You could travel right to the top, but what happens when you get there? There's literally nowhere to go but down! But if you take the road less travelled, who knows what you'll find along the way! You'll always have something to look up to, to look forward to.
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Mount Mawenzi (5,149m) in the late afternoon from the Rongai Route up Kilimanjaro

“If you want anything in life to change you have to do the hard things, rise to the challenge.” —Autumn Calabrese. I used to be a totally gym junkie. My husband introduced me into the wonderful world of weight training years ago and when I first started seeing those changes happen in my body, I grew to love it. After awhile I plateaued...I think because I didn’t have anyone pushing me, and I grew bored with the same workout routines day in and day out. I love to be introduced to new things and to switch it up! +

After I had children I realized that I wasn’t able to get in the gym as much as I would like. At the time, I had a girlfriend who was doing these workout programs from home and I remember thinking to myself, “there’s no way I can get in shape from working out at home!” I gave it a shot even though I was super skeptical, and in truth, got in the best shape of my life! The thing is—I had these virtual trainers inspiring me and motivating me to push myself harder so that I could keep up with them! They were forcing me to challenge myself and set the bar higher for what I thought I was capable achieving. I am so thankful that even though I was hesitant to give it a try, I decided to go for it anyway in hopes of finding something better for myself. So now, I am an at home gym junkie😜

I have a FREE 7 day bootcamp open for 10 more people who are willing to try something new and rise to the challenge! It starts Monday...get on this train before it’s too late!!💕💕👇DM me or comment below.


The Tradition that Sets the Standard.

Wishing @giothenewkidofficial all the best in his new venture @gioschopshop
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First stop is Simba Camp. After an easy walk of two hours or so through the Rongai Forest we set up for the first night. Many of the routes up Kilimanjaro have a camp only a few hours from the entry gate to allow people to make it before nightfall if they have started later in the day. We chose the Rongai route because it is much quieter, mainly because the starting point is further away and you have to Camp all the way up. It is also one of the most scenic.

Happy Friday lovers 🧡💫 @andyishh looking oh so dreamy in the nearly sold out Sweet Pea Lace Cotton Top and Cosmos Mini 🌼🍃

Our first sighting of Kilimanjaro. We arrived straight from London (via Nairobi) and headed for the trail. This is a good way of avoiding pre-trek faffing which can eat into your time. As we were climbing from the balmy North side (this being the Southern Hemisphere), we had another three hours of driving before we reached the Rongai gate to start our trek. #kilimanjaro #rongairoute

New decoration in place designed and installed by our lovely HR team.🦋#startup#niceworkingenvironment#ourofficerocks#inspiartion#worldmap#taketheroadlesstravelled

Lucid #daydreams of golden #light, #azure skies and the #emerald #radiance of #nature.
The #sigh of the #wind amid the #trees as the #Earth #exhales. No #emails. No calendar updates, no #signal. No #worries. #Perfect.
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I see why...
I see why people would rather keep on doing what they are doing that take a chance...
Being comfortable is one of those things that makes us feel safe. .
Being comfortable though is the biggest reason why we never get what we want.
Taking that risk is such a chance...
Why would we take a risk to be able to have a chance at a life we only can dream of?
To be able to live life the way you want, you have to unwrap the bubble your in and take a road that you would normally not travel.
So now the big question, are you happy with what you are doing, and don't think you deserve better...
Or do you deserve better???
I will take a wager saying you deserve better...
So with that said, take the road that will get you what you want in life...
It's well worth it...
#taketheroadlesstravelled #thinkdifferently

Why travel to Melbourne when you can travel the back roads to a regional centre like #Shepparton and enjoy the view along the way, instead of the back end of somebodies vehicle😊
Mum and I do a big shop in Shepp every few months. Always a nice day out involving the mandatory coffee stop in one of #Euroa s lovely cafés and sushi lunch later on. This particular trip also involved an animal rescue, stopping to free a dairy heifer trailing a reel of loose fencing wire. All good outcome!🐃

Not everything is always as it seems...take a peek in my stories to see what I’m talking about ya’ll. To all the women out there...if you haven’t heard it in awhile —YOU ARE AN AMAZING AND CAPABLE CREATURE and you should feel like a badass in your every day accomplishments. +
Sometimes I feel like we are literally juggling so many moving parts in life. It’s important to take a moment and give yourself some credit. Not every day is going to be amazing and there will be struggles. I showed up today and pressed play not because I wanted to...because I didn’t...but because I have developed certain habits and routines to help me go after my goals. It’s on the days that I don’t want to show up that I rely on these habits to do it anyway💪

I’m sore in places I never knew could get sore...#win

Imagine this,
When someone approaches you, and you wearing your favourite fragrance and you smelling particularly powerful and someone compliments you.

Followed by “Oh, It’s the new #TrustYourImpulseSA.”
It just what we as females tend to do when someone compliments us, man.. this actually takes me back to a time when a girl complimented my dress at some club – and I was like “It has pockets too, oh and I bought it at Legit btw”
I mean, how does that make your feel? Lekker obviously. #WeLoveCompliments

It’s like a win-win situation, you bag a compliment and people becomes familiar with the brand with your unintentional word of mouth marketing method.
So, I'd like to call this my #HYPEUP fragrance. Because this smell says “more begin jou weekend” making my Thursday tolerable.

Purple petals and Smokey sky fragrance by #TrustYourImpulseSA

Wearing this fragrance,
the name alone reminds me that the smokey sky, doesn't last forever. Dark clouds are temporary in your life. If you going through a rough patch right now. Remind yourself better days lies ahead. You will bloom where you are planted. Because you are not what happened to you but rather who you want to become. Just like when the caterpillar thought his world was over, he became a butterfly.
Believe in yourself, break down your wall and break boundaries. And hang in there because better days are coming ❤️
By better days I mean the weekend ~ Friday, Saturday and Sunday 😋 #ThankfulThursday #ThirstyThursdayWithImpulseSA #ThoughtfulThursday #EMPOWERHER #TakeTheRoadLessTravelled #TrustyourimpulseSA #OwnYourThrone

Getting lost in Bali. Wander the winds and let the mind roam free ☀️🌺 Beautiful @gypsysfind rocking the Cosmos Mini in paradise 🌼✨

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