Our annual Summerland show is around the corner, June 9th to be exact. This year #Nonosina presents “Hina”🌔🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌖🌕 I have physical tickets you can purchase for $20.00 or if you want you may purchase tickets online at www.nonosinadance.com
Choreography brought to you by @tiana_nonosina @mahealani_mika #missalohahula2010 and @queen0flongbeach562 #Tamaitai#kuegiskreations
📸: @ekianela and @mrs.malae

#SivaSamoaSaturday In essence of my last post and of our upcoming Nonosina Summerland show, here's a clip of last summer's performance of my "Manu" choreo.
Nonosina prides itself on giving their utmost best when it comes to performing whether it be ori, hula or siva samoa. If you thought last year was entertaining, this year's upcoming Summerland Show on June 9th will be even more intriguing!
Featuring the stories of Hina/Sina 🌺 It only gets better 😍🙌 Go get your tickets now for this year's show 👉@nonosina1965 or visit www.nonosinadance.com)
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Got tagged in this video today on Facebook by Sorepa Thomas of their dance practice. They're doing choreo I made up for Nonosina's Summerland show last year to one of my favorite Samoan songs by Leone High School.

It's a sneak peek of their 2018 Fort Irwin and NTC Asian American Pacific Islander Performance.
Thank you for the love Fort Irwin!! Alu iai 🙌🙌 #Samoan #TAMAITAI #KuegisKreations #LaeiSamoa #SivaSamoa #Tuiga #Taupou #NonosinaSummerland2017 #ManuUaPepese

The version of "Le Matagi E" Instagram didn't see. Again, same choreo by me as my last post, this is just at the Nonosina winter Vaihi show last year 😍🙌 Of course for music I have the main man I go to for live Samoan music- I call him the Samoan community's most underrated secret weapon: my cousin Zaya @zayafaalogo singing along with the lovely Leute @maurieblock84
and Ms. Cheyenne Maneafaiga as lead and your wifey's favorite make-up artist @adamlesimmons with the back-up vocals.

June 9th is Nonosina's Summerland show! You don't want to miss it. This summer's line up is all new!! Don't miss out, for tickets visit @nonosina1965

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So humbled by this performance all the way across the Pacific. It's heart-warming to see people appreciate your choreography by finding it worthy of performing for their loved ones on such special occasions. Thank you @_mayviis.t for the video!
#Samoan #TAMAITAI #KuegisKreations #LaeiSamoa #SivaSamoa #Taupou #Tuiga #Mauluulu

Yesterday's brave tausala, the lovely Ms. Carsan. ❤

#Samoan #TAMAITAI #KuegisKreations #LaeiSamoa #SivaSamoa #Taupou #Tuiga

One of my classics. Summer of 2016. A look I created on the whim that inspired looks here in Cali, Washington, Hawaii, Samoa and Alaska. (That fusi popo too)

Inspiring the world one tausala at a time. ❤ Give me my cookie 😎

#Samoan #TAMAITAI #KuegisKreations #LaeiSamoa #SivaSamoa #Taupou #Tuiga #SamoanFlagDayLA. #TiLeafKiki #CoconutShellFusi

| H B D • R U B Y | We have been blessed to be able to have had you for another year of life, and only hope and pray to be blessed with many more! Please, family and friends, help us wish Tifa I Moana’s one and only, Ruby Fuala’au, owner and founder, a very happy birthday♥️ #TifaIMoana #Tamaitai #TifaFam🤘🏽 #HBDRuby #KuegisKreations #SivaSamoa #Taupou #Taualuga #Samoa — (Also, safe travels as you head off today to Seattle for the SAAC Competition! 🌺)

Although everyone knows her as an ori and Tahitian drum Master, make no mistake she is Samoa's to claim. There's a Samoan saying that goes, "E lele le toloa ae ma'au lava i le vai." No matter where the duck flys it will always return to the water. No matter where our ambition as Samoans take us, we will always return home.

After gifting Tiana I asked if she would do us the honor of ending our recital with the most important taualuga at any Samoan function, the last one.
The Academy of Siva Samoa wouldn't have taken flight when it did had it not been for this woman's heart. The chance she took on trusting me, not just with her family's Nonosina empire but with her place of work: to allow me a space to nurture my dreams- is more than some people I've known my whole life and have done so much for would risk doing for me. It was the core of why the event was titled "Le Maota o Fa'afiafiaga". Maota being the formal term for house and fa'afiafiaga meaning entertainment. Nonosina's studio is that place for me, where joy is created, where I can walk in and make my own happiness by creating, where generations of the Nonosina family has made and continues to make theirs. It's the studio where pieces of my dreams came to fruition. Tiana did that for me.

4 months ago, it may not have been a significant decision to anyone at the time but I knew the moment I left our private dinner & she text me the green light as we parted ways from me delivering my proposal- for me, it was epic. I knew what I was capable of. Unbeknownst to me was the magnitude of the impact it would make, especially emotionally for me because I didn't know what the future students were capable of. To say they made me and my team proud is an understatement.
Thank you Tee for the love and support you continue to bless us with. We appreciate you!! @tiana_nonosina #Samoan #Nonosina #TianaNonosina #TheAcademyOfSivaSamoa #TAMAITAI #KuegisKreations #Taupou #Tuiga #SivaSamoa #LeMaotaOFaafiafiaga

So lost for words. Grateful for a loving Heavenly Father that’s provided this opportunity. Pretty overwhelmed by all of the love & support. Thank you so much to all of you who have pushed me to get here!
To my sisters who feel like WEIGHT prevents you from doing a pageant. Where you’re born prevents you. Your past prevents you. Your language barrier prevents you. All in all, YOU prevent you? THIS IS FOR YOU!!!! 🙌🏽 No matter your size or looks, you can do WHATEVER you want, and I’m here to showcase exactly this!!!!!
It’s all official now 😍🙌🏽 #MissSamoaVic #Launched #ForMySisters #Tamaitai #Samoa #BeautyPageant #BeautyOnInTheInside #BIGGIRLSCANRUN #PlusSizeWomen #NoExcuses #WeightIsANumber #WomenEmpowerment

I have searched for words to express the gratitude and pride I feel after having received my certificate of completion for #TheAcademyofSivaSamoa and I fall short. I am beyond blessed to have been taught and groomed and molded by @queen0flongbeach562 @samsamsagato @pono562 for the past 3 months (and all that help and play huge roles behind the scenes @a_itula21 @niutata1 @edison_wulf @zayafaalogo @chealsybabyy). Tama’ita’i thank you for all the knowledge you have given me and for my beautiful experience (that NO ONE can take from me). I know that I cannot repay you for the amazing gift of Samoa you have given me...I do however have every intention to grow and become great, not for the sake of dance but for my SAMOA. I love you all so very much. Thank you to my family that came out to support and cheer me on. Thank you to my mom and dad, whom without hesitation made sure to secure me a spot so that I could partake in this journey. Also a Huge thank you to my mentors @tiana_nonosina @riki.liufau and Gram @nonosina1965 for providing a space for all your dancers to grow and for inspiring us to always hunger to know more❤️ #tamaitai#kuegiskreations #nonosina#Samoa (Yes one of the clips is muted, if you want to know what she is saying, sign up to to learn)

Yesterday I was honored to attend the ceremony of the first graduating class of “The Academy of Siva Samoa” taught by the Tama’ita’i team! For the last 3 months these young Polynesian women were versed in Samoan culture (tradition, myths/legends, language & dance etc.) under the tutelage of Kuegi Toilolo and team. I was all in my feels the whole entire evening as i was overwhelmed with a proud yet humbling feeling. I was moved to tears hearing 5 of my Nonosina dancers [ @sinenotsign @ms.jerrika @alisatoa @ilovea_britt34 @courtneymesi ] introduce themselves in Samoan & naming the villages their families were from. I’m still emotional writing this #BigBaby ... hats off to you @queen0flongbeach562 & the team [ @samsamsagato @pono562 @a_itula21 @edison_wulf @niutata1 ] for a job well done! Knowledge was transmitted & fed to each of the girls and we were just lucky to be a mere spectator. @alisatoa you already know sis how proud I am of you & seeing you in your element made me cry tears of mana. Ladies, our ancestors were with us last night and you made them proud! #Samoan #Polynesian #TamaitaiTeam #TheAcademyOfSivaSamoa #Puletasi #Samoan #TAMAITAI #KuegisKreations #LaeiSamoa #Tuiga #Taupou #SivaSamoa #NonosinaStudios #Nonosina

More pics from Pepes Recital...
#TheAcademyofSivaSamoa #TAMAITAI #KuegiKreations

Thank you @queen0flongbeach562, Edlina, and Allen (Chealsy & Austin too) for taking us back to our roots! The patience, passion, and love that you have for us is amazing. I'm sure we all could say that our love for Samoa and appreciation for our culture has exceeded beyond expectations. #KuegisKreations #SivaSamoa #TAMAITAI #NonosinaStudios

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