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I don't think I say it enough or even if I've said it at all, but I'm so so grateful for this wonderful Jesus loving / adventure living family!

They model the life of Christ and exemplify family on mission so well. They radiate with Christ's light and emanate His words. Their not afraid to be real, nor stingy with their love. They give generously and walk humbly and live justly.

This journey of faith is so enjoyable you guys - @landrewchalmers, @elliemay47, Landon, Josiah and Selah! I'm always so inspired and encouraged by the way you live your lives. Thank you for all your love, grace, encouragement, support and friendship. My prayers, love and support are with you as well.

p.s. - it cracks me up that Landon calls me "Uncle Jason," but deep down I feel so honored to know and feel that I'm apart of the family. Love and appreciate you guys more than you know!
Okay! I'm done with my sappy post now... 😭😭😭 #awakenthedawn2017 #takethecity

We do things everyday. From waking up to go to work or school, cooking for our family, to even just scrolling through social media.

But when interact with others, do we think about what we're doing or do we just do it because it's normal to do it?

Next time, try to greet, help, laugh, or however you interact in Love. Make it a normal thought process in your life and see God move in every circumstance.
Whatever you do, do it in love ❤️ #takethecity

Thankful for the oppurtunity to speak to my senior class
#TaketheCity #Joshua6:20

Performing Lil harder wit @itsbantana @caschantel 💯🔥🔥🔥 y’all should tune in to us we up next!!! Beat by @shelovesaftrhrs get beats from him if you need em🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯 #music #performance #atlanta #TakeTheCity




I have been going after God in prayer in regards to stewardship and finances.
I've been seeking his wisdom and asking for revelation to overflow.
He's been moving in our lives and continues to show us steps to take in obedience to him.
Because I'm learning finances in the Kingdom- are so different than finances in the world.
I'm learning that small steps of obedience unlock realms that are seldomly reached due to trying to provide for ourselves vs. Allowing God to be leader and Lord of provision.
I've seen an increase in buisness activity- an increase in buisness ideas and an increase in joy from taking the weight off and giving it to God.
I'm still learning- I'm still in process- but I wanted to share with you today.
I really wanted some Chai tea yesterday from our local coffee shop. I was asking #God how I could #steward this purchase for his glory. I thought I could leave a generous tip which is always nice. But I felt he wanted to #encounter in a different way. I heard him say pay for the lady behind you.
She had commented on my #dreads which led into a conversation of me asking her to let me pay for her. At first, she said no. People are afraid to accept geneoristy sometimes. It's a foreign thing to learn how to receive. I asked and told her again- please allow me to pay for your order.
She asked why I would want to do that and I explained to her how I just wanted to bless her. We ended talking while we waited for coffee. And I was able to tell her that #Jesus loves her so much and that I whole heartedly believe God led me in her path. She had an encounter in our local coffee shop- both of us out of our comfort zones but so full of joy connecting and sharing.
I #believe we both left in #wonder and #amazement of a God who personally knows us.
I don't always #Feel up to "evangelisim". Sometimes it's really hard when #fear is screaming how #awakward it will be. But in those times I step out- I am overcome with the #goodnessofgod and always feel empowered to step out more. ☺🙃☺🙃☺🙃☺🙃☺🙃☺
#StepOut #Evangelism #OneThing #OneLove #Testimony #TakeTheLand #TakeTheCity #KingdomFinances #Kingdom #Joy #LifestyleChristianity

Make sure you’re kicking off your Thanksgiving week right! Every student will be getting a slice of pie tonight, bring a friend and we’ll see you then!! >>Pre-service @ 6:30 Service @ 7<< #CatalystYouth #BetterTogether #TakeTheCity

#TAKETHELAND | Arise into a higher place of intimacy with your creator. With your father. With your love. With your king. This new season is going to be wildly fun as you continue to steward the simpleness of my love. The simple gospel brings the fruit of joy. #Pioneer now is your time. Move forward. Come higher. And hunger and thirst for my righteousness. You will be filled. || #Prophetic #Prophecy #TimesAndSeasons #PropeticArt #Forerunner #AmericaShallBeSaved #TakeTheCity #Worship #Prayer #Fun #Joy

#funtimes in Columbus GA #takethecity

NEW LIFE: i can’t wait to see you this weekend for 20/20 Vision Sunday. These are exciting times for @newlifeoakland Can’t wait to see you! #TakeTheCity #LoveGod #LovePeople #ImpactOakland

A Called Generation / TTC Director Renae Luketic shares about tonight and tomorrow! #TakeTheBoro #TakeTheCity

A Called Generation / TTC Director Renae Luketic shares about tonight and tomorrow! #TakeTheBoro #TakeTheCity


ARE YOU JOINING US TONIGHT?!?! 🙌🏻😁 #TakeTheBoro #TakeTheCity

We’re just a little excited about tomorrow night. (That is completely false, we are sooooooo excited that we just can’t hide it)

Make sure to check our earlier post today and mark that you’re going so that we can make sure everyone gets a high five. 😬 #TakeTheCity #TakeTheBoro #OneDayMore #Unified #Prayer #Worship #Jesus

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