#Radiation Planning!!!
Ok forget all seriousness of this situation for the moment. This is what they do to u when u have a tumor in your neck. Let's face it I'm at my lowest of lowests points here haha 😂 absolute pure gold! 😏 .
But In all seriousness this is what they do to u to keep ur head still while getting radiation. 👽I will be receiving 5 days worth of radiation at the base of my neck starting next week. This is all happening before I head of on my UK and european adventure! Yikes! 🌏
After a chest ct scan yesterday & seeing my Oncologist for the results we found the steroids to be reducing the pneumonitis in my right lung. Thank god I can breath better again but I will be on them another 4 weeks...😣 hoping these chipmunk cheeks go down soon! ( thanks @__t_a__m_ for referring to me as a chipmunk lol)
4 weeks ago we did a chest ct scan & we have compared my lung mets with yesterdays scan & atm they are the same size. I'll take this as a win for now. 👊
My thoughts Maybe recent chemo & immunotherapy although made me very sick has stabilized them? Maybe? I hope? Well atleast For now...😏
I will not be starting any chemo until i get back from my trip O/S which kinda worries me (I will be having words with my lung mets & one in psoas muscle telling them they're not allowed to grow up too quickly lol) but I'm sure the eiffel tower 🗼or maybe the sands of the sahara 🐪 or wherever I decide to go...(who knows? 😉) will make me quickly forget this disease atleast for a little while! .
Ive been told i will get a sore throat, fatigue, maybe radiation burn...? just because of where the tumor is. These will subside. Fingers crossed we can pull a hat trick & radiation will work again! .
Unfortunately we can't radiate everywhere & the success of this protocol working will be based on years of observation. Sigh...😔 we just need a damn cure! .
But I have so much to look forward to my #twinnikan @born2lisa_lilfilmmaker has a #gofundme as I will need her help while on tour & we will post some awesome photos of our adventure on @twinsontour22 (also see link in my bio)
So #grateful to all the donations so far.

H E L L O. K A R I J I N I. N A T I O N A L. P A R K.
@_kirstymarshall & @kailxna take @theonlybutt to the heights of Fortescue Falls, Karijini National Park’s only permanent waterfall.
This is an incredible location and the girls have gone all out in their message “this is the only type of butt we want to see in Karinjiji National Park” ✌🏻🍑
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Kirschsaft ~ Grundrezept: eine köstliche Rarität und wundervolle Begrüßung des Sommers.

Cherry Juice ~ Basic Recipe: delicious and rare...a nice welcome to the Summer.

Video: https://youtu.be/LV2TtALLITY

Löwenzahnsalat mit Pistazie-Orangendressing ~ Rohe Vorspeise: leicht und lecker marinierte grüne Salatblätter mit einem cremigen Dressing angerichtet.

Dandelion Salat with Pistachio Orange Dressing ~ Live Starter: light&delish marinated leafy green, topped witha creamy dressing.

Video: https://youtu.be/HUR2NNjQVQY

Ginger Kiwi Apple Juice ~ Take 3: easy, delicious green juice, combining the amazing health benefits of 3 staple ingredients. Apple is the balanced fruit and fave to many, kiwi rich in vitamin C, ginger among the healthiest spices and rounding up all kinds of flavors. https://youtu.be/PbmMrIcGcMA

Drinking only fresh juices once a week greatly helps with realigning my diet. To me, Gentle Juicefasting is teh most effective method so far, already as it is always easy and delightful. It is for everyone, and I can always remain in the flow. Off course there is discipline, however easy to balance, with this method.

Mango-Tomatensuppe ~ Nimm 3: eine köstliche, leichte erfrischende Vorspeise an einem heißen Sommertag.

Mango Tomato Soup Video: https://youtu.be/PCuqRglKO10

Going vegan is the most urgent decision for humans today. From a practical point of view, there is no expanding awareness without any more.  Wild Herbs with Sesame Orange Dressing ~ Take 3: wild herbs are an amazing way to biodiversity, in a delicious presentation with balancing ingredients.  Video: https://youtu.be/2miJ_cBiZ_Y

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