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Born to be wild ⚡️

🐝 Hey Busy Bees, WHAT are you waiting for? 🐝
Join my team @TeamFaith and change your life too.
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Everyone likes their comfort zone, but nothing ever grows there! Everything you want is on the other side of fear! #FeelTheFear #DoItAnyway #TakeTheRisk #DoingMe #TheYearOfImpact

What's really in a name anyways? Why do we let the fear of failure hold us back so much?
Ive been resisting making this name change official for a while now and I don't know why. I've been reluctant to post about it, I'm nervous to talk about it to people (aside from the people who always support me, then I don't shut up 🤣) and it's stupid and it ends today!
MI Stoned Creations (@mistonedcreations) is officially dead and Great Lakes Goddess has been born! I can't wait to share more with you guys in the upcoming weeks! It's like as soon as I walked out of that office with my new DBA in hand it finally gave me the permission to move forward with everything! There's no place but up from here! And it's going to be so good!
Happy Solstice Friends!!! ☀️ #randomtalkingvideo #greatlakesgoddess #rebranding #fearoffailure #squashthatshit #taketherisk #happysolstice #summersolstice

After persevering through a 4 hour screaming and crying fit this morning I debated whether it was a good idea to risk leaving the house on the off chance little miss threw another wobbler (God forbid in public)

But I stopped and thought to myself #YOLO (Yes this is now what I consider risky business - gone are the days when it was risking dignity on a night out over if I should stop at 2 jager bombs or 3)

But we braved the elements and risked it all ... and it was so worth it to see these two smiling at each other 😁 #TAKETHERISK

Thank you for joining us for lunch aunty @leahshilton
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This is a state I never expected to call home. Now #tennessee Has Part of my heart ❤️. Take the risk, go after the new job in a new city or make a move for ❤️. It’s not easy. But from every move (and I’ve moved a lot) I learn something, meet people that enrich my life and explore new places. I’ve found, it’s always worth the risk to try a new place to live! #travelingheart #tennessee #taketherisk

On the steps outside of the Shelborne Hotel. #taketherisk #beagogetter #greatquote

I had a very talented and creative friend send me a DM about not giving up on your dreams even if other people are doing what you’re doing. I’ve been taking some big leaps lately and it felt kismet that he sent it. But more importantly, he needed to hear that same encouragement back. Of course I was happy to lift him up and encourage his talents. Today think about your ideas, your talents. Just because someone else is doing what you want to do doesn’t mean you can’t. It doesn’t matter the differences, or if you think they’re better at it or prettier or thinner or more established. They were once a beginner too. Whether you’re a beginner or not keep going. Do it for you and not the outcome. The outcome will be what it will be. We only have today so live your dream like today is your outcome and be proud of what you do. Live out your hearts desire. Don’t let any of the small minds of the world or their insecurity hold you back. YOU ARE ENOUGH. Do you! Thank you friend for lifting me up. I hope for those of you who have read this far this lifts you up today. Share it with a friend who needs it and live your dream. #inspire #inspiration #motivation #quotes #liveyourdream #dreams #careers #passion #passionproject #taketherisk

This is the relationship I have with my trainer @risk_fit #sorrynotsorry #fitfam #fitlife #personaltraining 💪 *
On the real though, if you’re trying to make a change and need a little help find someone who can push you further than you can yourself. Every little bit helps. I highly recommend my now good friend Cordale. He will work with you no matter your goal, big or small. #TakeTheRisk

Not to be blunt but...🤪 ENOUGH with the EXCUSES okay?
We all have the same hours in the day, we all have plans, things, routines, people, to attend to every single day- busyiness runs in our DNA in today’s world, BUT that doesn’t mean you can use TIME as an excuse not to MAKE something a priority- that’s the key word, priority.
When I ask people what their biggest hesitation is with getting started it’s usually MONEY 💴 & TIME- both are things that have put such a concrete image in our head- never enough, going to lose it, can’t make it, etc, etc, etc.
Well guess what? A POWERFUL, EFFECTIVE, & FLEXIBLE solution exists for you that will not only help you with your goals, allow you to live your life, but also help you to SEE where your priorities lie- if it’s helping 100s + 100s of people, WHY can’t it work for you?
↘️The answer is simple: your health isn’t that important to YOU (yep I said it, because I had to give myself the same reality check) + at the end of the day, we all have to create / make time for the things that are important to us, + that move us towards our best selves + LIVES✨↖️
I am SO blessed to have a virtual platform to get sweaty, pump up the endorphins + do something GOOD for my mind, body + soul (+ the BEST part)- I can do it for 10, 20, 30, 45, 60 minutes a day, WHATEVER I feel like doing that allows me to make my health a priority without sacrificing my time- + I can do it anywhere, anytime, without any stress of “HOW TO FIT IT IN”!
Not to mention, IM not the ONLY one who has had this same struggle, which is why I am so grateful for my kickass TRIBE of bootcampers who are also real people, with real lives, + a REALLY big WHY that keeps them showing up everyday- regardless of a time table, calendar, schedule, etc.
↘️So I got to ask you, if you have been hesitant in the past, if you have not moved forward with your health + fitness journey because of time, then, How bad do you really you want it?↖️
If this has been a wake up call, + you’re ready to kick that lack of time notion to the curb, let’s chat about my upcoming July Bootcamp + get you set up with a workout program that WORKS for you, not against you!

☀HELLO SUMMER!☀ Llega el tiempo de disfrutar del hockey con los amigos y amigas, el tiempo los Campus de verano y de competiciones internacionales!
Y siempre acompañado de Reves Shop😍


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This came up on my memories today from two years ago....and it still stands!! .
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