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new vid! NEGATIVE SELF TALK ft my favorite 90lb live prop (link in bio) #talkingincircles
director @chiinyc
hair/makeup @rachelleblanco

is it just me or does being constantly connected make you feel... lonelier? sometimes I feel like the more connected I am online, the more isolated I become in real life. it's something I've been thinking about a lot lately and it's the topic of this week's episode of #talkingincircles ft @novenacarmel @lizzobeeating @carloalbertoorecchia @mykewright @tarastiles ✌️️LINK IN BIO✌️️

@imlauramiller 's new series @talk_in_circles is up and it's got all the feelings! All about anxiety, depression, mental health and tips to help ya cope. It's real and honest and I'm real proud of her! LINK IN BIO Laura's #hair and #makeup by me. #rachelleblancomakeup #talkingincircles

Just because you are a part of the congregation doesn't mean you actually congregate with God. Having a little talk with Jesus makes things all right. Too often we speak to people who can't change anything instead of the One who can change everything. #talkingincircles #wotfc #arlington

The homies in @somethingmoremd just put up a new video for their new track "Talk in Circles." Links in my bio, check it out! 🍃🔥🍃 #somethingmore #commongroundrecords #talkincircles


My #dominos from earlier. The plan was to go back to giving up dairy, but it's soooooo hard--and this was probably the freshest Domino's I've had in a while. #dominospizza #cheese #talkingincircles #pizzaisacircle #mustgiveupdairysoon

This poor kid. He woke up feeling like💩, but had a dermatologist appointment that couldn't be missed (because it takes forever to get in to)! Well, we showed up right at 7:30 as scheduled to find out that I had the date wrong and we weren't supposed to be in until NEXT Wednesday. They were so nice and understanding and the doctor he was scheduled to see squeezed us in! Lots of reasons we went in, but getting a mole removed was NOT on the list. He already felt horrible and really didn't want to do so, pretty much begged me for not today, but knew it needed to go. It was in the middle of his birthmark on his back (which doc told me wasn't a birthmark, but in fact a mole-what the heck??!!). There was a proper name for it, but I can't think straight at this point of my day. The white spot (what I thought was the birthmark) isn't what was removed, pretty sure that is impossible, but the mole in it that I don't remember being there was what was removed. #talkingincircles #imakesensetoprobablyonlyme He goes back to get stitches out in 10 days and to get results.
As soon as we left there, I took him straight to urgent care. When he didn't eat dinner last night and wouldn't eat or drink this morning (or get out of bed---he is always the first one up on his own) I knew there was an issue. He went in and out of being super cold too-thoughts of strep or the flu swirled in my head. Doc took a look at his throat and listened to symptoms and said it was a bacteria infection, treated like strep (so no strep test) and ordered a steroid and antibiotic to hopefully get him well. He has been at home resting all day because his poor body was so tired.
No fun when your babe doesn't feel good. Plus it throws off every part of your day. #prayingwedontgetwhathehas

This was a couple of weeks ago. He almost finished a piece of pizza, 1/2 small cheesesteak, and fries. Don't bring a 3yr old to a food court!
#iwouldsay #greedygut #spoiled #nofilter #because #talkingincircles

That time we interviewed Post Brothers--portable hole theorist, curator extraordinaire, and force of nature.

Probably our longest interview to date.

October, 2013

#postbrothers #curating #tautology #talkingincircles #revolvingrestaurant #decoymagazine #kunstvereinmunchen #portableholes #forceofnature

Im duh Good Boy! Imma duh Good Boy! #vocal #speak #talkingincircles #dancingboy #8weeks #spinoneitaliano

I really would like not to post political stuff but this guy is as bad as the rest of them and I feel like this ish is important. If you just listen to the words "#voterfraud" that are coming out of this mouth, they're mostly bullshit. They won't bring proof to support their argument and say we just have to trust them. Smh. Having to listen to this admin just #talkingincircles for the next 4 years is gonna drive me 🥜 Is he next weekends #SNL character? 😂 @lesdogggg killed it this weekend. She can #50shadesofgrey me #weekendupdate lmao. what's all this crazy #deportation going on #ice? 360+ last time I checked on Saturday. 🚨Also could be something with #NorthKorea and #Trump using the missiles as argument for build up and war. And I'm an @archerfxx fan 🤦🏻‍♂️🌎 As a dad, I'm worried about this direction we are taking. It doesn't feel right #justsayin #america At least we have the 59th #grammys tonight. #makeawish @makeawishamerica 🎼 #norestfortheweary #joemetro @bluescholars #sundays

Come on son are you serious? 😲 WTH‼️ WhaHuh⁉️ Just the other day he sat with who??? 😳 #TalkingInCircles #OnTheScene #S3 #$h!tT@lk
#Repost @djpausecut
The fucking DUMBEST!!!!

Another beautiful day in #ATL ✌️cc @chauism + @carlnewton_

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