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The sun will shine down on you every single day if you remove anything that is currently shading you. Life is truly beautiful and too short to feel anything but warmth. ☀️
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Now this is my kind of a hike!
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💗Дело в том,что,не рискуя,мы рискуем в сто раз больше...#takeachance#live#fight#summertime

Double tap ❤

Happy Wednesday to all. I have been off the grid for a while to focus on myself and to have some life adventures and lessons. As I type this, I am only a few short hours away from leaving Memphis, TN to go back to my hometown in Minnesota and re-energize myself for my next chapter in life....so many more sunsets to see in so many new places. I have had a lot of emotion saying goodbye to loved ones and dear friends. But I realize that feeling sad to leave does not mean you should not leave...and when it's time to venture out don't have fear have you look back at what your leaving behind. Because....remember this...one fine day, it will be your turn. You will leave homes, cities and countries to pursue grander ambitions. You will leave friends, lovers and possibilities for the chance to roam the world and make deeper connections. You will defy your fear of change, hold your head high and do what you once thought was unthinkable: walk away. And it will be scary...at first. But what you will find in the end is that in leaving, you you don't just find love, adventure or freedom...more than anything...you find YOU. So here I go....😘❤️💕#bewhoyouare #smile #lovewhatyoudo #love #beyourself #behappy #bestrong #facefear #adventurethatislife #adventureisoutthere #takeachance #letgo #hopelessromantic #hope #smileoften #redhair #redhead #redheadsdoitbetter

Close your eyes..Focus on what you want. Open them and Take a chance. Good things don't come by sitting on the sidelines. Time to work.


And vice versa. Relationships are not easy. Insecurities from both parties will cause doubt but don't let them get in the way of your possible happiness. Take a chance. Don't think, just do. You'll never know if you don't try. #relationships #quotes #qotd #livelife #behappy #letgoofhangups #takeachance #donthinkjustdo #goals #love #instalove #liveinthemoment #happy

I was first diagnosed with depression when I was 19. I was a sophomore in college & things were not going well. At the time, I was also an active alcoholic.
Lines can get so blurred in mental illness. Was my drinking causing my depression? Was my depression causing my drinking?
I don't know. I don't know if I ever will.
Here's what I do know: Something was off from the beginning. I felt different for as long as I can remember. I felt awkward. I felt uncomfortable.
Growing up, I used to escape into books. It was how I self-medicated before I discovered alcohol. There was one summer where I spent most days on my computer reading Harry Potter fan fiction. I couldn't wait for the next book to come out. I needed a fix.
At the time, I would have rather died than confess that to anyone. Although I was suffering on the inside, I tried to make it look like I had everything together.
Today, I'm done suffering in silence. And you know what? I don't think I have ever felt better than I have since I've started using this account as a quasi-public diary. It feels so damn good to get my Truth out there & to hear people say, "Me too."
So thank you, J.K. Rowling. Thank you for helping me make it through childhood. And thank you for reminding me that "anything's possible if you've got enough nerve." Like setting a mission to help a million people recover from depression, then launching & filling a course about overcoming depression. And not feeling different, uncomfortable or awkward while I did it (okay, I felt all of those things, but persevered anyway).
Life after depression is good. I hope all of you get to experience it.

Sheets...for my much anticipated...massage table. Let the awesomeness begin!!! #learnandshare #healingfromwithin

"Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life; tiptoe if you must, but take the step"

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Happy #flexfriday everyone 💪who's training armstoday? Here's to the start of another great weekend. #takeachance #sdfitness @sdfitnessuk

The way people shop is changing. The way people make a living is changing. Whether you chose to embrace it or not, this IS the AGE OF THE ENTREPRENEUR!! There is no other time in history where people have had the amount of unlimited resources and tools that we do today in the palm of our hands!! When they say all you need is wifi and a dream it's true but only half true!!
💥The truth is, you also need an insatiable hunger to create something more out of your life! It's that hunger for more that will make you want to leap out of bed every morning and drive you past your comfort zone and pull you toward your dreams as you develop the self-discipline required to take focused, intentional, positive, massive action every damn day with joy in your heart and the determination to keep trying new strategies until you succeed at changing your life! It wasn't until I got hungry...very fucking hungry financially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually...did I really get committed to changing.
💥Are you hungry? I am looking for people who are ready to take a leap of faith and start something new, are coachable, motivated, positive and passionate, who want to create massive change in their lives and the lives of those around them...and have some freaking fun too damnit! Is that you? Let's chat!! I'd love to hear your story and find out what your dreams and goals are to see if what I'm doing would be a good fit for you!! Message me!

Along with the exciting new launch of new nontoxic products from Young Living (see my previous post! Sunscreen, bug repellent, make up and baby line!) I'm also super excited to announce my summer promotion for this year... Young Living makes the purest quality essential oil's on the planet! Young Living has a seed to seal guarantee that promises purity from the moment the seed goes into the ground to the moment it is distilled and bottled! You will not find any fillers, alcohol or synthetics in our bottles of essential oil's or products. So this summer trade in your old other brand bottles and receive a credit towards the real deal! Now that we are accepting PayPal it makes it extremely affordable to get your hands on a premium starter kit (paying in full through PayPal or in 6 monthly payments - NO interest!) If you're feeling nervous because you haven't used essential oil's before, I got your back! I am here for you to walk you through as well as include you in our NO sales talk educational Oil Facebook group of over 22,000 members, which offers you 24/7 support for any questions you might have as well as recipes and tips and tricks from the pros! So kick those old other namebrand bottles to the curb and join the Health movement, you will never regret! Message me and I'll set you up! ❤️

To all my....College babes📚Stay at home mamas 👩‍👧‍👦 Anyone struggling to pay their bills💰If someone paid you $250-500 a month to post on social media, share your experience, & use some health products, would you do it?! If so comment yes below and I'll message ya the details!! 💕 Kiersten

"Life is full of confusion. Confusion of love, passion, and romance. Confusion of family and friends. Confusion with life itself. What path we take, what turns we make. How we roll our dice." ~Matthew Underwood~ #yourdecisionsmakeyou #destiny #takeachance #rollthedice🎲🎲 #blessings #gratitude #life #growth #transformation #liveyourbestlife #decisiondeterminesdestiny #consciousness #awareness #believe #trusttheprocess

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