The United Bowl Trophy made it to the Iowa State Fair on Saturday! Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Takedown Wrestling Radio Show at the Cookies BBQ Rib Wagon! #TakeFlight #TrophyTour

Come out again tonight 5-6:30pm wrestling practice @Oscar Smith HS🔥💵💪🏾Summer Open Practice #tigerwrestlingclub #warmupgang #mmawrestling #takedownwrestling

Vertexo was a let down for Skimmed Milk (@skimm3d_milk ) against Tag Team opponents Duchess Nukem and The Cry-Ropractor, who ultimately took down the calcium-rich Skimmed Milk, while Vertexo drank from the sidelines.

I have never felt so myself than as Cootie Cunt in the ring at #takedownwrestling . Photos by the amazing @warpedmistress

Part III Photo Dump from Takedown Wrestling #3 with Kenneth Eagle (@sethongraystreet) and Flex (@mynameispetersquires) who ultimately took down the so-called "Northeastern Hero."

Part II Photos of Takedown Wrestling. In round one, only "Cootie Cunt" played by the incredibly gruesome @sam_paolini prevailed!

Takedown Wrestling #3 Photos Part I.

field reporter Alex Keown introducing Takedown Wrestling III / Bill(iam) Conlin as the show runner billionaire / Cootie Cunt! Cootie Cunt! / God brings the Star Gazer to his knees

Knock down, drag out underground diy wrestling chaos 👩🏼‍🎤#takedownwrestling #nh @mattywright01

Always good to chill with the boys I came up with!! #TheWrestingAcademy #AcademyTrained #TakedownWrestling

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