@dakoda_barr demonstrating skills on the 9x14ft professional trampoline we have soon to be released with a better designed padding than what is on this demo.
Dakoda tested all our trampolines and gave feedback on what he could do and who he thought it be best for in relation to skills and ages.
Thank you :)

Filming today with these two @tommy_cockram and @connerhodgkins_1 .
We are creating videos for you tube and our product pages to know best how a trampoline will be for you if you can’t come in to test.
Thank you to you both Tommy, Conner and families for participating including young Ollie and Ava

I fell Monday night at work running up the stairs 🙈 and I didnt think much of it, but today my body is reminding me of my age 👵🏼 My knee is swollen and bruised and my leg is very sore.
It takes talent y’all and I’ve got it 🤣 #ivefallenandicantgetup #oops #takestalent #upstairs #nospringchicken

#Reposted with thanks @mckenzietumbles Wishing you all a flippingly good Sunday ;) ・・・
@webandwarehouse 💗 Brisbane Meetup applications open on @geetramp :) @mckenzietumbles with be there - looking forward to seeing you again ;)

Wanna know what a pain in the.... toe(?) It is to kick a parking curb???? Let me tell ya, it's not nearly as fun as it sounds it's going to be.

I cant even wear a show right now for work.... should make things interesting.... Luckily, my #lularoejax are keeping me nice and #comfy so its easier to deal with
#onlyme #itripoverflatsurfaces #takestalent #greerlife #thebestisyettocome #roebytheriver #becauseoflularoe #comfyfashion #catchmeontheflipside #pinkytoewoahs #stubbedforlife #itsgoneforever

For real, that takes some talent lmao 🤣 #funnymemes #takestalent #funnyshit #pee #lmfao

Thanks for all the feedback New Zealand on the mini Tramp - a couple of things will be done on the new order and for now we have turned the mat / logo around the right way. Have fun using it Auckland @jump_nz parkour group.

New Mini Tramp in use - seeking feedback :)
The one in Aus will soon be sent to @parkourayce @jessejankulovski and @josh_ttcx

Our new Mini Tramp was revealed and tested last night @jump_nz at the New Zealand gtramp meetup
#youllloveit #gymnast #gymnasts #musthave #parkourtraining #freerunningtraining #flipping #flippers

NEWS FLASH. Quint KBM on 14x16ft 1b “I’m saying crazy town” #Reposted with thanks @declan_crowther Looking forward to meeting you in Brisbane ・・・
W/ @levi.edits_ @zeektramp @ryan_tramp @jack.selbyy
Collab edit with: @levi.edits_
Please tag: @flips.by.levio and @worldwideflippers

10x17ft in action with double bouncers #Reposted with thanks to @jyemainprize with @get_repost (Jye is partially sponsored) ・・・
Raw one bounce trip kaboom landed🙄🌴 // @liammtramp @coltomn @derek_munroe @dean_flips @_lukaswhite_ @strattleball_9 #flips #flippingfeed dB creds - @dean_flips

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