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Umi Ti bersama ArifJiwa Asyraf ... berhati2 ye, sesekali keluar xpe menghadiri majlis2 seumpama mlm ni, risau klu kerap sgt.. kami sentiasa mendoakan yg terbaik selalu.. 💋💋💋 #TakeCare #TuhanJagaDiaUntukku

I have a surprise for you.
You will see what I mean in my next video✨
I think I am very healthy.🙆🏻
Never get sick or getting hurt🙋🏻
But I cought a cold!🤷🏻‍♀️
It was from yesterday!🙍🏻
Maybe(?) because of Crazy weather here with so many outdoor activities!
I will get better soon🤧
You guys Take care!
Runny nose is terrible🤦🏻‍♀️
_photo from 9th of May, from @joe_hattab .
#runnynose #noway #takecare

Ballet lessonへ✨





風邪引かないように気をつけなきゃね〜😅 #ballet#lesson#toohard#tired#takecare#donotcatchacold

TIME FOR A REHAB 🌸 ! #hairrehab #rehab #takecare #lorealparis

I had to sorry sjahvabab

You will never look back on life and say "I spent too much time with my kids”. Love my boys! 👦💙 #son #jordan #grandson #london #familyfirst

I’m 4 days out from Weider... and I’m ready to pull a 🐇 out of a 🎩
It’s been a big summer for me with nationals, then surgery, AND moving... I’m just so happy that my body is happy, healthy, and healing well 🙏
I have Guttate Psoriasis which I could view as a curse, but instead I think of it as my “Canary in a coal mine” 🕊
It lets me know if my body is getting stressed out.
Psoriasis is a common [not contagious] auto-immune disease similar to eczema and arthritis. Keeping your body low inflammation and low stress are two keys to keeping symptoms (skin issues) away.
I’m very happy to say that even after competing at Nationals, having surgery, moving homes, and now prepping for another show - there is still no Psoriasis flare ups on my body.
Good nutrition is key and proper care was taken. I have kept my body happy and healthy, and thanks to my “cursed blessing” I know that for sure!
If anyone wants to know my protocol for a healthy move (avoid “off-gassing” etc), post-surgery rehabilitation program (Iow inflammation diet and rehab exercises), etc ➡️ DM or email sarahainsleyharrison@gmail.com 📩
1/3 of people will have Psoriasis in their life...
Hands up in if you are one of us! 🙋🏻🖐
#Psoriasis #PsoriasisAwareness #Skin #SkinDeep #Health #Healthy #TrueHealth #HolisticHealth #Holistic #HappyBody #HappyPrep #ContestPrep

swipe/recovery isn't linear. you may have long periods of being "okay" and then it might suddenly get bad again but that doesn't mean you should give up. mental illnesses are not something you beat, it's just something you have to learn to live with. you have done it before and you will again ❤❤
.art on 2nd slide by @makedaisychains

Muchas chicas y hasta chicos me preguntan por mensajes cómo hago para tener un cutis tan bonito y radiante.. Pues para nadie es un secreto que me cuido mucho la piel y mi salud.. y para mi la alimentación es fundamental e influye mucho para tener un cutis radiante, pero les comenté por IG stories que la piel de mi cara y ahora la del baby nos la cuida y mantiene Mi Doc @doctoraldanag en @aldanalasermiami 🔝✔️💪🏻 Para mi uno de los mejores aquí en Miami.. Por supuesto cada piel es distinta y cada piel necesita un tratamiento dependiendo de su condición.. (por el story les dije cuales tratamientos me hago, aparte de mis limpiezas) pero ahí les dejo la info de mi Dermatologo para los que están interesados que viven aquí en MIAMI.. en estos temas de cuidado facial, les aseguro quedarán felices como yo con sus conocimientos y tratamientos! 100% recomendado! Sumamente profesional!!! GRACIAS Doc por regañarme cuando tiene que hacerlo😉, consentirme y dejar mi piel espectacular!!!!🔝
#dermatologo #doctor #skincare #amazing #beautiful #health #healthy #cool #cute #love #loveit #fun #miami #thebest #positive #inspiration #motivation #fitness #goals #vibes #energy #lifestyle #style #fashion #happiness #happy #smile #mylife #life #good


Single Eyelashextensions! Book tid online www.takecarels.dk eller på tlf 39560800 #eyelashextensions #lashextensions #lashes #takecare #hellerup

Finally popped into @takecareshopdc this afternoon when I remembered that it's totally okay to step away from work for an hour or two to clear my mind and hit refresh 💆#takecare #worklifebalance #midweekvibes

Small midterm break! Take care if yourself! Let's work hard!! 🙆✊👊 #kimbap #yum #food #midterm #takecare #fighting!!

Hello my beauties))
"Do we need to use ALL of these products???" I hear this question every single day! With all variety of products on the beauty market this question is not surprise for me)) This is natural when people questioned "Why" they need to use so many things! My due, as a "#skincaremaniac", to explain and convince you, that "We DO need all of these products!"

Skin Care is a process and like every process, skin care has steps. Example ➡️ when we make a soup, we prepar potato, cut others vegetables, add salt and pepper, etc. The same with skin care)) You can't just clean your skin and hope on great result. Cleansing is FIRST step If you want "tasty result" you need follow all steps!

Every products work on their own level and arias! Cleanser cleans your face, moisturizer- only will help with dryness.

To see real result and improvement of our skin we need work on it in complex! Cleansing > Toner > Serum > Face cream > Eye cream!!! Example ➡️ if you want to be in nice shape, you don't do JUST exercise! No! You eat well, drink enough water, have some regim, e.t.

I can tell you a lot of difference examples, real life examples! But my answer on our question will be "YES! You need to use all of these products, if you want long-lasting result!"

If you have any questions - let me know 😉

and don't forget, be beautiful and be yourself #hhbeautyschool

How are you showing up for yourself today?
How are you caring for yourself today?
How are you honouring yourself today? 💗

Fruta, música, luces, todo para comenzar bien el día.
Celebrando el dia de la fruta en @courtyardstgo.
#keephealthy #gobehappy #takecare

Queridos pacientes e colaboradores, é com muito orgulho que comunico que nossa diretora medica, Dra Silvia Lagrotta , viajou hoje para trazer consigo na volta o titulo especialista em medicina do estilo de vida por @harvard uma das mais renomadas e importantes universidades de medicina do mundo.
Parabéns Dra Silvia!! Temos muito orgulho em fazer parte deste momento tão importante.
Feliz dia do médico!! #takecare #harvard #medicina #medicinadoestilodevida #riodejaneiro #diadomedico

Guys, today I have won the #SNESminiPL contest organised by @nintendo in Poland 🙌 Not gonna lie, I'm so happy about it!
Here's the photo of my collection that I have submitted during the third phase of the contest 😊
#polishboy #pokemon #pokémon #nintendo #nintendopolska #pokemongame #pokemongames #gameboy #retro #contest #winner #snes #amiibo #pokemoncollection #instagood #picoftheday #fun #lucky #happy #l4l #haveagoodnight #takecare #enjoy 😊

Take care of your body, because your body is an image of who you are and of your soul. As there is no disconnection between soul, mind and body, the more you feel well-being in your body the more you will feel well-being on the holistic level in your life in general. Your body needs attention and your body needs exercise. You need to find the best way for you to be happy in doing any kind of exercise, walking, running, gym dance, whatever suits you will be the best. You and only you know what’s best for your body. You can read and you can listen to everything but at the end of the day you have the best advice for yourself.
You must also honour the body cells and the body function and you have to just make a commitment to what you are eating, because eating is the source of well-being. Eating is really a very important issue. And you must also, as with exercise, find what is the best balance for yourself, because again you can read millions of pieces of advice but only you know what is the best for your body.

To improve health care, we must 'begin with a war against bad #government' http://bit.ly/2yTMHLp #healthcare #singlepayer #policy #opinion | @statnews

Un peu de sport... un soin du visage...et le tour est joué 😉 #onelife#takecare#seretrouversoimeme

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