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Now you can choose sirwal or skirt on ALL two pcs jilbabs🙌
Pictured is our asiya with sirwal in the color raspberry 😍

Lovely @evasonnia om her pink chiffon khimar "Amirah" #tasnimcolors 🌸 May Allah bless and protect her ❤

Blessed to have lovely @erikanatasja on my team❤ May Allah bless her and reward her ❤❤ Ameen! [Pictured: Amirah chiffon khimar in the color jade paired with Maryam abaya in mint]

》Do not be hasty in praising people or blaming them, for perhaps what pleases you from a person today will displease you tomorrow, and perhaps what displeases you today, will please you tomorrow. Indeed, people change. It is Allāh who forgives the sins. And Allāh is more merciful to his servant the day he meets him than a mother who lays out a bed for her child in an empty patch of land and feels [the ground]: if there is a risk of being stung, it will be her instead of him (her child), and if there is a risk of being pricked by a thorn, it will be her instead of him.《 - ʿAbdullāh b. Masʿūd – Allāh be pleased with him (Al-Bayhaqī, Shuʿab Al-Īmān article 6177, and others.) [Maryam abaya in mauve with Diamond khimar in plum]

》 You are nothing but a number of days, whenever each day passes then part of you has gone.《 - Hasan al-Basri

Amaizing picture from lovely @muslimah_asmira wearing our clothes in the color blush. May Allah love her and bless all her days 💗

#tasnimcollections #tasnimcolors

#tasnimcolors plum 💜

@tasnim_collections mauve abaya , @almujalbaba black georgette square #tasnimcolors

Black small diamond khimar in lightweight fabric. #tasnimcolors #hijab # abaya

My new @tasnim_collections. Maryam abaya in mauve (lightweight). Perfect cut, color is a lovely dusty purple. #tasnimcolors #hijab #abaya

Small diamond khimar in whitish-grey. #tasnimcolors #abaya #hijab

Gorgeous @sittarinblack in her beige Diamond khimar XL dip back 💗 May Allah bless her in every way😍 love how she matched beige and green - perfect combination 💗

När ens ungar tar bästa bilderna. Bisht i svart, Diamond L i prussian blue 👑#tasnimcollections #tasnimcolors #muslimah #hijab #abaya #svenskmuslim

》 Its not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not. 《

Mint Noor abaya paired with the new chiffon khimar in jade. (Available this latest tomorrow!) Please note that lighter colors might need dress underneath.

》 She's the kind of queen that knows her crown isn't on her head but in her soul 《 - A.M
Queen 👑 @mirouh_ in her Bordeaux Hafsah jilbab with added niqab strings 👌👌 May Allah bless and protect her ❤

》 Every next level of your life will demand a different you 《 [ Maryam abaya in ligtweight fabric "aqua green" paired with medium sized diamond khimar in dark brown ]

Hanifah jilbab i min favoritfärg light Brown/taupe 👑 #jilbab #muslimah #svenskmuslim #tasnimcolors #tasnimcollections #blessednotopressed

Always bring your #bulletjournal and your #sketchbook ... AND your @hidjrah_1438 toy 🙊And yes of course wearing your @tasnim_collections 👌🏻💕 Here is the new Emerald color 😍 really can't choose my favorite #tasnimcolors , which is yours? 😊

Be at peace. Trust the wait. Embrace the uncertenty. See the beauty of becoming. When nothing is certain, anything is possible 💕 [ "Aisha" overhead abaya in dark grey paired with a dark grey one layer niqab and shayla underneath ]

Dags att somra 🕶☀️ Plum M Diamond med Blush Noor abaya 👑✌🏾 #tasnimcolors #tasnimcollections #muslimah #svenskmuslim

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