#nicunurse these nurses love this kid look at that pile of clothes. Fan club established early #NICUjournal #81days #takecareofyournurses #nicu

I am leading an Easter service at the hospital at 7:30 and made breakfast for some of my 2-West nurses. Ham, egg, cheddar, and asparagus crustless quiche. Take care of your nurses, they're the ones that will literally save your ass! #breakfast #takecareofyournurses #nurses #easter #chaplainlife #hospitalchaplain #medsurg #oncology

This is me using a travel pillow to keep a heating pad on my neck. Why? Because surgeons are stupid. Don't do ELECTIVE surgery on morbidly obese persons who you know are non-compliant and refuse to participate in their care. This is how nurses get hurt. #nurseprobs #rantoftheday #strainedtrap #ihatedoctors #thinkbeforeyoucut #takecareofyournurses

Popping open my Christmas present from my fav ortho surgeon!! #happymonday #nurselife #welovewine #takecareofyournurses

I may take some flack for this. I know. But bear with me.... This is the face of a tired nurse. 🏥 💉 I work hard to take care of you, your family, your friends, those that are strangers, those well known. 💉 I take care of you to the best of my abilities. 💉 I take care of your families. 💉 Decisions made by the care team ARE thought out and we DO attempt to do what is in the best interest of the patient that is within our scope and legal abilities.

But I am tired. 👉🏻 I am tired of being accused of anything than what I've described.
👉🏻 I'm tired of being yelled at, and threatened. 👉🏻 I'm tired of being told I am not good at what I do because you are upset at something that we have no control over.
Please understand that I am aware that I CHOOSE this profession.
And I will continue to CHOOSE to do my best to care for you and anyone else that may come in.

And despite those that may think I'm the most horrible nurse in the history of nursing, I can assure you that I still am taking the best care for and of you and your families.

I CHOOSE to do this.
I CHOOSE to care.

Allina Nurses 7day strike is over but nothing resolved!! Why a non-profit hospital does not take care of their nurses is beyond me.

I wish I combed these beauty's out more before the picture AND got better lighting. Lashes for days on this wonderful woman!!! #borboletabeauty #classiclashes #lashextensions #lashes #lashartist #esthetician #lash #lashesfordays #ccurl #landdnurse #takecareofyournurses #amazingwoman #denver #colorado #lashedbyash

Some nursing essentials for the fabulous nurses that will be taking care of Baby B and me when he decides to make his debut into the world! #takecareofyournurses

I see... I have competition... 😼😸#takecareofyournurses (the cookies were really good by the way)

Got @darenbraud prepped for his 72-hour work shift. 💪👊💊💉 #takecareofyournurses #winterstorm

Sending Daren to work with all of these goodies. Individually packaged especially for @jaimiereisch @jacob_murse_chararigans #takecareofyournurses #midnightsnack

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