This right here is why I want to help people, I just love when someone sees what they’re capable of. So proud, but I can’t take all that credit, all I did was provide the tools she did the work. 🙌🏽 ♥️

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🌿Did you know CBD doesn’t require a prescription. 🌿It’s a legal & non addictive alternative to pain medications and opiates. 🌿It’s safe for any age 🌿Helps combat migraines and insomnia 🙌🏼 Oh and the best part? 🚨
I offer a 30 day empty bottle money back guarantee
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👆#SMH👆Being that #drug#doctors are the 3rd leading cause of Death in the #U.S. Why TF are the Masses people still kissing the Doctors an Medical Industrys Ass?? An Not taking Personal #Health where it needs to be taken -- in there own personal hands?!? Like, literally Doctor precription drugs kill over 200 thousand people yearly!! Animalflesh/#Meat , Dairy an its Cholesterol-- Acidic Protein Causes Disease... An a #Plantbased#Vegan diet is proven to prevent an reverse the top 14 out of 15 deadly diseases in the U.S #GetWOKE #TakeBackYourHealth

So happy to shout out Jarita sharing her journey to a healthy lifestyle!!! Read her inspiring story!
“One day, this girl was ready to make change and discovered her love for working out. She adopted a healthier lifestyle and with her work out regimen was able to drop 50lbs. Fast forward to the girl in the middle picture who thought she knew exactly what she needed to do to continue to meet her health goals... until she didn't. She had hit a plateau and regardless of her workouts and her healthier eating habits she felt completely stuck and frustrated with the numbers she saw on the scale. This girl was introduced to nutritional cleansing and even tho skeptical at first eventually decided to give it a try. Now for the girl to the right ❤️❤️❤️! Over 2.5 years into her nutritional cleansing journey and she continues to learn did so much! Learn about what properly fuels her body and her workouts and allows her to perform at her best. Learn about balance in her life and that indulging doesn't mean she won't meet her goals. Learning that the scale doesn't mean everything and that how her body feels and clothes fit is most important. More importantly learning about developing and growing herself because a healthy lifestyle is both the body and the mind! All because she took a chance on something different, something that changed her life for the better”
Yeeees girl Congrats!!!! 🌟💥🔥🌈

Let’s talk transfer buying. What does this even mean?! Well, it’s simple really. Everyone buys household and personal care items right?! So, transfer buying just refers to spending your money in smarter more ecological ways. Replace your chemical filled products with products that are safe for you and the environment! It really is that easy. I buy my vitamins, minerals, probiotics, beauty products, skincare, baby products, cleaning products, laundry soap, nutritional supplements, superfoods, plant protein and makeup from YL. Heck...they even have gluten free pancake mix and gluten-free pasta! And guys! These are natural plant based products, FREE of all the toxins and chemicals found in your day to day products. WIN- WIN. I don’t know about you, but transfer buying just makes sense to me. I chose to live a natural lifestyle, healthy organic whole foods, exercise and products that help me stay above the wellness line. You can too! If you are living the “healthy” lifestyle and still using chemicals in your products, you are not living a “healthy” lifestyle. Simply put. #wellness #wellnessline #essentialoils #plantbased #plantpower #saynotochemicals #transferbuying #shopsmart #yleo #teamoilmethod #takebackyourhealth

Life doesn't end when #menopause begins ! .
Check out the information provided and be on the lookout for the perimenopausal #symptoms that can occur a year before menopause begins which can happen between 40 and 57.
We also dropped our fav #naturopathic recommendations, just swipe to view !👆🏿

Peep the video on YouTube ▶️link in bio !

I still remember the day it happened like it was yesterday... I was 14

My dad had been in and out of the hospital for 2 months

We thought he had Lyme disease
My mom came in my room one night crying and I tried to console her saying “everything is going to be okay”
What happened next changed my life

My mom said “no Misty, it’s NOT going to be ok. Your father has cancer he’s not going to make it through the weekend” *numbness*

3 days later, I watched my father take his last breath. I swear that day, my childhood ended I still remember the deep crushing feeling of intense loss when shock took over. A feeling nothing other than a traumatic sudden loss can create .

I watched my family in pain and shock, as I went home and told my 11 year old sister with Down’s syndrome, her father had gone to heaven... Friends, I tell you this because in my heart, I’ve suffered greatly .
My fathers death was handled poorly by the physicians and he was misdiagnosed for months because no one looked deep enough in his history.

The doctors treated him as numbers on lab sheets and a protocol, not as a human life.

My desire to provide functional medicine stems from these painful memories... It stems from years of watching my dad not take care of himself and from the traumatic loss that left a gaping hole in my heart at such a young age

20 years later, Ive healed myself from anxiety, depression, fatigue, and sugar addiction.

Im telling you this because my friends, the human race deserves better health care

I believe an individual is not a disease, or a number on a chart, but a human suffering in need of healing and need help

The photo above is a picture of my dad (on the right with the righteous mustache) and is one of the happiest pictures I have of him. .

He is sorely missed, never forgotten, and with me daily as Inspiration to help others in need. ❤️ . .
If you suffer from chronic disease, DO NOT give up hope, keep digging, keep searching, keep trying ❤️🔥
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My shakes might not look the best but they do taste good. Today about mid afternoon just like every other day I start to get the munchies about 3, well I decided enough was enough. Instead of reaching for the white bean tortilla chips or some other snack food I decided to make a healthy shake to drink. Everyday we make decisions that shape who we want to be, today I made the decision to take my health back and become that person I see in the mirror; the person that has low blood pressure, a slow healthy heartbeat, amazing skin, healthy hair, well rested, patience of a saint, I could go on and on. Today I make a change to be healthier for myself and my kids. #takebackyourhealth #arbonne30 #arbonnebootcamp #arbonne30daystohealthyliving #lowcarb #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #healthyfromtheinsideout #healthyhabits


@lifeswonders22 and I have 6 weeks left in our BTCs and want to help other people with their journey also! Join our spur of the moment 6 week shred!
If that doesn't interest you, check the slides for one of our other upcoming challenges to see what suits you!

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Find what motivates you and take your life back. You’ve got one life so live it to the fullest! #healthylifestyle #nutriton #transformation #takebackyourhealth #motivation

It feels amazing to come home from vacation with a freezer full of healthy meals.
Come prep meals next week before you go on vacation and come back to a stocked freezer.
Registration ends on Friday so sign up today!

In an effort to help my sick child get better, and failed dr visits and antibiotics. I and consulting my herbal remedies book for further help. I found that the mullein plant can be used for lung help and has been used for centuries for children suffering from croup and other respiratory illnesses. I found some plants and making a tea for her to cough up the goop in her lungs. From what I’ve read, there are few side effects. I’ll mix it with some honey for some additional anti microbiol qualities. #takebackyourhealth #plantmedicine #respitoryillness #croup #childrenshealth #foraging #naturalhealthrevolution

Sometimes I just wear workout clothes to force myself to be in the mood to exercise 🤷🏻‍♀️#confessionsofamom

Wednesday BOGO: Buy Terrashield get Melaleuca (tea tree oil) free! We use Terrashield bug spray to fight these mosquitoes! One thing I love learning about oils is teaching my kids. When we were picking raspberries last night the mosquitoes were swarming us. I notice my daughter is gone and when she came back she had applied Terrashield. AND Melaleuca! the uses are endless. I use this oil almost daily on something. Please comment below your favorite uses of Melaleuca ( tea tree) oil ⬇️⬇️. #bogo #essentialoils #wellness #healing #melaleuca #doterra #healing #healthyliving #naturalliving #momlife #homeremedies #takebackyourhealth #ihatemosquitos #daughter #learning #together #everything

I seriously can’t get over how much I love these oils. I mean....I have never been one to really take medicine (even though I’m a nurse - ha!), but I used to just suffer through things like headaches, or digestive issues. I am SO THANKFUL that I now have the tools to not just address issues when they come up, but more importantly, to stay above the wellness line so that I don’t even have the issues in the first place! What is holding YOU back?? This little starter kit right here? It has EVERYTHING you need to get started on that road back to wellness. Back to Y O U...back to your best self. Until Friday, you can grab the starter kit with not one, but TWO diffusers (the Dew Drop - great for little ones and for travel because it is so durable) for $199. I would love to help you get started!

Exciting news!!! Free membership for qualifying orders for new members until July 22!! Today is a great day to get started, to make your health a priority! 😊 Please send me a message, I would love to help you accomplish your goals, something I am passionate about. 💗
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