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Ok WOW - OMG Testing new high bounce mat material today - oh I wish I could flip ! The bounce was smooth and easy. Getting sample to take home :) I know you’ll love it :) will be after feedback Geelong kids - @lachlan_hutson @noah_gelately @connorhodgkin @michael__fisher_ @josh__cowley @nateflipss @thetwisting_twins @lilia_tramp @jarvisr_ @flynneastmure11 @lachy_watergoat Tag more Geelong kids - I’ll let you know when it is on a display trampoline

Chilli 1 leslie Anne 0 eating supper off the wall #goodspill #takestalent #firstdaywithnewhands

Weight test on 14x16ft trampoline - 150kg capacity is done with 750kg in middle and must be 200mm off ground. Not an “official” test today (a guide)

Slow motion of spring being made

2nd of 3 - close up of making a trampoline spring

1st of 3 - Trampoline Spring Production Department - funny sound, mesmerising machines, very nice part of factory

Poll in story - let me know if you want to see springs and other trampoline parts being made...

#Repost with thanks to @beau_meon Reposting only @webandwarehouse and @geetramp trampolines in edits / videos. #repostwebandwarehouse #repostgeetramp use ONLY if #webandwarehouse or #GeeTramp are featured - #thanks
Nice dub pullover to stay active @declan_crowther @ryan_tramp @parkourayce @pfp_factory #flippingfeed

Andrew and Helen at factory gate. Today got some videos of machines working. Some in slow motion too.
#qingdao #china

Please Tag #repostwebandwarehouse ONLY IF YOU HAVE A @webandwarehouse or @GeeTramp TRAMPOLINES - I would like to use your pics for Chinese factory presentation, they like to see kids happy on the trampolines ⠀
Thanks for this - @Oliverford223 10x17ft ⠀

I’ve met some pricks in my life, but you my friend, are the fucking cactus 🌵 #asshole #😂😂😂 #takestalent

Our Chinese factory are loving this video with our thanks to reposting from @parkourayce using it for inspiration for new mini Tramp - I saw the drawings for it today - I think you will all like it.

National Napping Day 💤 I got this one😴🐾🐾 #easypeasy #takestalent #frenchieways #frenchbulldog #lokyslyfe💤

slow and steady wins the race, unless your me and fall off going straight🤦🏼‍♀️😂

An area so foreign to me! Very cool to watch our @gina_moya3 boy on the drums! Told him that's more impressive to me than striking out 10 kids! True!#drummer#ourboy#hardwork#takestalent#eagle#impressive#passion#love#jandgfam

How is it even possible to do this🤔 He was left alone for 5 minutes while I made beds and gathered laundry upstairs. #takestalent #toddlerlife #minitornado #babyneymanthesequel

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