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Blush with dark grey are really my favourite color combo. Here our lovely sister @dilemsuvakci have matched just these, a dark grey extra large shayla with a bisht abaya "Noor" in the color blush 😍 #tasnimcolors #tasnimcollections

Because all sisters should be able to have a one piece jilbab that fit them well❣ when ordering our one piece jilbabs - please have in mind you need them longer than your length, approx 5-8 cm longer depending on how long you like it. This is all in the product description, I highly recommend reading it or sending me a email before ordering to make sure you'll get the right size. We do make even longer sizes than the longest available if you're over 180 cm - just email me ^^ [ Fatimah one piece jilbab ▪ Color: Dark blue #tasnimcolors ▪Fabric: lightweight ]

Sisterhood ❤

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him): “The likeness of a good companion and a bad companion is that of a perfume seller and one who works the bellows. With the perfume seller, either he will give you something or you will buy something from him, or you will notice a good smell from him, but with the one who works the bellows, either he will burn your clothes or you notice a bad smell from him.” Narrated by Muslim, no. 2628 [ Hanifah & hafsah jilbab ▪ Colors: pine green & light brown #tasnimcolors ▪ fabrics: lightweight ] photo cred to lovely @dilemsuvakci allahumma baarik laha

A pic from lovely @mirouh_ taken a while ago. Wearing our Maryam abaya in dark grey pared with a blush Khimar 👌🌸 #tasnimcolors

Pink for summer? Here is our 3 pink colors 👌 rose, ruby pink and blush [however the blush didn't show so well, you can see blush more clearly if you go to this tag #tasnimcolors ^^ ]

We don't need your beauty standards, we have our own 💎 [ Diamond Khimar & niqab Hana & Noor abaya ▪ Color: apricot & black #tasnimcolors ▪ Fabric: lightweight ]
#blessednotoppressed #yessiamfree

Vilken #tasnimcolors bär du idag? Jag bär ~light brown/taupe~ ✨

The Noor abaya 👌 because you can have style and modesty at the same time 😍 photo by the lovely @dilemsuvakci [ color : blush #tasnimcolors ]


Black small diamond khimar in lightweight fabric. #tasnimcolors #hijab # abaya

Small diamond khimar in whitish-grey. #tasnimcolors #abaya #hijab

My new @tasnim_collections. Maryam abaya in mauve (lightweight). Perfect cut, color is a lovely dusty purple. #tasnimcolors #hijab #abaya

Gorgeous @sittarinblack in her beige Diamond khimar XL dip back 💗 May Allah bless her in every way😍 love how she matched beige and green - perfect combination 💗

》 Its not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not. 《

Mint Noor abaya paired with the new chiffon khimar in jade. (Available this latest tomorrow!) Please note that lighter colors might need dress underneath.

》 She's the kind of queen that knows her crown isn't on her head but in her soul 《 - A.M
Queen 👑 @mirouh_ in her Bordeaux Hafsah jilbab with added niqab strings 👌👌 May Allah bless and protect her ❤

》 Every next level of your life will demand a different you 《 [ Maryam abaya in ligtweight fabric "aqua green" paired with medium sized diamond khimar in dark brown ]

Hanifah jilbab i min favoritfärg light Brown/taupe 👑 #jilbab #muslimah #svenskmuslim #tasnimcolors #tasnimcollections #blessednotopressed

Premiär både för Diamond khimar, beige efter vintern och ballerinas ✨👑 #tasnimcolors #muslimah #tasnimcollections #jilbab #abaya #svenskmuslim

Finally, this is a little modification. I really wanted a skirt and a khimar in the burnt orange color from #tasnimcollections rather than a full jilbab, so I bought another hanifah jilbab and cut it to a khimar size. Just need to hem now. I love the French-style jilbab not because I'm ultra-conservative, but because I love the wonderful draping you get when you have the overhead with inner tie-back and all the gorgeous colors. But it's a pretty intense look, and so doesn't get as much play in my wardrobe. The khimar is more versatile and a little less intimidating! I also wear my jilbab skirts with other outfits--long tunics, etc so that I still get lots of use out of them even if the full jilbab mostly only sees the route to and from the masjid or my prayer nook at home :) #tasnimcolors

Next up: the Sarah Abaya in Prussian Blue from @tasnim_collections. Elastic cuffs aren't for me, so I took out the elastic and hemmed the sleeves. They were plenty long to allow that modification, even though I'm almost 6ft tall (abaya is size small, 62"). #tasnimcollections #tasnimcolors

Posting photos of some clothes I got recently from @tasnim_collections. The first here is the Maryam batwing abaya in plum. I fell in love with all their colors, and since I was ordering all the way from Morocco thought I'd get everything I wanted all at once! So more photos to come! #tasnimcollections #tasnimcolors

From lovely Eljesa, may Allah bless and love her 😍💕 》Assalamu Alaykum dear sisters,

I received my order last week and I am sooooo happy. The Abaya are so beautiful and so nice colours. The smell was so nice!!!! My khumur are also very beautiful. I am so happy alhamdulillah that I found your shop. I will order in shaa Allah again. May Allah bless you my dear sisters. The work that you make is wonderful.

Barakallahu feekum!《

》It's your road, and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you. 《 [ Asiya jilbab • color: lightbrown/taupe #tasnimcolors • fabric: lightweight ]

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