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...das doppelte "Lottchen" wenn der Winter nun schon wieder kurz sein Gesicht zeigt... hier ein kleiner Vorgeschmack für den kommenden Herbst/Winter2017/2018
Neu und exclusive #talitha bei #modestrom zürich

I hear you are going to Comic con in London and so will I next Sunday and the other 2 days. If I was to pay money for an autograph would you let me get a selfie with you over the table? 😭😍 @ttbate please reply here as I know you don't dm it would mean the world to me ❤ *tag Queen tt* #atlanticrecords #universalmusicgroup  #beautiful #newmusic #awesome #songs #inspirational #motivation #quote #fan #spotify #itunes #album #drawing #artist #cute #art #cover  #disneydescendants #singer #actress #music #talithabateman #talitha #annabelle #geostorm #sobit #the5thwave #chloe #chloemoretz

I love your freckles 😻😻😻. @ttbate

Beautiful @queenrania wearing #talitha for her visit to the Jordanian Association for Human Development in Jerash - where craftsmanship meets innovation for the advancement of the local community #inspiringwoman

Kids zaman now 😎
#talitha #deril #urbanfarming

Coming alongside for luncheon yesterday. #talitha#bluebirdcup#sailing#yachts

Stepping out for a walk in her @truworthsfashion @truworths one piece #truworthskids #talitha

Minha casulinha, meu dengo #Irmã #Talitha *_*


There would be no day that i could ever stay inactive cause you deserve everything queen @ttbate 😍😘 I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH💖

First of all i love queen @ttbate ❤ second of all i love her more than she ever know! Third of all i will mever abandon her! Fourth of all she is my everything! And so on and so forth!💖

Omggggg i wish at the remake of Alice in the Wonderland, queen @ttbate would portray it, i just wish cause look!😍😍😭😭

Queen @ttbate is the only one who said that i need to believe in myself💖💖 Like honestly she is the only one, sometimes people might not appreicate me but proving them wrong is great success😘

Queen @ttbate is the best ever in any role she can play!💓😍😭 I am sooo proud of my one and only inspiration❤❤ I love you queen❤😘

She is Nicole in Nine Lives and i love her character here sooo much! Even tho she is mean, she is still fab!💓😍 and i love it when queen @ttbate will do the eye rolling❤

Hopefully i can order any Soof merch from @sobitthemovie or @authorweeks ❤💓💓 Queen @ttbate do you still have the soof necklace? Do you still wear it?💖😍

Be careful queen @ttbate 💖😘😍 I miss your witty goofy ig stories!😍😍😭😭 It always makes my day complete!💖💖 i love yah queen😘😘

Even tho this is upside doen you guys do know that queen @ttbate is very very much perfect!😭😍💖 Queen i love you sooo much!❤❤ Stay who you are ok? I love you!💓

Kids zaman now 😎
#talitha #deril #urbanfarming

The queens 💜 So Gorgeous girls 😻😻 @leah_angelica @ttbate

If only i live in UK i would attend three of those days that queen @ttbate would attend😭😍 but hopefully you can recieve letters fromans at the Comic Con queen?💖

When queen @ttbate can be a ninja also!😘😍 Queen @ttbate are you allowed to recieve anything such as letters from fans at the Comic Con?❤ i wish you'll answer if you do have time queen!😍😭💖 I love yah❤

Sisters in one photo😍😍😍 queens in one photo❤❤ Queen @ttbate Queen @leah_angelica and queen @mrs_jmiedema 💓💓 I am including you all to my prayers all day😘 Always smile ok?💖

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