Song title from the song “Don’t Call Me Baby” by Cimorelli and MattyB <3 Talia loves “Don’t Call Me Baby” 💓 #taliaslegacy #teamtalia #prayfortalia #taliajoy18 @taliajoy18 @taliaslegacy @momma_joy @mattia_joyce @bellamariejoy @tinkythechi XOXOXO ~Claire 💙

Song title from the song “Looking Hot” by No Doubt 💛 Talia loves “Looking Hot” 🧡 #taliaslegacy #teamtalia #prayfortalia #taliajoy18 @taliajoy18 @taliaslegacy @momma_joy @mattia_joyce @bellamariejoy @tinkythechi XOXOXO ~Claire 💙

I did Talia’s Nicki Minaj Super Bass Inspired Make Up makeup tutorial! 💚 #taliasdoubletake #taliaslegacy #teamtalia #prayfortalia #taliajoy18 @taliajoy18 @taliaslegacy @momma_joy @mattia_joyce @bellamariejoy @tinkythechi XOXOXO ~Claire 💙

Lyrics from the song “I Like it Like That” by Hot Chelle Rae 💖 Talia loves “I Like it Like That” 💓 #taliaslegacy #teamtalia #prayfortalia #taliajoy18 @taliajoy18 @taliaslegacy @momma_joy @mattia_joyce @bellamariejoy @tinkythechi @claire_duke @deedukie @ali_duke @papa_duke13 XOXOXO ~Claire 💙

Lyrics from the song “Starships” by Nicki Minaj 💓 Talia loves “Starships” 💛 #taliaslegacy #teamtalia #prayfortalia #taliajoy18 @taliajoy18 @taliaslegacy @momma_joy @mattia_joyce @bellamariejoy @tinkythechi XOXOXO ~Claire 💙

We are sailing again!!! Come on board!! We are excited to that @chelseakaycrockett will be sailing with us!!! There are so many events planed! To book, You must register on the sight on the flyer, email or call in order to get the VIP entrance. We hope to see you on board!!! @mattia_joyce
@taliajoy18 #taliaslegacy #glamwars #glamwarscruise

These incredible teens fundraised and packed 24 chemo care kits and donated them to Boston Children’s Hospital! We are so honored. Thank you for helping us put smiles on the faces of children with cancer 💛 If you would like to host a chemo kit packing event, please message us!

Lyrics from the song “Part of Me” by Katy Perry 💞 Talia loves “Part of Me” <3 Desiree and Talia are on the left, and Mattia and Talia are on the right 💗 #taliaslegacy #teamtalia #prayfortalia #taliajoy18 @taliajoy18 @taliaslegacy @momma_joy @mattia_joyce @bellamariejoy @tinkythechi XOXOXO ~Claire 💙

Serenity Talia Kaneko🌸 I realized I never actually posted my profile pic lol oops😂 I’ve suddenly got so much on my plate.... I need to build a whole new goat shed so I can adopt a specific barn cat by September and I need to start earning money asap😓 #agig #agiger #americangirl #americangirldoll #americangirldolls #doll #dolls #ag #agdolls #dollphotography #iceskating #snowqueen #joy2everygirl #love #serenity #taliajoy #beauty #beautiful #dollstagram #childhoodillness #photography #toys #childhoodcancerawareness #fairy #doc #taliaslegacy #kaleidosquad #naturephotography #nature

This is our 3rd year in a row, honoring solely the children that have passed away from Childhood Cancer🎗The In Loving Memory Candle and Shirt, is in memory of all the children who's lives were cut short because of childhood cancer🎗Sadly, the names on the candle and the shirts are growing.
If you would like your child's name on the In Loving Memory Candle and Shirt, please email us with your child's first and last name to: Angelmemorycandle@gmail.com by August 3, 2018. MIf you have already submitted your child's name in the last two years, your child's name will automatically be on the 2018 candle and shirt🎗We will be coming out with a new design for 2018. 🎗🎗🎗
100% of the proceeds that are raised from the In Loving Memory Candle and Shirt, will go towards the most promising Clinical Trials and Research to help find a CURE to Childhood Cancer🎗We are all volunteers and give our time and love to help find a CURE🎗We know first hand what it is like to loose a child to cancer🎗Our hearts are forever broken.
The candle and shirt will go on sale in time for you and your loved ones to light the candle and wear your shirt in September, for National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. There will be a discount code for our Angels parents🎗
Our children will be forever in our hearts and never forgotten!💞🎗 #taliaslegacy #angelmemorycandle #curecancer #curechildhoodcancer #childhoodcancerawareness

July 16th will be Talia’s 5th Angelversary. If you would like to decorate a rock for Talia, they will be placing them near her headstone on July 16th. Please send them to: Desiree Castellano, P.O. Box 395, Goldenrod, FL 32733
#taliaslegacy #teamtalia #prayfortalia #taliajoy18 @taliajoy18 @taliaslegacy @momma_joy @mattia_joyce @bellamariejoy @tinkythechi XOXOXO ~Claire 💙

Lyrics from the song “Ridin Solo” by Jason Derulo 💝 Talia loves Ridin Solo. That's like her all time favorite song 💚 #taliaslegacy #teamtalia #prayfortalia #taliajoy18 @taliajoy18 @taliaslegacy @momma_joy @mattia_joyce @bellamariejoy @tinkythechi XOXOXO ~Claire 💙

Meet this absolutely beautiful girl and read about her courageous cancer story and how she is inspiring others to never give up. Blog post on Lovely Lexi linked in our bio💛

Lyrics from the song “Come On Get Higher <3 Talia loves the song Come On Get Higher by Nathan. She met him actually at Sloan Kettering in New York like they have celebrities come and stuff. She actually met him a few years ago and she has his autograph picture 💛 #taliaslegacy #teamtalia #prayfortalia #taliajoy18 @taliajoy18 @taliaslegacy @momma_joy @mattia_joyce @bellamariejoy @tinkythechi XOXOXO ~Claire 💙

On July 16, 2013, it will be Talia’s 5th Angelversary!! We vow too keep Talia’s Legacy alive and to help other children like her. We miss and love you so much Talia. 💞💞💞 @taliajoy18 @mattia_joyce #taliaslegacy

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