“ Now an average person has over ten trillion cells. All those cells and the projection of those cells should change and renew every 72 hours. So you are constantly renewed and given new energy to make choices. If you lied yesterday, and lied today, but you don’t lie tomorrow, you will be all right” - Yogi Bhajan

Every day is a new beginning. Every day is a fresh start, a whole day of new choices we have the power to make!

Conscious choice is one of our great powers as a human!
Our choices make all the difference, no choice is more important. Every single choice, contributes to your well being or takes away from it. Every choice, determines our actions and therefore the effect we have on the world.
Your choices come from your thoughts.
Do you want to be making choices from your true self or constantly be reacting from old patterns and thoughts?

Change your thoughts with mantras and affirmations and your choices will align with your truth.
It’s voting day here in Ireland,it’s a very important day for using the power of your choice. As an Irish woman, it is a day that I can feel the importance, on such a deep level, as to what is happening for us, for this country and for women. With a daughter growing up in this country, it means even more to me. Feeling all the feels here!
While I’m not going to go into the politics here, voting is a powerful exercise in using the power of your conscious choice.
Today, for me, is all about choice! Choosing to see that everyone needs to be empowered with choice. We all need to be able to have the freedom to take responsibility for our own choices. Control never leads us down a path of love. 💛

So, infuse your mind with love, with truth, and every choice you make, will bring you into union with your higher consciousness.

Are you being #conservationwise with your clothes? Going forward we’re trying to be eco-conscious about buying from responsible brands that don’t use harmful chemicals and synthetic fibres but what about the wardrobe we already have? Here are our top tips:⠀

👚Wash clothes only when they really need it, not just when you can’t be bothered to put them away. Reduce the temperature of your washes too.⠀

👖Air dry rather than tumble dry. Tumble driers are one of the most energy hungry appliances in the home!⠀

👕Use a special bag to catch or reduce the microfibres shed from synthetic clothes. These tiny plastics pollute the environment, are toxic and make their way up the food chain back to us. Their full effects are only just being realised. Look up The Guppy Friend or the Cora Ball.⠀
What are your tips for ensuring your apparel is sustainable and minimal impact? Comment below!⠀
And bonus tip- go listen to the podcast Patagonia: Yvon Chouinard episode of ‘How I Built This’
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check out www.rawfashionblog.com for a few tips on how to avoid throw-away culture & single-use items • it’s not about relying on recycling, it’s about resisting single-use items in the first place!

People fail to realise that how you talk about other people Shows their true colors. So dont worry about what other people say about you. They are only making their selves look bad. #dontmakeyourselflookbad #liftpeopleup #donttearthemdownbehindtheirback #takeresponsibilityforyouractions #imnoangel #butiamabiggerperson

In life there are a lot of people who never take responsibility for their actions. Always blaming someone or something else. I’m not one of these. For me taking responsibility is quite empowering. Im ok apologising when I screw up. #shithappens #takeresponsibility if you don’t you’ll never learn & forever make the same mistakes. Your life will never improve. Being wrong & messing up is part of life, a learning experience. It’s ok, but it’s not ok to not take responsibility. #dontbeacock #dontbeacoward #takeresponsibilityforyouractions

True words, guilty people who have wronged others, slander the innocent party and deflect from the actual cause of the situation to try and make themselves seem like the injured victim. #truestory #deflection #liarliar #takingresponsibility #ownit #livewithit #takeresponsibilityforyouractions #thetruthalwsyscomesout #cheat xxx

Todays Inconvenient truth: you are responsible for you own life

#beavictor #victimmentality #takeresponsibilityforyouractions #youdecide #loveyourself

So, The Great Poverty Debate.
I was handed this today while reading the displays around Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin.
For those that don’t know, this was a final crossing point between East & West Germany during times of serious oppression and is some symbol of how far this place has come from it’s divisive past.
Here remains one small segment of the Berlin Wall.
While reading the note, an American next to me repeatedly said “don’t do it, don’t do it..”
This made me recall a conversation I heard on a @ryanmichler @orderofman podcast a while back.
The conversation happened between two men after one had handed a homeless man $100.
The second man made the usual type of comment - “you know, he’s just going to spend that on alcohol or drugs.”
To which the original man replied: “I’m not responsible for what he does, only for what I do.”
I handed the lady €10 and wished her well, and explained this to the American man who looked at me with dubious eyes and walked away.
Whether the woman is playing me or not is completely unimportant. That’s on her. What is important is that she’s told me she is in need and I could help her.
Fuck walls.
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Happy Sunday from sunny-ish Southern California! I hope this message finds you well. Today I just want to say. Accept your circumstances and where you are, once you actually own them, only then are you able to change them. So often today people get “stuck”, have you ever noticed most often it is never their fault? (In their mind anyway) We all have that one friend and if you don’t.... it is probably you. LOL 😆. JK, Own it, you are loved, chase those dreams, be blessed. Goals, set ‘em and get ‘em! OS 🙏🏼💪🏼😎👍🏼❤️🌸💑💯💥🌞#lovinglife #life #lifeisgood #takeresponsibilityforyouractions #takeresponsibility #goalsettergoalgetter #dreamer #dreamers

I've recently been talking to a lot of men that feel like their lives need to be put on hold.

Most of the stories I hear are coming from a place of blaming and playing a victim.

I will Do...... When my kids grow up.

I will start a business when I have..... I will be happy when I get... When my boy was born, I started to use him as an excuse as to why I wasn't where I wanted to be.

Heaven forbids I actually took responsibility for myself and looked at myself.
I would say to myself, I don't have as much time to go to the gym, build my business is hard because I have a full-time job a wife and a kid.

It's so easy to blame... It's a safe place to be because you not actually experiencing any growth so it's comfortable.

No growth is experienced when you're blaming right?
I'm going to be direct to the point.

Stop lying to yourself.
Take responsibility for the results you are experiencing in your life!

This is where growth can start to happen, by taking personal responsibility..

But really though. You’re actions are a mirror of yourself and what you need to work on. 😌 #stayhumble #takeresponsibilityforyouractions #beyoungbedopebeproud

The end of a great week away with the family.. There are times that I can find it hard to take myself away from my business.. I don't men physically I mean mentally, thinking about what's to do next.. If there is one thing I have learnt on this journey.
Is to work harder on your family life then working on my business.

Everything starts at home.

Family life is The Foundations to everything.. How am I showing up behind closed doors 🙄


I normally stick to geeky bike stuff on here but today is worthy of some personal stuff. A year ago, Darran was killed by an irresponsible driver. He was a father, a husband, a brother, a son, an engineer, a sportsman, an enthusiast, a sounding board, a supporter, a piss taker, a doer ...and so many more things including my friend. He was fucking good at all of them and I miss him every day.
#imissyou #mywordsarenotenough #thinkaboutyouractions #takeresponsibilityforyouractions #drivewithcare

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