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⚠️somewhat nsfw⚠️
— sexc collab w the lovely @citric.misonothx check out her account, you won't regret it 💯😭💗
→part 1: me
→part 2: angela
— song: intervene - experimenting
— check hashtags in the comments for the anime/manga ↓

this sucksss ((((my audio))))
dt: @pheromone.s perdón por esta basura ups

Y'all are getting 2 edits today 👀💦
Dt; @nerdyotakurocks

happy birthday to the loml @citric.citrus (*˘︶˘人)💞
I know it's the the 12th for many of us right now but it's the 13th for you now so anyways. I still can't believe we're friends like, I know I've told you this before but I was such a huge follower of yours (still am) now here we are. I love you so much and I'm so happy that we're so close and we literally know so much about each other, that's so crazy. I love how we basically have the same humor and the same love for yaoi 🌚 and manhwa oh yus. Oh and I lied, I wasn't reading last night, I was working on this (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) I love you jen jen, happy birthday ♡
(posted this early because I know you have to go to bed soon and also cuz I'm at work rn)

Daddy row👅
Manhwa: talk to me
Website: tomanga.xyz
#talktome #talktomeedit #talktomemanhwa

God I love him and his tattoo✨

© to owner @skyjumin

Anime: #talktome

Duration: .06

#talktomemanwha #talktomemanga #talktomeamv #talktomeedit

the nut is aggressive tonight 🤤 (ac: @soieoi)

syncing? Idk her
my part for @citric.rin 's upcoming short MEP👯
Manhwa - Talk to me {saying this rn - you can read this manwha only on lezhin.com if you buy the chapters}
Song - Yung Ahh - Say My Name
#talktome #hannam #nari #hannari #talktomeedit #manhwa #manhwaedit

c: my one and only @lunasult 😭❤️


enjoi your daily nut 🌚

HIGHKEYHIGHKEY IB: @//citric.rin

I love the lieutenant so much

cc: kaagune

I don't really see edits of this manhwa :( but ITS SOOOO good I had to make one
manhwa: my dear cold-blooded king
cc: kaagune

my part of a collab with @_idkk.edits_ also dt: to @snuffery.edits bc IT'S FUCKING HANNAM AND NARI

"Talk to me"💦😝
"Oof, it 3am and my aunt took me to go shopping with her. We been shopping for 3 hours. Please help. Also I'm in love with this edit😍😛 Please don't report😶
#talktomeedit #talktome #shopping #3am #cute

the nut is aggressive tonight 🤤 (ac: @soieoi)

~Manga Edit~ (sorry Idk the owner :/ oops) but this manga is rly good :) Welp here's a Edit of a manhwa edit I posted for the first time baha
Owner: iono the owner tell me the owner pls thanks.
Manhwa: Talk To Me
Tags: #talktomemanhwa #talktomeedit #manga #manhwaedit #killingstalking #silentvoice

Eda went from nerd to fuccboi and Hannam went from Hannam to Hannam

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