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A Memory Of Snow (A Hunt For Celestial). The memory hit them hard, and they staggerd slightly before regaing themselves.
She was fine, wasn't she... Egvena had promised to look after the dog.
Why had this sudden... sorrow stuck them so hard.
They stood still for a brief moment surveying their emotions.
We miss the bloody dog... And we might not return alive, of course... They might not see her again.
No one could tell how this business with Celestial would end... But end it would.
*Take care of Snow for us Sister...*
Erenya discarded Snow from their thoughts and continued towards the camp. Brand was off to their right he must have found one of the others... #weavesofthewheel
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That Fool. (A Hunt For Celestial)

They worked quickly, Lucians body seemed more like a tattered piece of cloth than an actual body. He should not be alive.

Well this was not Lucian, neither Fenris or the sweet boy Varg.

This was a new one, Brand he had called himself, they liked it. “How do you feel, we are not exactly healers, but this will have to do”. “I will fight as long as you need me to fight”. Erenya tilted their head at Brands respons. He was all about duty this one. That would both make things easier and a lot harder. “Well come on then, Love, this night is far from over, we have monsters to slay and friends to save”. They began trudging away but turned and locked eyes with Brand. “I am not… Lucian.. he is in here but I am not him”. Erenya smiled, their boys, always so scattered and at each other, they walked back and took one of his hands in theirs. “Silly man, you are Lucian, and you are Brand, you are also Fenris and Varg, and we love you all, but really we need to go now. We can talk about this more when things have calmed down, yes”. Brand looked at them with those icy blue eyes, still uncertain.

Erenya scoffed and shook their head amused by Brands uncertainty, then they pointed in the direction of the camp. “Come on, off and prove yourself, find the others, we will head back to camp. Bring everyone alive back to us, don’t argue about it, we are your Aes Sedai and you WILL do this, but stay close”. Brand began to protest, he did not care about the others but Erenyas gaze made it clear that this was his trial, he had wondered if she would accept him and this was the answer.

He darted off with Erenyas last words ringing in his ears, “Hurry, Love, things are looking grim for us all”. #huntforcelestial #weavesofthewheel #talanversestories #wheeloftimerp #wheeloftimeseries #wolfbrother #wolfsister #robertjordan #fanfiction (Picture Credit. Found on Pinterest)

A New Fire

The rage, the fury, the bloodthirst…

Sweet, sweet things.

Erenya had retreated deep into her mind, into the shadows, she had not been alone after all.

Only… overwhelmed by memory and surprise, what was her father doing out here.

She watched as both Misty and Valkyrie took turns at hurting him… Ben… not Vrang, Ben.

He fled. It did not really matter. He would come back.

But their blood boiled. They. Yes, together again.

Kill. Kill. Kill.

Anything. Everything.

They were vaguely aware of pain, pain coming from… they tilted their head… the pain came from… someone they knew… someone important.

Who could possibly be more important to them than themselves. It was puzzling.

Then they heard it. The howling. It contained everything they felt. All the rage, fury, bloodthirst, agony, pain and desire.


Their mate. He was hurting. They could feel his desperation, his agony, the pain, not only from his wounds but the pain of fear. Fear of losing them.

They dug deep. Deeper than ever before. Drew in that flood, reached for the bottom of that deep ocean of power.

They would burn everything that hurt him, everything.

The flames that enveloped them, that spread across the woods from their body, those flames were green like their Ajah with purple streaks. They obliterated the tainted wolves, they found Shadowspawns and obliterated them to. The woods burned but life remained.

Then they saw him. Their mate. Their Alpha.

#weavesofthewheel #talanversestories #talanverse #wheeloftimerp #wolfbrother #wolfsister #huntforcelestial #darkcelestial #creativewriting #fanfiction #robertjordan (All pictures found on Pinterest)

Facing Their Father

Erenya found themselves staring into the eyes of a wolf, into the eyes of what had once been a wolf.

This, thing, was rotting, it was tainted, this was a dead wolf, as dead as anything living could be, but it was still moving.

A voice said they should be afraid. That voice was reason, something they had turned away from long ago. Of course, they could still reason, they could still urge others to exercise it… but reason didn’t really matter much to them anymore.

They scoffed at this creature before them and caught it mid-air with a weave of air, in its attacking leap towards them, they let it hang there, floating and then they burnt it to cinder. As they begun to turn away there was a noise behind them. A branch snapping and then they noticed a scent. It was far too familiar. Ancient, one memory almost forgotten. The memory stirred inside her, clawed, cut her, drowned her… Her… Erenya froze. They were gone. The others had left… She was alone… and before her the scent took on a form, the shape of a man, it was her greatest fear. Her father.

Erenya screamed. Screamed in terror, mad with fear, her mind gone.

#weavesoftgewheel #talanversestories #huntforcelstial #wheeloftimerp #wheeloftimeseries #creativewriting #robertjordan

Wandering Off (Hunt for Celestial)

Erenya was breathing hard, a weird pain had surged through them but it had not been their own.

They still felt odd, strange… like something was alive inside them.

Looking around Erenya noticed that all the others was asleep. Well… not everyone… Serenia was gone…
It was painful to stand up but even so Erenya clenched their teeth and stood up anyway.

Serenia was probably looking for that lynx on her own and she shouldn’t be alone…

A few steps later, Erenya was leaning heavily on a tree, walking was grueling. Like walking through thick wet snow with stones chained to the feet.

They were burning inside. Burning.

Something was snarling somewhere in the dark night… that snarling seemed to come in rhythm with Erenyas laboured breathing… it was rather enthralling to listen to…
It couldn’t hurt to explore this snarling a little… Serenia could wait a little longer… Perhaps the snarling was the wounded Lynx… perhaps it was creature in need of aid.

And then the dark night closed around Erenya, and they were gone.
#huntforcelestial #talanversestories #weavesofthewheel #wheeloftimerp #wheeloftimeseries #fanfiction #creativewriting (Picture Credit. Found on Pinterest)

After The Fall Ball (late post)

The dress had been ruined, torn, dirty.

They had worked so hard on it.

Not necessarily for the ball, but it had been finished just in time for it so they had worn it.

It had been beautiful too, quirky, whimsical and weird, just like them.

Fuming in anger Erenya changed clothes.

Lucian and Willow was asleep next to each other in a corner.

Willow still weak from her wounds and the following healing… Lucian tired from his wounds which he had not allowed them to heal yet.

Those Tower Guards had hurt Willow.
She was Lucian's mother… their mother…

Orders from the Captain, the guards had said… Why!

Tar Valon was supposed to be a sanctuary, a beacon of light.

The Dark One might have been taken care of by Lord Dragon but the world was still a cruel and uncaring place.

So dark and painful.

But for the sake of their beloved Warder, Erenya restrained themselves.

Deep breaths, distant… like the silver moon, smooth, cool, collected… and then…
A smile sweet as honey. Yellow eyes burning.

Erenya would protect her pack, at any cost.

#talanversestories #weavesofthewheel #thefallball #fantasy #fanfiction #wheeloftimerp #wheeloftimeseries #wolfsister (Picture Credit. All pictures found on Pinterest)

The Fall Ball

Tar Valon were to have a ball and as we are now allies and working together… a few wise ones are expected to accept the invitation and make an appearance.

Sighing I put away the invitation. I look to the council, it has already been agreed upon that matter such as these fall under my duties. “Let us bring a few young ones as well… it will also be expected”

The selection was made quickly and as we have also agreed to adhere to some of the Wetlanders customs… I will require a dress.

This is most unfortunate but I and those with me will not break the agreements.
We arrived in Tar Valon some days before the event. We found a seamstress and had her create dresses for us.

I choose a fairly simple dress as close in shape to my regular attire I could possibly get.
The younger ones I am proud to say did so as well, with perhaps some more flair and colour, as expected of young eager girls.

Now we stand here waiting to be announced and make our mark on the festivities.

#thefallball #talanversestories #weavesofthewheel #roleplay #fanfiction #thewiseones #aielpeople #wheeloftimerp #wheeloftimeseries #robertjordan [Picture found on Pinterest]

A Soothing Nightmare. Part 3. (a night during the hunt for Celestial)

A voice that spoke of unknown things… forbidden things… secret things.

That voice, it knew, there was knowledge in it, wisdom, power, strength.

They were all peering into the shadows. Lunara stood up front growling low, showing her fangs, ready to strike. Erenya had sought the comfort of Misty, Misty who was drooling her dark froth on the ground, killing the vegetation, searing her pawprints into the stone where she stood. Valkyrie sat with her tail wrapped around her paws, purring, green eyes fixed on the shadows.

A creature stirred somewhere among the dark shadows, something unknown but it’s voice was familiar, “You know me…” And they did, they all did. “We will meet again, soon, I think… until then... you must endure… reach deep inside you for strength, deeper than any roots grow, stand firm… prevail… as you always have”. Eight eyes blinked and became two, four creatures moved and became a girl, a young woman.
That young woman who was many, knew it was time to wake up. ~~*****~~ Erenya twitched in their sleep and sat up straight.
A name was etched in their mind, etched in fire, hard as stone, it roared like the wind and felt like cool summer rain.


#huntforcelestial #talanversestories #weavesofthewheel #wheeloftimeseries #wheeloftimerp #fanfiction #robertjordan #talanverse #darkcelestial (Picture Credit: Found on Pinterest, creator unknown)

A Soothing Nightmare. Part 2. (a night during the hunt for Celestial)

Erenya, the little girl, in the Dreamworld, still dressed in either the screeching colourful clothes of the Tuatha’an or in a novice dress, sometimes in the dress of the Accepted. She stood silently playing with a dagger. A dagger sometimes floating in the weaves of air she played with as well.
Erenya was still a child. She would always be a child.
On Erenyas right side stood a wolf, a black wolf with one yellow eye and one green. Alert and on guard. Lunara was her name, not very wolf like but, dear Lucian had named her. She was the cold and cunning one, the guardian. Lunara was essentially the Mother, the one who protected this pack, and to some extent, it’s allies.
On Erenyas left side stood another black creature silently. It was enormous. These creatures were usually about the size of a small horse… but this one, this one was easily twice as big, this creature was Misty, the Darkhound.
Misty, who hungered, whose greatest joy was destruction and... sweets.

Slightly behind, lurking in the shadows, watching, with ears twitching, the predator.

Valkyrie, the cat, tiny almost kitten size. Her coat was a shining grey, like silver, with black stripes forming intricate patterns on her body. Her eyes, green and piercing.
She was unpredictable, vicious, sly and always hunting for new game, or shiny, pretty things to chase.
Valkyrie was the Wild Cat and as the wild cat she walked by herself and all places where all the same and alike to her.

Although, tonight they were all quite interested in what stirred deeper into the shadows… deep into that darkness that seemed to envelope them, caress them, moving, breathing.

There had been a voice in there…
#talanversestories #huntforcelestial #weavesofthewheel #fanfic #fanfiction #fantasywriter #creativewriting #wheeloftimerp #robertjordan (Picture Credit: All pictures found on Pinterest, creators unknown)

A Soothing Nightmare. Part 1. (a night during the hunt for Celestial)

Blood, blood, blood.

Dripping, splashing, oozing, tickling…

Rivers of blood, yes… rivers of blood cutting through the forest, a forest of black, dead trees, with a blood red sky above.

And darkness… shadows that moved, followed, watched and vanished. Living shadows. ~~*****~~ It was not the Wolfdream, but it was the Dreamworld.
Others might call this a nightmare… and Erenya supposed it actually was… but it did not bother them much, except when their boots got stuck in oozing, slimy blood pools, blood-mud, they called those pools.

Before when it had simply been Erenya, this dream would have been frightening… Now.. It was welcomed.

Despite all the blood and darkness and … living shadows, these dreams were rather

soothing, they reasoned with each other.

Here in the Dreamworld, they could see themselves fully. They could face themselves, they could split and emerge as different beings.

They could enjoy things as friends, free from being stuck in one mind.
The Dream World where a place to roam free and explore things together.

In the Dreams they could also… discuss things… more thoroughly.
Erenya looked at her companions… they were all here… all four of them… yet, someone was missing…
Yes, they were not complete.

#talanversestories #huntforcelestial #wheeloftimeseries #weavesofthewheel #wheeloftimerp #fanfiction #creativewriting #fantasy #robertjordan #roleplay

Mountains of Mist

That was unexpected… That was not meant to happen... As the battle died down Vrang left, he doubted that any of the wolfkin would have had time to catch his scent in the chaos that had erupted when the trollocs arrived. Then that Aes Sedai with the tiara fell into some sort of slumber and… and his daughter showed obvious signs of ailment… however, not in the manner he had expected.

Back at his camp Vrang took out another small pouch of the poisonous powder and looked at it thoughtfully. His daughter showed some peculiar side effects he had not expected…

Could it be… because she was a wolfkin… or was it something else… “Bring me some wolves… and villagers”, Vrang shouted to a Myrddraal.

This was a potent poison but subtle in small amounts, he had created it, with some aid… well, he had been told to find a new kind of poison, and so he had.

He had always believed that it was possible to turn the tainted plantlife and wildlife in the Blight into something… useful.

Vrang was pulled from his thoughts as pain ridden howls filled the air, as expected, when administered in large quantities, death came slow and painfully with obvious tell tale signs of the taint found in the Blight… however… no one of the previous experiments or any of the current had vomited black bile… only his daughter had done that, odd, very odd indeed.

A few wolves still lived. They had been given smaller doses of the poison but large enough to speed up the process. They were mad with pain now… rabid… with festering sores and bloody froth dripping from their mouths. “Let them loose, let’s see what manner of havoc they can wreck before they die”. Vrang created two Gateways, one to the Mountains of Mist, close to his daughter's last location and one close to the Borderlands, four wolves were released through each of the Gateways, three were taken to a closeby village. “Let the new experiment begin”, Vrang mused.

The Highest had complained a few times about his habit of disregarding orders… but he did cause plenty of suffering and panic wherever he went, she should be pleased with his latest whim.

Further Introduction “Too many things have changed since The Last Battle, we are so few now compared to before, so few wise ones, so few Aiel left”. I sigh as I listen to Rini, one of the younger wise ones that I have gathered with. She speaks of obvious things, things I too consider daily.

The ability to channel have become a major skill to matter when considering who joins the wise ones. This as a direct result of the more closely relation to the Aes Sedai and the White Tower we have these days. It has damaged us, we have become far too much like the wetlanders in this, contributing power and leadership to one's skill in channeling.

I intend to change this. I will travel to all our holds. I will find girls who can rise up to the challenge to become a wise one. I will not allow the Aiel to diminish further during my lifetime.

Perhaps one day, I will meet you, when I do, will you join me?

Will you rise up to the challenge and become a wise one?
#talanverse #talanversestories #aielpeople #theaiel #thewiseones #wheeloftime #wheeloftimerp #weavesofthewheel #fanfiction

A Wolfdream - a night among others.

For a while it had been hard to distinguish dreams from the Dreamworld and the Dreamworld from the Wolfdream, but they had a clear mark of the change now.
They always subconsciously assumed their wolf-self when the dreams shifted. *****
Paws hit the ground and the running and leaping ensued. They chased everything for as long as they pleased across the world. One moment they were in Andor, the next moment they were darting across the snow covered ground in one of the Borderlands.
It didn't matter where they were as long as they could run and leap and chase and drop to the ground rolling in the grass.
Stonepaw would find them and sit on his haunches laughing at their antics.
They remembered the first time assuming their wolf-self. It had been strange. They had always thought of themselves as a wolf with reddish fur, like autumn leaves. But when they glanced at themselves in a still lake, they were black. Black as the night. And their eyes… their eyes had been strange too, one yellow, one green.
Occasionally they would meet up with other wolves. But they truly enjoyed being on their own, on their own with Stonepaw close by.

#wolfsister #wolfdream #talanversestories #weavesofthewheel #wheeloftimerp #wheeloftimeseries #fanfiction (Picture Credit. Both pictures found on Pinterest, creator unknown)

Waking Up

Pain woke them up… “Who is hurting us”, They demanded to know, yelling angrily. “I am trying to heal you, Sister”, Geseans voice was filled with concern but his expression told he was relieved they had awoken. “Stop it… it hurts, please Gesean, it bloody hurts”. Erenya cried, healing was not supposed to hurt, it was supposed to ease the pain and make one feel better.

Lucian held them in gentle arms, cradling them in fact.

Thorvous was speaking, whatever he said, it was only noise… their head hurt… in fact everything hurt… their minds shifted about, everyone inside it was uncomfortable… they did not like this at all.

Lucian was bloody woolhead… they were fine now… still he insisted that he would ride on their horse, with them in front of him.

Thorvous was leading them onwards to… somewhere… Who bloody cared… Misty was howling in their mind, howling for something to kill, to bathe in blood… Valkyrie… she was purring, always a dangerous sign, and Lunara… she was stirring in the back… trying to… trying to find the cause… “Burn it all”

They shifted position on the horse, suddenly grateful that Lucian had insisted on riding on their horse. They burrowed themselves into his chest, how fortunate that they were so short, and fell asleep.
#huntforcelestial #talanversestories
#weavesofthewheel #wheeloftimerp #fantasy #fanfiction #creativewriting #amwriting #robertjordan #roleplay #fantasywriter

The Plot Thickens. Ep. 2 “The girl left through a Gateway with some other people, and it appears that both her and her warder have yellow eyes… one Grayman managed to follow them through…” Vrang listened intently to the Myrddraals report, delivered with a cold and raspy voice and counted… 10 days since he gave the pouches to the grey… Erenya would soon begin to feel the full affliction of the contents in the pouches… she should already show subtle signs… but a few more days and it would be taking over her… “Make contact with the grey and have it inform us of the whereabouts of Erenya and the others”. The Myrddraal vanished and Vrang cursed… yellow eyes… his daughter was not only an Aes Sedai… she was one of those blasted vermins, the yellow eyed vermins… still… Vrang jerked his head to one side with a snapping sound. A yellow eyed one could be useful to have around. “Mountains of Mist”. Vrang turned around eyeing the Myrddraal. Have the grey continue as before, he told it. Our treasure is within grasp, Vrang grinned.

#weavesofthewheel #talanversestories #wheeloftimerp #wheeloftimeseries #evil #evilwriting #evilstories #fanfiction

Something Wrong.

The battle was over quickly but Light, they were tired… and they felt wrong.

During the battle over that flaming stone they had channeled far more than today, so much more…and yet.. their body was so heavy...like someone was forcing them to carry a mountain.
Erenya gasped for air, leaning on Lucian, a bloody Lucian, no surprises there, he was always covered in blood after a fight.
Looking at him, Erenya usually saw the wolf, and that was how they saw both of them, an Alpha wolf and his mate.

Gesean and Jake were fine, standing back to back, Serenia… exhausted it seemed, no wonder with that rain of fire she had managed to call forth… Thorvous.. he was next to her, everyone was fine…but not Erenya.

They had felt wrong for some time… slightly… off… distorted… foul… like a walking disease.
Lucian watched her with no little amount of concern, they attempted a weak smile and suddenly the ground was biting their face. Did it really matter…
They could feel strong arms cradling them, a voice speaking.
Through a haze they saw Lucian, their Lucian… it was cold… and…
Erenya threw up on the ground, something almost black… “No wound… let us sleep…” Darkness.

#wheeloftimerp #wheeloftimeseries
#huntforcelestial #talanversestories #weavesofthewheel #creativewriting #fantasy #fanfiction #wolfbrother #wolfsister

The Plot Thickens. Ep. 1

The Myrddraal stood in silence, uncertain if its report had pleased its master or not. “One dead of seven… and in direct contact with my girl… her warder killed it”. An interesting turn of events, Vrang thought. His daughter had already become an Aes Sedai, of the Green Ajah and had a warder… a peculiar one at that.

But how to proceed… Vrang grinned and fetched something from a tiny chest he always had with him. “Have the Grey continue to follow her and watch her, I want to know everything about her and that warder… also… have them put this in her drink and food as often as possible”. Vrang gave the Myrddraal six small pouches. “One for each grayman, only a pinch of it each time”. The path became ever more clear, his daughter would make a fine addition to the Dark Lord's collection, and to the ranks of his servants. The Highest should be pleased with his plans once they unfold entirely.

#wheeloftimeseries #wheeloftimerp #talanversestories #weavesofthewheel #evilstories #evilwriting #fanfiction (Credit: Myrddraal=patthompson008. Pouch=domesticgeekgirl.com

The Girl

Tar Valon, the girl had become one of those damn Aes Sedai, or was on in the process to become one!

However, a tiny sliver of… what was this… pride? Yes it was pride… the little girl could channel, just like him.

Perhaps… perhaps she could be salvage… yes… He could salvage her and bring her to the Dark Lord.

Vrang grinned, all thoughts of the golden eyed woman lost. He had a new goal. He would obtain the girl, she could be used, twisted, turn her to the Shadow.

Someone made a noise behind him. “You promised… you promised… to let me go... “

The woman sobbed, holding her chest, life quickly leaving her. “Yes, I did, and I have… I have been gracious enough to let you go from this world”. Vrang snickered and watched as his pet draw her last ragged breath.
Vrang turned towards one of the Myrddraals. Fetch me a few of the Grey… I have a mission for them, in Tar Valon.

The Highest probably doesn't mind if a few Aes Sedai dies.

#talanversestories #wheeloftimeseries #wheeloftimerp #evil #evilstories #evilwriting #robertjordan

Scouting the Woods

It was Erenyas turn to scout ahead, of course they did it, but it was exhausting... It was all Valkyries fault… she was so easily distracted and would rather chase birds or snowflakes rather than looking for Celestial or any signs of trouble.

Erenya usually stepped back and let Lunara take the lead when scouting, she was the one more akin to a wolf and she enjoyed hunting… Misty on the other hand… Oh she was bored!

They would soon need to turn back, Lucian did not like when they were too far ahead.. although, on this journey it was necessary to split the scouting responsibilities so as to preserve strength for the upcoming fight which might prove to be arduous indeed.

Then came a scent and a feeling of unease, the personalities inside Erenya shifted about and Misty took the lead, stalking towards that scent.
Slowly, ever so slowly with a wild grin they stalked further into the woods until the scent was so overwhelming that there could be no mistake.

Trollocs. A lot of Trollocs. “Let’s take them… rip them to pieces, tear of their flesh… burn them to cinder… No, we must return to Lucian… we can play later… promise… yes…”. Misty was not happy, she wanted to play with the trollocs but Erenyas will was like a wild river and Misty withdrew. But they had been noticed… Dashing back to the horse laughing Erenya flung a few fireballs at the trollocs and then galloped to meet her comrades, spotting them they yelled, grinning “Charing in front of us! A hundred of them! Get your teeth ready to bit into Trolloc flesh”. #huntforcelestial #wheeloftimerp #wheeloftimeseries #talanversestories #creativewriting #robertjordan #amwriting #fanfiction

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