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is it just me or does being constantly connected make you feel... lonelier? sometimes I feel like the more connected I am online, the more isolated I become in real life. it's something I've been thinking about a lot lately and it's the topic of this week's episode of #talkingincircles ft @novenacarmel @lizzobeeating @carloalbertoorecchia @mykewright @tarastiles ✌️️LINK IN BIO✌️️

@imlauramiller 's new series @talk_in_circles is up and it's got all the feelings! All about anxiety, depression, mental health and tips to help ya cope. It's real and honest and I'm real proud of her! LINK IN BIO Laura's #hair and #makeup by me. #rachelleblancomakeup #talkingincircles

Just because you are a part of the congregation doesn't mean you actually congregate with God. Having a little talk with Jesus makes things all right. Too often we speak to people who can't change anything instead of the One who can change everything. #talkingincircles #wotfc #arlington

new vid! NEGATIVE SELF TALK ft my favorite 90lb live prop (link in bio) #talkingincircles
director @chiinyc
hair/makeup @rachelleblanco

The homies in @somethingmoremd just put up a new video for their new track "Talk in Circles." Links in my bio, check it out! 🍃🔥🍃 #somethingmore #commongroundrecords #talkincircles

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I just wrote a whole blog post on why you should listen to @imlauramiller Talking in Circles podcast, so either check that out or go straight to www.talkingincircles.com or iTunes and listen to it!
Especially if you're struggling (or know someone who does) with depression, anxiety, panic attacks or any other mental health issue. It's refreshing, honest and relatable and I wish @imlauramiller was my real life friend.

How do you handle your business calls? #RoundweGo Vidcredit: @azcuttingal #reining (like the individual I'm speaking to, #TalkingInCircles)

Ummm... clearly someone was typing before they were thinking. #talkingincircles #onagainoffagain #playingggames

Anybody else have these conversations with your kid that make you question whether or not u should have them tested 😳🙃 #manipulation #startsyoung #ibegyourpardon #youlostme #tryagain #dailyconvoswithmy6yrold #zerosense #talkingincircles #myheadhurts #kids #DudeImTryingToWatchSharkweek 😒#getdressed 😠

I find the different phases I go through as I come out of my year long depression quite fascinating.. There are new & deeper truths waiting to be discovered & revealed at each & every level.. So many beautiful pieces & perspectives I was previously unable to understand, to hold or to feel.. so many parts I was always unable to house inside myself or even know how to obtain.. All the parts of myself I thought I'd never have.. And so this is: *Completion.* 🌠🌠 My SELF has been fully formed into Existence!!! And.It.Feels.GOOD. ✌ To have a part of myself formed that will NEVER UN-form.. I've been waiting my whole life for this. This Completion will be ever-EVOLVING but This Is It.. Parts will continue to change, fall away, be let go of or get lost just as others will continue to change, be added in, deepen or expand on this journey.. Always in motion.. shifting in shape & vibrancy & colour & form but it will ALWAYS be here.. 👉 The.Self 👈 It has emerged.. It has been born.. It has come into creation & now I get to continue on & EXPLORE it.. all of the curves, crevices, caverns, secrets, patterns, magic, angles & dimensions!!! 💖😍😙💖 Bring it on, baby girl!! 🎉🎉🎉 #bpdrambles #imnotfromthisplanet #alienbaby #talkingincircles #glamping BAM!

t h e p i t s | h a i r n e r d
respect that not everyone is there for the pit
try to keep tempo and pace with those around you
learn your basics
playing the sideline comes with responsibility
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Thank you Energy Australia your stupidity knows no limits #thanxfornothin #talkingincircles

Thoughts? #talkingincircles ☮️

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