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Работа в прекрасном парке.
Если вы хотите меня о чём-то​ спросить, используйте моё приложение. Ссылку можете найти в моём профиле.
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"I'm interested in the future becuse I was going to spend the rest of my life". (Charles Kettering)
You want to help yourself in realizing the desired? Tarot will tell you the answer.
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I'm sure you know how important the movement is. No wonder they say that movement is life. When you practice spiritual work with tarot cards, it is very important that the energies in the body pass right, there are no blockages. Therefore, I regularly engage in any kind of physical activity: yoga, running, Qigong, swimming, tennis. Thanks to this, I know that my "channel" is true and clean. The energy of the QI moves as it should.

Give yourself permission to take responsibility for their lives, for their actions and successes.
Tarot will give you information how to correctly handle a given situation. Open knowledge! From them sometimes depends on fate.

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Such a beautiful place! I was here a few years ago. A fabulous sunset! I could perfectly meditate in absolute harmony. Om.
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"The situation, if not to consider it is as it is, will return in the same form or another". (Mary Greer "21 way of interpreting tarot cards"). Divination by Tarot cards helps to see the situation objectively, and not to repeat the same mistakes. "Ситуация, если не рассматривать ее как есть, вернется в том же или ином виде". Гадание на картах Таро помогает увидеть ситуацию объективно, а значит не повторять прежних ошибок.
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Love rules the World. Love should push us to good deeds, it is thanks to it that our hearts live truly. Everything breathes this wonderful feeling. Do you notice the love around you?
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I recommend that you light candles in your house, be careful not to leave an open fire unattended 🔥👈 The candle is a symbol of comfort and warmth, a symbol of friendliness and a home. You can say that the candle is the symbol of Life itself.
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Are you waiting for a sign? It is he! Become free! Get hints about your destiny, improve the quality of your life! Tarot will direct on the right path. The Universe hears you!
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The summer is coming to its end ... What were your three months?
The other day I saw a whole field of sunflowers! They are very beautiful. Truly a symbol of the sun, heat and the onset of the autumn period. So cozy. You look at them and are charged with the rays of optimism and spiritual joy!

#tarot #summer

Often look at the sky, when melancholy or there is spiritual confusion. Go out into the air and stay in meditation for a while, there is only you and the sky, the power of Heaven. Imagine how a ray of power, support and healing descends on top of you. You are not alone! Thank You for the Light with you!
#tarot #meditation

August, 14 — Savior of the Honey Feast Day (Spas), Eastern Slavic folk holiday.
Honey Spas: pagan and Christian traditions come together!
🍯In Russia, the Honey Spas were celebrated even before the adoption of Christianity. The Slavs, on this day, started collecting honey and poppy and made various amulets of herbs traditionally collected by women.👩 By this time the beehives are filled with honey, and beekeepers traditionally starting the harvest 🐝
Some holiday traditions:: People honored the traditions of the Honey Savior a lot.

They believed that on this day the water got healing miraculous power🙏, so swimming in any pool could protect them from diseases. To do this, people immersed in water for three times and made the sign of the Cross when doing this.
On this day, people took honey to the church to sanctify it, as well as bouquets of fragrant herbs. The bouquets were to include poppy heads and various herbs. Each flower had a particular meaning. After the holiday the bouquets were brought home and laid next to the icons. Until spring the bouquets were kept as a talisman. At winter poppies were used to make kutia for Christmas, and at the Annunciation girls intertwined the dried flowers in their hair.
The holiday was loved for its tasty delicacies carefully cooked by all hostesses. Be sure to make pastries with poppy seeds and honey. It can be: honey crusts; Pies with berries; Pancakes with poppy seeds; Rolls with poppy-honey filling; Honey biscuits and so on.
ps: it's a beehive of my IT guy Kirill ;)
#spas #HoneyFeastDay #honey

Friends, tomorrow, July 23, - New Moon. New Moon in the Leo sign. And that means a month of joy, communication and activity! Leo favors :) Be sure to make wishes, think about what is important for you, you need to reflect on your goals and how to achieve them. Do not forget to dream big, but specifically! Everything should be clear and understandable.
And as well, burn candles in the next two days, thus connecting with the Fire element.

Do you know the author of this wonderful picture? We need to know his name! :-)
I like the fact that Tarot is used in art. It is interesting. In the paintings of many artists you can see the process of fortune telling on maps. This means that at all times people have thoughts to learn a little more. This change your life for the better.

Tarot as a meditation. I like it. In our fast world it is important to learn to calm the mind, to concentrate on this minute. Tarot helps in this. I look at cards, analyze, compare. There is a conversation between me and my subconscious, who already knows everything. 🕉

I'm sure you know how important the movement is. No wonder they say that movement is life. When you practice spiritual work with tarot cards, it is very important that the energies in the body pass right, there are no blockages. Therefore, I regularly engage in any kind of physical activity: yoga, running, Qigong, swimming, tennis. Thanks to this, I know that my "channel" is true and clean. The energy of the QI moves as it should.

And have you tried coffee made in a kemex? I recomend, you will discover new facets and shades of taste, better get to know the coffee culture.

My new friends from the United States corrected grammar in the TarotLive app questions. Thank them very much! Although I think that my English is not the worst 😂 Refresh your app to see the result. .
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Card of the day (23 Jun) for my followers: King of Cups! Today, pay attention to a man with a vivid character. He is important to you.

Гадания по картам Таро помогают принять верные решения в разных жизненных сферах: любви, работе, здоровье, путешествиях и во многом другом, что вас тревожит за 24 часа. Начните со специального рекламного вопроса прямо сегодня! Скачайте приложение Tarotlive, чтобы связаться со мной!
Будьте счастливы!

Today, we still absorb the good energies of the Summer Solstice.☀
It's great if you find the opportunity to walk on the ground barefoot. At this point, imagine and pass the sunlight through your crown.
Connect with Heaven and Earth.
Fill with the healing light of the Sun! Do not miss these magical days, use them for your own good.🙏

Card of the day 22 Jun for my followers: The Magician!
A magician is an idea given by God. Today you will come up with a great idea, for the implementation of which you will have all the resources and tools. But, there will be one or several factors that will interfere with your implementation:
❌Don't hurry, take your time, for any business it takes time
❌Don't break the rules
❌Don't be immersed in joyful emotions - they will distract you
❌Don't get hung up on a specific plan, show flexibility
❌Don't focus on financial and social success

Летнее солнцестояние имеет самый длинный день в году, день, в котором свет побеждает мрак!
Солнце делится с нами своими тёплыми лучами ☀ и мы с благодарностью принимаем все блага, изобилие и радость🕉
Но, друзья, не забывайте про собственный внутренний свет. Этот день посвящен приветствию лета, сезона света и счастья! Давайте же также приветствовать и культивировать эти понятия внутри себя. У всех нас есть Высший Свет внутри нас, и когда мы пробуждаемся к яркости солнца, мы должны также проснуться и осознать наш внутренний свет, приобрести гармонию и мир в душах. Распахнуть свои сердца для любви всеобъемлющей 🙏

Друзья! Уже завтра День Летнего Солнцестояния ☀!
Сегодня важно очистить своё внутреннее состояние от обид, гнева, злобы, агрессии, негативных эмоций и воспоминаний.
Запишите 📃всё, что вас беспокоит и тревожит, что является болезненным для вас. Вспомните ситуации, которые до сих пор на вас плохо влияют.
Пропишите это всё на листке и сожгите его. 🕯
Таким образом, вы освобождаете сердце и душу от всяческого негатива. А значит будете готовы принять новые и светлые энергии 🙏
Не упустите шанс стать счастливее!

Friends! Tomorrow is the Summer Solstice!
Today, we cleanse our inner state of offenses, anger, negative memories and emotions.
Write down everything that worries you, which is painful for you, remember situations that affect you badly. Write down and burn this sheet of paper. Thus, you release the negative, purify the heart and soul. So you will be ready to accept a new and bright!
Do not miss the chance to become happier!

21 июня! Не упустите свой шанс! Особый день в году! День Летнего Солнцестояния ☀
Энергетически очень сильный день! Вселенная слышит все ваши заветные желания!
Сегодня и завтра у вас есть возможность не только подготовиться к этому дню, но и встретить его, максимального заявив о своих мечтах.
О том, что нужно делать сегодня и завтра, я буду писать в следующих постах, следите за обновлениями! 😉
Скажу сразу, что вам понадобятся: свечи🕯, благовония, соль, вода💧 и добрые помыслы🙏
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So, friends, prepare for the Summer Solstice Day!☀
Today and tomorrow we clean the apartments and houses in which we live. Be sure to wipe the floors with water and salt. Go around the living room with incense, you can read any mantra that you like. 🕉
In order to involve a new one, we must remove the old one, we are preparing for the arrival of a new kind energy. We disassemble the rubble and throw out all the superfluous, old and unnecessary.
So, the task for these two days is cleaning!💧 And do not forget about good thoughts.🙏
About the thoughts in more detail in the next entry! Follow the news 😉
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21st of June! Do not miss your chance! This is a special day of the year! Day of the summer solstice!
A very strong energy day. The universe hears all your cherished desires! Starting today, June 19, and until June 22, you have the opportunity to prepare for this day, meet it and maximize your dreams.
About what needs to be done today and tomorrow, I'll write in a few hours, stay tuned!
But I will say that you will need: candles, incense, salt, water and your good thoughts.
#tarot #tarotlive #tarotliveapp #magic #esoteric #tarotcards #advice #divination #21june #solstice #summer2017 #questions #oracle #oraclecards

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