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@xfactorgreece Vocal coaching filming, while sneaking in the new @tardivedyskinesiaband t-shirt. 突毋 #xfactorgreece #xfactor #tardivedyskinesia #metal

Meu presente... Finally... Neurology publication ! 滕返 #tksGod #Neurology #tardivedyskinesia #sensorytricks

#Tardivedyskinesia is a movement disorder caused by long-term use of certain medications called #neuroleptic drugs, along with some other drugs that increase the brains sensitivity to the neurotransmitter #dopamine. It is characterized by uncontrolled facial movements such as protruding tongue, chewing or sucking motions and making faces. #tardivedyskenesiaawareness

Tardive Dyskinesia or uncontrolled movements of the face and body. A new drug is now available. This is the first approved treatment for these patients. #tardivedyskinesia#availabletreatment#innovation#mednext#medicinext

My rig for the past weekend's gigs with #Potergeist, what a fantastic couple of nights that was 毋 #labart #tardivedyskinesia #dendrites

Thank you for not touching the statues... #olympus #mountain #fuckthepolice #yolo #tardivedyskinesia


This is a flare up of my digestive track that is paralyzed in action.

My stomach & small intestines (gastroparesis & chronic intestional pseudo obstruction) in this incident believe their may be an obstruction within. The bloating can make my belly swell 10, 20, 30 inches out. The flare ups happen at random. They are debilitatingly painful physically. Many complications follow.
Emotionally & mentally they are trying as well. This is the root of so many feelings & stories I subconsciously created about myself being unlovable, unworthy, undesired as well as broken, a burden and damaged.
I thought this break down of my system meant I was weak. How wrong I was! Dec will be 25 years I have dealt with my diseases. That takes a true warrior, a non stop badass, a force like no other.
I share this because people ask what can happen, what its like, why did my self hate have such am intense grip on me. So im here to share, to educate, to inspire and to give hope to someone suffering. We are never what is happening to us. Our bodies are doing so much right. Send them love. I always say, if i am breathing my body is doing enough right for me to make a difference. Xo

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*only valid for new general registrations* #neuroscience #neuroCME #psychCME #psychiatricnurse #psychiatrist #neurology #alzheimers #dementia #depression #suicide #TBI #tardivedyskinesia #psychnurse #neuronurse #neurologyresident #psychiatric #mentalhealth #ptsd

So so so hot hiking. Also notice the tongue movements- tardive dyskinesia- from all the antipsychotics in the past #hiking #hike #hot #taipei #taiwan #asia #travel #adventure #explore #tardivedyskinesia

The issue with OCD.

Coming out of the retreat mindset is a unique experience that must be "cushioned" by a daily sit practice. Good morning, it's time for a sit in the city. But I must share something on my mind that I couldn't speak aloud (alas, a silent retreat) and feared to tell the teachers, or anyone for that matter: I am a #voicehearer I have been #hearingvoices since I was a teenager, after being put on the incorrect medication for the first time for an incorrect diagnosis. With over ten years of trying to figure out why this happened, it is my belief that a broken mental health care system and medication triggered a genetic vulnerability to a #psychotic disorder. It is not who I am. It's not who I was supposed to be. I wasn't born with this. It is not my fault, but it is my life's challenge. I must say this too: I have episodes, but in between episodes I still experience light auditory and visual hallucinations and am able to discern them. It is important to me that people realize I am capable of dealing with it when I am not in an actual episode. I practice Theravada Buddhism (with teachers from the Thai Forest lineage) because it teaches me how to discern delusion, to note the voices as simply sound, thought as sound, visuals as image. On retreats for some people they begin to hear light voices and it is considered normal, since one is so deeply concentrated strange things can begin to happen. However, for me, the intensity of it is visceral -- in my body, convulsing, energy pulsing like being washed in electricity. I discovered this retreat I may have a mild form of #epilepsy or #tardivedyskinesia from being on anti-psychotics as a teen. Again, my sadness and rage and helplessness flares up, for I know I could have been without these convulsions were it not for the broken mental health care system. As for the voices, well, let's just say it's easier to deal with thoughts than its audible equivalent. A whole extra layer of challenge. What teacher can I talk to about this that won't dismiss it or fear for me? For the voices that repeated to me "you are safe here" as I cried meant so much.

This could go on for days #licklicklick #tardivedyskinesia

Life has a lot of moving parts and sharp edges when you live #despitedepression. You ever get an answer but that answer is *not* what you were asking for?
The night before my mother's funeral i fell down stairs and broke a leg and both my ankles. The next day was confusing. I had wanted the pain of losing her to stop, it was unbearable. Just stop this pain. I only wanted relief. I did get something to think about in the here and now though. .
During my mother's funeral i was flooded with opiates and memories of the thousand times mom said she'd give me something to really cry about when i'd been whining. .
Depression is pretty much like that but without the opiates. Because that day, which was a horrible day - excruciating really, that day wasn't the worst i've survived. And there have been worse ones since. .
Also, #depression hurts physically far more than busted bones. #thereisnosnapoutofit and the meds? #tardivedyskinesia and worse. .
Life has more sharp ends than an angry porcupine when you have depression. #ptsdisjustmyspecialsauce #feelalonenotalone #cantfightthisfeelinganymore #whereismyjetpack ..
So, yeah. That happens. If you are suffering trying to wrest your joy and will to live back from depression please know YOU are not alone. You are human and we humans are #sensitive #delicate #resilient #worthy #tenacious beings and we have infinite capacity.
#cannabisart #makeart #mmj #textiledesign #oldfolksmoke #iusecannabis #namaste #cannabisismymedicine #cannabisquiltproject
@wave_maker_ 穢2017

Ginkgo aka Gingko Biloba comes from a tree native to Asia 遲湘莞
Can't say for sure that it treats anything for sure, but may have a role in #anxiety #cognition #dementia #diabeticretinopathy #glaucoma #peripheralvasculardisease #PVD #PMS #schizophrenia #tardivedyskinesia and #vertigo once we get more #results .
#knowledgeispower #ginkgo #ginko #ginkgobiloba #gingkobilobatree

Meu presente... Finally... Neurology publication ! 滕返 #tksGod #Neurology #tardivedyskinesia #sensorytricks

Me and my personal fashion hair Stylist Petrox.... #hair #hairstyles #fashion #metal #stylist
#tardivedyskinesia #foraybetweenocean

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