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Gigs akhir tahun yang luar biasa..
Terima kasih @havefunwithyourfriends_
sudah menghelat release party yang super seru..!! Semua teman2 yang hadir benar2 have fun.. Band2 yang tampil kemarin adalah representasi band MCHC dari berbagai era.. 90an, 2000an, sampai 2010an ke atas.. dan mereka adalah salah satu yang terbaik, tanpa mengurangi rasa hormat kami kepada band2 MCHC lain yg tidak tampil di acara ini.. Sejujurnya band yang mau kami undang untuk tampil itu banyak sekali, tapi untuk mengoptimalkan waktu dan konsep band2 yang kami pilih di lineup kemarin kami anggap sudah sangat bisa mewakili ratusan band HC di malang.. Plus 2 band veteran dari Jakarta Hardcore dan YKHC dan teman baik dari Surabaya dan Blitar yang sudah terbukti dedikasi dan karya2nya.. Terus berkarya, berteman, dan bersenang2..!! Itulah yang membuat scene tetap hidup..
Do It Yourself or Do It With Your Friends..!! Oiya, salah satu kejutan dari gigs kemarin adalah tampilnya mas @adonesian sebagai bassist di setlist screaming factor.. Bagi kami itu sama saja dengan nonton Screaming Factor di tahun 2005.. Haha.. Benar2 surprise..!! 📷by @adonesian

#straightanswer #handsuponsalvation #breathofdespair #screamingfactor #wolffeet #thinktwice #lastthreat #handofhope #difficultandhard #givemeachance #sharkbite #compassion #taketherisk #holyshit #rootsofearth #epreleaseparty

wisdom from the post-it note wall!! what risk will you take today?

Opss deu ruim! @kalanyratto quis voar sentado pra melhor apreciar a vista, mas acabou não dando muito certo 😅 Valeu a tentativa! Quebrou durante a final da sub-14 no @circuitojonosakesurfe e acabou ficando em segundo.
#final #tudoounada #ratto #airgame #taketherisk #voa
@recreiosurfeclube 📷: @iuricorsini

Maybe it won't work out... but maybe seeing if it does will be the best adventure ever ✨

Photo: @harrylhgfx
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Lagy sekali dia minta yang berat2......

Repost: @jasminelisabet
Riskillä lähdin tähän kisaan ja tähän mennessä oon voittanut tämmösiä typyköitä mun vierelle❤️ Seinäjoki ja Kajaani täältä tullaan! 😜 @tiiarothsten @rizkofficialinfo #taketherisk#misshelsinki2018tour

I thank God for adversity because without it I wouldn’t be able to practice what I preach.
Pop Pop I’m keeping my word🙏🏾


🛑Stop and think! Sometimes we tend to overthink and over analyze things that we can not control! Why do we keep pushing? If we fail and the signs are there learn to move past that situation. Do you know YOUR WHY.. I am one to never give up and tend to offer more than what I should. I have learned a lot through out the years. I have had painful life lessons and even at that I will not give Up or give in! Know that if you think about it it should be done! Do not to go bed each night living in regret! Take the chances ✅ Appreciate those who care and most importantly never ever GIVE UP! If it’s worth a shot do it.. you will never know if you do not try 🙌🏽 #life #neverquit #taketherisk #positivitywins #stayfocused #nevertakethingsforgranted🙏 #bepersistent #beyourself #shineon #loveyourself

Un oficio hermoso! 📽📽📽 #palmsprings #news #desertlife #taketherisk

Behind each Risk taken are dreams that become reality.
#onelifetribe #risk #dreams #truth #yourfuture #whatareyouwaitingfor #leader #leadership #hope #taketherisk

We can’t be in a two different places at the same time, that’s why we need to choose the right one. But it’s doesn’t matter if we choose what’s right or wrong. What matters most is that we choose to live what we wanted to and be brave to take the risk. #taketherisk #risktaker #yolo #livewithcourage 🙌🙌🙌

Do you think people who are successful feel bad about the homes they have, the vehicles they drive the lifestyle that they worked their ass off for?
When you accomplish something that you’ve worked extremely hard for be unapologetic about it because it took grit, tenacity, dedication and sacrifice.
If it wasn’t handed to you then you earned it so never apologize for winning!

The holidays are a season of wonder and joy, but also of overwhelm. Between holiday parties, gift shopping, fewer days at work to get the same amount done, and planning for 2018, almost everyone needs to take a little breather. Sending you a daily reminder to take some time for yourself everyday, even if it’s a quick walk around the block or a half hour of reading a favorite book.

I am aware whilst some of us are preparing for Christmas it can be a very lonely & isolating time for some people. I don't like the thought of anyone spending Christmas Day on their own (been there, done that!). Sometimes it's difficult to connect with the 'less obvious' people in society that be unable to be with their family or friends for whatever reason, estranged from their family, things are too difficult & so forth. If there is anyone out there, and that might be you, that I've met before (I need to have met you as I've 2 young kids or know you well via our social media) we have a few spaces at our dinner table this year & you would be more than welcome. No reason is required I just need to know in advance so I can prep food etc (& in fact you might be asked to peel some tatties!) so please do just email me (angie.cameron@direction.org.uk) & we would be delighted to see you. Don't be shy or embarrassed.....you will get over that hurdle & it's better than feeling so alone.xxxx

[ Always. All ways ]
#notetoself #love #taketherisk #fight #courage

Take the risk or lose the chance ⚓️ #bestoftheday #goodvibes #taketherisk #shortholiday

Life is a tree with twisted branches.
You try to climb to the top of the tree to get a view of whatever lies beyond the forest, but you don't know which branch to grab onto, nor if you have a solid footing. The branches may break, but you can't stop climbing... #trees #forest #seetheforestforthetrees #seebeyond #keepclimbing #taketherisk #keeptrying #dontgiveup #motivation #nighttime #affirmations

“And the time came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”
~ Anais Nin
May we all have the courage to blossom and live our best life.
#liveyourbestlife #blossom #taketherisk

There is beauty everywhere you look. Even on a chilly, snowy Monday you can find something to be grateful for.

I thank God for adversity because without it I wouldn’t be able to practice what I preach.
Pop Pop I’m keeping my word🙏🏾

Word of advice from your boy Kelvin 😎💯 #takethechance #taketherisk #livelifewithoutregrets #anythingispossible #donttakelifeforgranted 🙌🏽🙏🏽

Boné VLCS - Coleção Verão 2017-18 TAKE THE RISK #vlcs #taketherisk #bone #moda #verao #colecaoverao2018 #modelagem #estilo #atitude #design

➡️life begins outside of your comfort zone ✨ take the risk and go for it; you can do anything you put your mind to.
Follow me ➡️ @mompreneur_av.
#taketheleap #taketherisk #livelife #loveyourlife #dreamers #dreambig #justdoit #goforit #motivationalquotes #motivationmonday #befree #timefreedom #livefree

Don’t be scared to fail.
#live #love #learn #taketherisk

You will not change your life without taking a risk & doing what you think you cannot do. Don’t settle for average or live your life being complacent. Find your courage--we promise you it’s worth it.

Stayed in this little lodge last night 😍

"Lo importante es el viaje, no el destino"  dice el poema; no se ustedes pero los viajes en carretera tienen algo que me encanta 😍
Tal vez sea el poder admirar la naturaleza o el cambio de la rutina, no lo se pero desde muy peque siempre los he disfrutado y a ustedes les gusta viajar por carretera?

Alexis shares what she got out of her Abundance Practice-Building Group. ♥️ Want to build your practice with a small group cohort + me? Link in bio! "In year 2 of building my private practice I found I was hitting up against some big questions.  Now that I was finally able to take a breath, I wanted to build clarity around what my practice could do for me, instead of always thinking about what I had to do for it.  Allison's group helped me get very clear about my next round of goals, and I feel much less overwhelmed as a result.  I have developed a rock solid 5 year plan and continue to feel supported by my practice building group colleagues even now, two months after the group has ended.  Thank you, Allison!" ~Alexis Roberson, LMFT
Roberson Counseling, LLC

🖤 Everything is a risk. 🖤 But then again... 🤔 Not doing anything is also a risk. AND when you keep doing nothing... nothing changes! 🙅🏻It’s up to you!☝🏽Choose your risky!
🎉 HAPPY MONDAY!! 🎉 #taketherisk #idid 😎💸

What if... Do you know the answer to your "what if" question? Take the risk, follow your dreams. Don't be the one asking "what if" when all is said and done.
#MondayMotivation #MotivationMonday #FollowYourDreams #TakeTheRisk #DontBeAfraid #EntrepreneurLife #Entrepreneurship #Entrepreneur #Hustle #Inspiration #InspireOthers

Never be afraid to take the risk and try something new 💕 grow your wings and fly 🦋🌷 #Join our #Scentsy family and watch yourself gain #confidence in yourself and what you can truely achieve ❤️ I'll be right there with you helping and mentoring you to grow your own successful business all while having fun 😁
#scentsy #jointhefamily #taketherisk #success #fly #grow #confidence #dontbeafraid #taupo

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