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24.12.16 #Tamila's_birthday party 🎉 #withmygirls

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Dear Dad ☺ ...I write to you not only as your daughter, but
as one of many daughters who know the unique
intricacies of the lessons only their fathers
can teach them. I write to you
of every helping hand am waiting to receive in this
world, you receive the least amount of credit
and praise !! I want you to
always stand back and let me shine, only
stepping in when I call for you knowing you
can’t be more than a short distance away. It’s
time I use these words to pull you and every
other remarkable father into the light you so
deserve to be seen in. It’s time that light
radiates on the genuine and extraordinary love
only you could show me ♡♡♡
A father teaches his daughter many lessons
about what it means to truly love and
experience this life. One of the most critical
understandings he can portray to the young
eyes beaming up at him is the notion of how
she should be treated. Dad, I want to remember
everything as it happened when you waited patiently for me to step into this world& all about APRIL .. You tucking me on my bed ,MY VERY FIRST POTRAIT 😘,kiss me goobye before you leave for work, i want to remember every time you will selflessly do what I
want, and never ask for anything in
return. I want to remember of
overwhelming patience and grace you are going to show
me. I want to remember it all daddy because it lives in the
heart of a daughter forever💗☺.
Often a dependable and trustworthy father
figure can become a scarcity today, so for
those of us blessed enough to be graced with
one like you, we feel the strength of that

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