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Ihiyy libur tanggal merah plus long wiken lagi!! Mimin pengen kesini nih, kamu mo ikut? Kuy!!
The Edge Bali kali ini memiliki infinity pool yang dibuka untuk umum! Kamu hanya perlu merogoh kocek dengan min Rp. 250ribu,-
Kamu bisa berenang cantik di pinggiran tebing plus pemandangan view laut lepas. Keren yah! ==========================================
Lokasi: The Edge Bali
Photo: @timothysykes
Jangan lupa add LINE kami @liburanbali yah untuk dapetin exclusive promo di Bali! Link ada di profile kami.
#LBAkomodasi #TheEdgeBali #Uluwatu

Lady Aurora dancing over Þingvellir.
Photo by @jvn.photo!

Have you ever visited Bremen? Definitely consider visiting it on your next trip, you'll fall in love with it! #culturetrip
Thanks @themodernleper for this beautiful photo! Tag us if you'd like to be featured on this page

Hello @zobolondon here again! This is my favourite road in the Faroe Islands. It's just off the mountain road that leads out of Tórshavn. Every time I am in the Faroe Islands I go to this spot at least 10 (not kidding!) times because the weather changes so frequently in this valley that leads down to the village of Norðradalur that I love to shoot it at different times. Plus the light in the island of Koltur also changes! I'll post a different shot later in the week! If anyone has any Faroe Islands questions feel free to ask! 🇫🇴💚
#visitfaroeislands #faroeislands

А вот фото, о котором я загадывала вам утром! 😏😍 Сравните с предыдущим, тоже ведь обнимашки с оленями. Это город Нара в Японии, снятый этой весной. Здесь олени живут в парках и свободно гуляют прямо по улицам. Ребята вообще не стеснительные, если будешь кормить только одного, то второй будет настойчиво тыкаться в попу, третий как бы намекая будет жевать твоё платье, а четвёртый, пользуясь отвлекающим маневром остальных, запросто залезет за печенькой в карман или в сумку. Может и вовсе сумку унести, если у вас в ней много вкусняшек. Потому что ну а чё? Почему бы и не взять, если вкусно пахнет 😂🤣😅😇

getting my defence dose for these cold days. Even NY is warmer than Vienna right now, i mean, September, seriously, this is all you got?
Anyways, i'm getting my daily @waterdrop_official microdrink to keep up with all these chilly days...
Also, a quick reminder here of my GIVEAWAY for my Austrian followers.
• You can win a 100€ voucher to shop at BIPA + a Waterdrop surprise goodie bag, that'll also include this pretty new cristal bottle i'm holding here 🌸
-> how to participate?
• follow @waterdrop_official
• leave a comment below answering to: "what is your favorite color?"
I'll announce the winner here and on Stories at the end of the week
p.s 1. the giveaway is valid only for Austria
p.s 2. go find more about the Waterdrop microdrink at
@waterdrop_official 🍹
p.s. funnny story, this is actually the same tram from yesterday's picture, also, @valentinaballerina, who was in the tram, spotted us while we were taking this #boomerang and sent me a video. Such a small world ;)
📽: @me_and_mango


Exploring the backstreets of Old Cairo..


La vida es una especie de bicicleta. Si quieres mantener el equilibrio, pedalea hacia delante.

☕☮️☕ 21st September

Almost sunset, a glass of margarita from @the18throoftop_bar will be a best choice
#thetransjourney #thetransresortbali #the18throoftopbar

A tribute to the man who cost me a small fortune in purses.


"Свою старость я обязательно проведу тут, в доме с видом на море и на потрясающие закаты" - сообщила я Жульену после первой поездки на Корсику) Муж у меня прекрасный, он сразу же согласился 😂 Только уточнил что осталось совсем ничего, детей родить , вырастить их , ну а дальше и на Корсику можно 😁

The YSL Gardens, also known as the Majorelle Garden, were bought by Yves Saint Laurent in 1980 when he couldn't stand the thought of them being turned into a hotel. Upon his death his ashes were scattered among the 12 acre botanical garden.

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