 they were too good.

One of the perks coming home. Bloody good seafood. 👌🏽

Tiramisu Tarts in the Making.

Blueberry & Dark Chocolate.

Fill them up. Macaron Day.

S’more Pie for @shmeezagami hopday!!!

Gf Tiramisu Tart. Charlotte Tiffany.

Raspberry “Mars” themed Choux for a function. 👌🏽

Macaron Making day.

Chocolate & Blueberry Macarons

Happy first birthday @corebyclaresmyth what a ride it was. And how enjoyable it is to watch it continue to grow!

Lemon & Dark Chocolate Truffles. For a “Mars” event...

😍 beginning of the Charlotte Tiffany Mousse

Adorable Mini’s going out 😍

Strawberry & White Choc Macarons coming up...

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Jerky done.

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