Today @tanyatate & @thetanalea are asking you to share the story of your first anal experience, or let them know who you would like to try anal with. Call them live at 1pm west 855-998-4843 or leave a comment below. Listen on VividRadio.com & @siriusxm ch 415. #tanyatate #tanyatateshow #tanalea

Will you be calling and listening to my @vividradioxm #tanyatateshow today. I will have @thetanalea on as my guest taking your calls.
We want to know who you would like to try your first anal experience... or who you would like to try anal with? —

Taking your calls live & it's free to call !!
855-99-VIVID / +1-855-998-4843
Today & every Tuesday @ 1pm west / 4pm east.
If you can't call leave your comment here. Might read yours live on air, so make it a good one. -
Listen live on VividRadio.com & Sirius XM channel 415. -
If you still want to connect off air you can TextTanyaTate.com
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Excited to announce I have @thetanalea as my guest on @vividradioxm we are live @ 1pm west listen VividRadio.com & @siriusxm Ch415. Call to talk to us live 855-998-4843 we are talking the big A question... now time to get my shower come on VIPs let’s go #tanyatateshow #vividradio #tanyatate #tanalea Snapchat.com/tanyatatexxx

Životní láska!!! Novinka číslo jedna #BABYPINKISS - prozatím tester , tak Vás testuji jak se Vám zamlouvá?😍 first new arrival thing😍 what about you guys, how do you like this piece of love ??? 💕


@thetanalea ...
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@pornhub sent us to a pole studio today. Luckily for everyone I have zero pole moves, I do however have lots of naked friends that are pretty good on the pole, and you can find it all right here 👉🏻 thetanalea.com 👯‍♀️ and my big ole titties, they will be out as well.

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this set is 🔥 @ohrangutang | @cristinapilo

Last day in beautiful Cyprus 🇨🇾 😩💔

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