July 2, 2018: @apeoneil10 with her muerto earrings and the LA vista in the background. #goldenhour #mybeautifulwife #skullearrings #thisphotorequiredmultipleattempts #takethedamnphoto

Illustrating how challenging it is to get Aussies to sit for a pose. Regardless, it's a beautiful summer day and my boys are happy to see Dad. .
#aussiepuppy #aussiesofinstagram #australianshepherdworld #australianshepherd #redmerle #cantsitstill #stopmoving #takethedamnphoto #sunnyday #alaska #everythingisgreen

I’ve learned two things from this photo!
1. Next little getaway, take the picture before we start having fun! A long day being out in the sun ☀️ & playing in the water 💦 equals a very cranky & tired Jordyn 🤣

2. Take & post the damn picture with your kids! I read somewhere that one day your kids will only have pictures of you. They won’t care what your hair looks like, if you’re wearing makeup or not, or what your body looks like. All they will care about is that they get to see you.
WOW! Talk about hitting you right in the gut huh?!? This photo right here I wanted. I asked a stranger to take the picture for us. I wanted us all to be in the picture, not just my husband as I’m usually the one snapping the photo. Once I looked at the photo my immediate reaction was ‘Nope! Not posting that one! Look at my stomach and legs! Ew!’ I knew I had fallen off my path of working out and eating healthy and this picture shows that. But guess what?!? I posted the dang photo anyways! Don’t be so hard on ourselves mamas. Take the photo! 💛

#familygetaway #arizonagrand #loveyourbody #takethepicture #dontbesohardonyourself

❇️ TAKE THE DAMN PHOTO ❇️ Nope, that's not what my girls are constantly thinking when I get my camera out! 😂

But this is me telling YOU to take get in that photo! Get someone to take more photos of yourself.
Life is far too short to look back and not have any photos of yourself, with your family, with your friends or having fun ☺️ Stop thinking that your arms are too fat, your thighs are too chunky, you have a muffin top or you have a thousand chins - don't let those reasons stand in the way of capturing those wonderful memories 💕

I mean, I have all of those things and there are days when I do feel less confident about my body, wishing I was a bit skinnier but I'm not going to hide away and I'm certainly not going to feel bad for being me ❤️ So put your best smile on, strike that pose and take the damn photo! 😜

O.M.G. Is that a bacon cupcake?? For me??! 😍
Thank you @theseattlebarkery for keeping me on spoiled list status!

Both photos taken 2 weeks out from comp. Left: October 2017. Right: May 2018. It’s hard to notice the changes if you aren’t really keeping track with measurements or taking photos. Soooooo everyone take before & after photos, you’ll be pleasantly surprised 😅 #comparison #both2weeksout #10monthsdifference #takethedamnphoto

A rare photo of us together. I definitely need to work on being more comfortable putting myself in pictures.

Mums - how do you ensure your kids have photos of them growing up with YOU in the frame? It might not be something you've thought about but you NEED to be in the images with your kids.

If you would like me to come and document a morning in your house - including the laughs, tantrums, ALL the lovely mess and chaos - which of course are the beautifully extraordinary ordinary moments of young family life, please DM me for pricing and availability. The PERFECT Mother's Day gift.
As much as I love this photo I took of my tribe, it's not really good enough long term. And even though I'm not one who loves being in photos I want my kids to see what we did together. .
In this image I was a new single mum, revelling in my freedom and feeling powerful knowing I had taken my happiness in my own hands - and to be honest fairly ignorant of just how hard it was going to be being a single mum to 3 kids under 5! This image typified my days - smooth sailing on the surface, paddling like mad underneath never quite all the balls in the air (but clearly doing a great job mixing all the metaphors!) #mumsofbrisbane #motherhood #singlemumsrock

Me and da Dark Knight waiting for Mudder to give us all da treats #comeon #howlongdowehavetosithere

When your mom’s in town, you take a shot & you don’t think about photo composition or lighting or creating a beautiful scene. Like the shot, you take it. Cheers 🍻🙌🏼 #takethedamnphoto #itsametaphorforlife .
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Drinking tea and having a laugh about the generational gap :P
#oldiebutgoodie #takethedamnphoto #chillax

Some dreams take longer than others. Never stopping tho- it is a beautiful Gift! Nobody can see exactly what you see and how you see it! There’s so much beauty in this! #beyou #beEpic #takethedamnphoto #capture and #breathe #be #kishphotos #dowhatyoulove #lifeisgood ❤️✌🏽

@houseofwhite_ 's encouragement to #takethedamnphoto (no matter how unfortunate the angle for you) still rings in my head. So last time "we" (as in more like "they") played family 'stacks on' I reached for my phone and snapped a pic for the family album. Here we are in all our squishy weirdness. And yep, if I am not behind the camera of course I am the slab for the stack! (#mumlife right?)

"Stand here! No here! Yeah ok now stay like that!" "Like what? how do I stand" "just pose I don't know"
Photo creds to the real deal: @sophh8jones
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