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Armor on the Edge

An M1A1 Abrams tank with 1st Tank Battalion, Marine Air-Ground Task Force-8 stands by to be refueled during Integrated Training Exercise 5-17 at Marine Corps Air-Ground Combat Center, Twentynine Palms, California, August 4, 2017. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Justin M. Smith)

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Finally, my time to shine! ☉🌔🌗🌘🌑🌚

This is what biking in a rainy New York looks like... 🙋🏽‍♂️🚲 Made it all the way from Soho to Midtown! 🌧🌩

🔷Comment what you think would have happened if Rommel had been at Normandy and Hitler awake during the invasion🔷
This picture shows an LCVP (Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel) from the US coast-guard manned USS Samuel Chase disembarks troops of company E, 16th Infantry, 1st Infantry Division. They are in the process of easing into the Fox Green sector of Omaha Beach. The photo itself was taken by Robert F. Sargent.
When the allies landed on Omaha Beach on June 6th of 1944, 5 beaches were hit by 3 major nations. These were Utah Beach, landed upon by American Troops, Omaha Beach, also hit by Americans, Gold Beach (Britain), Juno Beach (Canada), and Sword Beach (Britain).
When Rommel was defeated by the allies in North Africa in 1943, he was soon put in charge of the Atlantic Wall fortifications that spanned from the French border with Spain to the North of Norway. It was a massive task and its fortifications were still largely incomplete when Rommel took charge.
He immediately was disgusted by the lack of defenses on the coastline and ordered for the construction of hundreds of smaller bunkers that could span the entire coast effectively. This included the Normandy sector that the allies would eventually land on. Before then, this was merely a stretch of Beach with a few soldiers defending it.
Omaha Beach was the most vicious of the 5 due to the placement of the bunkers on the cliffs. A total of 5 MG-42 machine guns created a horrid cross fire that decimated much of what attempted to cross it. While troops advanced more or less easily on the neighboring Utah Beach, the soldiers on Omaha were pinned down and praying for their lives.
Of the 43,270 infantrymen that landed on Omaha, 2,000-4,700 of them would become casualties.
For the infantry landing, this was immense, and in the Normandy invasion as a whole, around 10,000 casualties would be inflicted on the allies.
Had Rommel not been away from the coast and Hitler not sleeping, the allies very well could have been pushed back into the sea, but due to German hesitation and switch allied maneuvers, a set of firm beachheads were set in place.

🇩🇪 📖 Der M36 Jackson war ein US-amerikanischerJagdpanzer im 
Zweiten Weltkrieg.

Als einziger Jagdpanzer wurde auch er, wie bei den Kampfpanzern üblich, nach einem General benannt: Thomas Jonathan Jackson.
___________________________________________________🇩🇪 📖 Der M36 Jackson (auch bekannt als Slugger) war eine radikale Weiterentwicklung des M10 Wolverine.

Die Amerikaner behandelten Panzer grundsätzlich als Unterstützungsfahrzeuge der Infanterie; daher gehörte die Bekämpfung feindlicher Panzer nicht zu ihren Aufgaben. Dieser Fehler wurde erst erkannt, als es zu ersten Kampfhandlungen mit den Deutschen kam.
Als jedoch 1942 die ersten Panzer VI (Tiger) auf den Schlachtfeldern auftauchten, bemerkten die Amerikaner, dass der M10 ineffektiv geworden war.
Während der Tiger aus 2500 Metern jeden Panzer vernichten konnte, musste der Wolverine schon auf etwa 1000 Meter an diesen herankommen, um ihn zu zerstören.
Der M10 verlor also seine einzige Stärke.

erst Mitte 1944 kam der erste Prototyp zu den Tests.
Diese zeigten jedoch, dass der neue M36 eine zu schwache Panzerung aufwies.
Daher wurde die Panzerung an manchen Stellen verdoppelt.
So kam es, dass der M36 an manchen Teilen der Frontpartie eine stärkere Panzerung als der Tiger besaß. Schwachstellen wurden mit zusätzlichen Panzerplatten versehen, so dass er auf ein Gewicht von fast 30 Tonnen kam.
Ein neuer Chrysler-Motor mit 500 PS, der im Gegensatz zu seinem Vorgänger bei Beschuss kaum Feuer fing, beschleunigte den Jackson auf bis zu 50 km/h.
___________________________________________________🇬🇧 📖 The M36 tank destroyer, formally 90 mm Gun Motor Carriage, M36, was an American tank destroyer used during World War II.
The M36 combined the hull of the M10 tank destroyer, which used the M4 Sherman's reliable hull and drivetrain combined with sloped armor, and a massive new turret mounting the 90 mm gun M3.
Conceived in 1943, the M36 first served in combat in Europe in October 1944, where it partially replaced the M10 tank destroyer. It also saw use in the Korean War, able to defeat any of the Soviet tanks used in that conflict.
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German troops inspecting a captured U.S. M4 Sherman tank, #Nettuno, Italy, in March, 1944. #History #WWII #WW2 #war #wars #german #tank #tanks #worldwar2 #worldwarii

Two Panzer V 'Panther' tanks from the 5th SS Panzer Division (Wiking) as seen through the lens of an SF14Z scissors periscope from another Panther in the summer of 1944. The Division was fighting desperately to preserve the shattered front and hold back the Red Army when the Soviet summer offensive, codename 'Operation Bagration', broke like a thunderclap.

In Febuary 1944 the Wiking was the only armored unit in the Cherkassy Pocket. The Wiking managed to break out of the pocket by cooperating with the 5th SS attack brigade Wallonien and the battalion Narwa, which were the attacking units. The division, which had suffered great losses and had only about one thousand men and no vehicles left after the battles, was sent to be reorganized. From July to December 1944 the division once again had rough battles in Poland, on the Vistula front. In August 1944 the division had 151 tanks and 19 attack cannons, but the attack still failed. (eestileegion.com) "Army Group Centre was really the anchor of that whole German front,’ says Professor Geoffrey Wawro, ‘blocking the shortest path to Berlin; and the Russians annihilated it at the same time as we were landing in D-Day and marching on, liberating Paris and then heading towards Germany. But the scope of the fighting was much bigger [in the East]. You had ten times as many Russians fighting in Bagration as you had Anglo/American/Canadian troops landing on the Normandy beaches. And you had three times as many Germans in action fighting trying to hold up the Russian advance as you had defending the Atlantic Wall. So it’s a perfect encapsulation of the problem [of lack of appreciation of the scale of fighting on the Eastern Front]… I mean, think about it, when D-Day and Bagration jumped off, the allied armies in Normandy and the Russian armies on the Eastern Front were equidistant from Berlin, and in the German view they were sort of equal threats.
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The fish aquarium goals keep getting raised higher and higher from @bassdynasty 😳😱💯✅
😂BET YOU'VE NEVER SEEN THAT BEFORE!! DYNA LEARNS HER FIRST TRICK!!😂 It's been an interesting and hilarious week with Dyna and Jeff at the office. (Jeff riding the squeegee in our previous video had us dying!) So what better way to follow the good vibes with a new trick! I noticed Dyna had been a lot more needy last week, and wanted extra attention. So we've been playing with her often. (Think its about time to get her a tank friend that she won't eat). In the Midst of her daily play sessions, we taught her a new trick! We had her twirling all day long and brought in all the neighboring businesses to watch. Too cool! Trick number two coming soon! Enjoy #WeAreBassDynasty.
. .
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M4A3 sherman of 706th Battalion stuck in a river, blocking other vehicles from passing. A crewman uses a helmet to bail water from inside. Okinawa, 1945. #tank #ww2

Bu Bir Sanat
Gülümse bakıyımmm peynir deee....
Tek atış tek vuruş
(One shot one kill)
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Haiii guys, menemani waktu malammu ini, berikut mimin rangkumkan beberapa game di taon 90an🤣😁😆
Kira-kira game yg mana favorit kamu?? cek yaa persembahan dari mimin khusus untuk kamu yg kangen masa kecilmu 😊🤗😇 .
Game tahun 90an Part 1 😚

The Altay Tank
Weight: 60-65 T
Main Gun: 120 mm 55 Cal. L-55
Machine Guns: 1x12,7 mm 2x 7,62 mm
Engine: 1500HP MTU 883
Maximum Road Speed:72km/h
Altay is the official name of the Turkish future main battle tank. It is named after the famous commander of the Turkish Cavalry Corps. It will be Turkey's first indigenous MBT development program since 1943. First prototype was publicly revealed in 2011. In 2016 it was officially reported that Turkey is ready for production of this new tank. Turkish Army requirement is for at least 250 new main battle tanks. This new main battle tank is of conventional design. The Altay uses some technologies of the South Korean K2 Black Panther, however it is a different design, rather than a license-produced version of the Black Panther.
The Altay main battle tank is planned to have a 120 mm/L55 smoothbore gun. It is a version of the Rheinmetall gun. Similar guns are used on the German Leopard2A6 and 2A7 tanks, as well as on the South Korean Black Panther tank.
Initial production Altay MBTs will be powered by a German MTU 883 turbocharged diesel engine, developing 1 500 hp. However due to political issues this engine will be used only on initial production tanks. It was claimed that the future Altay tanks will be powered by an indigenous engine, developing a whopping 1 800 hp. However the Turkish industry failed to develop and indigenous engine for this tank. Some sources report that eventually the Altay might be powered by Ukrainian 6TD-3 turbocharged diesel engine, developing 1 500 hp. Planned maximum road speed is set at 72 km/h. Variants:
Altay AHT is a version optimized for urban combat. It was first publicly revealed in 2017. It is fitted with explosive reactive armor kit. Turret of this tank has a sloped wedge-type shape. Rear parts of the hull and turret are covered with cage armor. The tank is also fitted with front-mounted dozer blade.

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