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is it just me or does being constantly connected make you feel... lonelier? sometimes I feel like the more connected I am online, the more isolated I become in real life. it's something I've been thinking about a lot lately and it's the topic of this week's episode of #talkingincircles ft @novenacarmel @lizzobeeating @carloalbertoorecchia @mykewright @tarastiles ✌️️LINK IN BIO✌️️

@imlauramiller 's new series @talk_in_circles is up and it's got all the feelings! All about anxiety, depression, mental health and tips to help ya cope. It's real and honest and I'm real proud of her! LINK IN BIO Laura's #hair and #makeup by me. #rachelleblancomakeup #talkingincircles

My new series #talkingincircles starts next week! Honest (and often hilarious) talk about mental health, feelings, managing relationships when your brain's a little broken, what to keep in your anxiety toolbox, etc. I brought in some badass open-hearted friends @lizzobeeating @novenacarmel @mdmason3 @jengotch @fattonyrap @maceopaisley to help and they were incredible. The project means a lot to me and I really love it and I hope you will too. Subscribe to my channel if you'd like to get weekly episodes! Link in profile.

Just because you are a part of the congregation doesn't mean you actually congregate with God. Having a little talk with Jesus makes things all right. Too often we speak to people who can't change anything instead of the One who can change everything. #talkingincircles #wotfc #arlington

The homies in @somethingmoremd just put up a new video for their new track "Talk in Circles." Links in my bio, check it out! 🍃🔥🍃 #somethingmore #commongroundrecords #talkincircles

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I find the different phases I go through as I come out of my year long depression quite fascinating.. There are new & deeper truths waiting to be discovered & revealed at each & every level.. So many beautiful pieces & perspectives I was previously unable to understand, to hold or to feel.. so many parts I was always unable to house inside myself or even know how to obtain.. All the parts of myself I thought I'd never have.. And so this is: *Completion.* 🌠🌠 My SELF has been fully formed into Existence!!! And.It.Feels.GOOD. ✌ To have a part of myself formed that will NEVER UN-form.. I've been waiting my whole life for this. This Completion will be ever-EVOLVING but This Is It.. Parts will continue to change, fall away, be let go of or get lost just as others will continue to change, be added in, deepen or expand on this journey.. Always in motion.. shifting in shape & vibrancy & colour & form but it will ALWAYS be here.. 👉 The.Self 👈 It has emerged.. It has been born.. It has come into creation & now I get to continue on & EXPLORE it.. all of the curves, crevices, caverns, secrets, patterns, magic, angles & dimensions!!! 💖😍😙💖 Bring it on, baby girl!! 🎉🎉🎉 #bpdrambles #imnotfromthisplanet #alienbaby #talkingincircles #glamping BAM!

t h e p i t s | h a i r n e r d
respect that not everyone is there for the pit
try to keep tempo and pace with those around you
learn your basics
playing the sideline comes with responsibility
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Eating clean is BIBLICAL, not "Jewish". 〰〰〰〰〰
Following the Word of YHVH is EXPECTED of those who claim YHVH GOD, the great I AM and His Son, Yeshua Messiah, as Savior and Lord. IF YOU LOVE ME YOU WILL KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS. ~Yeshua Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth
The WHOLE BIBLE IS THE WORD OF YHVH. THE FIRST HALF ISNT FOR THE JEWS AND THE SECOND HALF FOR THE CHURCH. IT'S ALL ONE BOOK!! Your pastor lied to you!!!!! 😳😳😳😳😳 The Church DID NOT REPLACE ISRAEL as Yah's chosen people. YHVH GOD said they are His FOREVER and the WHOLE REASON He sent Yeshua was for the LOST SHEEP OF ISRAEL. 🐑🐑🐑🐑

Thank you Energy Australia your stupidity knows no limits #thanxfornothin #talkingincircles

“This is the part where I tell you that healthy eating doesn’t solve all of life’s problems. I mean, sure, if you don’t feel right, it makes sense to take all the steps within your control to feel better. That means exercising, eating well, getting enough sleep, and making sure you’re surrounding yourself with positive people. But if you are doing all these things and still feel terrible, of it you’re suffering too much to even start doing those things, you need some outside help.” - Laura Miller l Author. Chef. Mother

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Sometimes ppl at work take you there! Working on a project for 2 hrs but in actually should of only taken 45 minutes. Let's just say the original plan didn't work out! We finally completed this project with a Big Bang!! 💥💥🍾🍾🥂🍹🍸🍷 #TalkingINcircles #doYOUunderstand #HappyHour #Cocktails #drinks Been awhile since I drank last! #TurningLiteWeight #PIMMScocktails #FatAngelSF

A day spent at the lake --- perfection. It clears my head for the day of all those " why my kid " thoughts and soothes my overly worrying soul. AND!! I'm very blessed to have a best friend who listens to me talking in circles about the little boy. Sometimes, I try much to hard , to talk out an answer to it all. That's most likely not going to solve the problem, but it helps my heart. I must say, water and best friends = perfection. We are blessed. And so very grateful. #mamasheart #ourjourneyforwords #childhoodapraxiaofspeech #speechdelay #lakelife #thankfulheart #bestfriends #apraxiaofspeech #talkingincircles

Im still thinking about the most recent podcast of free cookies I listened to. The guest made good points about yoga and how social media is obsessed with handstands and crazy inversion. She says that her yoga is yoga that just feels good. But what if it feels good to invert? That doesn't mean someone is not humble or obsessed with shapes. Yoga is so much more than Asana. Hopefully everyone learns that somewhere in their journey but everyone has their own way of expressing their yoga with ultimate goal of inner enlightenment.
Let people be and if you don't like it, don't follow, don't like and don't be upset about if you don't get those follows or likes. Because in the end, those things shouldn't matter. And if they do maybe they're not quite ready. That's why yoga is a journey
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Arguments, like anything else,
have their own unique momentum,
the verbal parry and thrust

that some of us go out of our
way to avoid and some just itch
to start. Some fights make
me do a double take, when words

boomerang back and I realize
we were both trying to
make the same damn point.

'Talking in Circles' ✒ A day 12 combo: #boomerang / #thangbalaypromptsjune with @thangbalay#doubletake / #cmmedjune with @cerynnmccain

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😭😭 I can def. relate to these types of conversations..😑😑... #howsway #issafuckboy #projection #denial #hellneversayheswrong #talkingincircles #familyhustle

Blue. The color of calm and expression. The calm I struggle to completely embrace. Be careful what you wish for, it is said. They really ought to say, be specific what you wish for. I haven't been this idle for this long in a while. Idleness never comes easy. My mind remains frantic, adrenals on fire, while the body rests. Then, I read somewhere that to change your life, you have to change your priorities. And this is me... changing my priorities. In the idle time space continuum I asked the universe for a couple of years prior. Breaking down quietly, resistantly. Just let go. Do. Breathe through it. Break through. Heed the priorities and enjoy the process, I tell myself. Easier said than done. And still I try. Every day. Will keep trying until effort becomes memory and the doing etches into my bones. Till doing is so automatic the mind finds calm within the chaos. Till I find my chakra blue. #AmIMakingSense #TalkingInCircles #LateNight #MindPurge

Talking in (the Right) Circles: Talking in #RightWing circles can get you into the #OvalOffice. #STEELYourMind #InkWellSpoken #TalkingInCircles

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