Haus der Sonne ☀️
Ich habe gar nicht gezeigt das ich Band 13 von Haus der Sonne gelesen habe. Naja jedenfalls habe ich das. ☺️ Die Geschichte hat sehr süß geendet, aber ich hätte gerne gehabt das es so 1-3 Kapitel noch gegeben hätte mit "5 Years later" oder so. 🙈 Das wäre sehr süß gewesen. Sonst bin ich zufrieden mit allem. Ich liebe diese Reihe. ❤️
Wie fandet ihr die Reihe? 。☆✼★━━━━━━━━━━━━★✼☆。
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Manga: House of the sun

Turns out he actually posted the picture at 7a.m. yesterday.
Whatever. My maths sucks anyways.

The guys from squad weren't around today so well yeah. French wasn't that bad. Pretty cool. We were a smaller group.

P.E was great. I jogged. And jogged. With music playing so that was great. I jogged non stop, to the point that my knee and ankles began feeling a bit uncomfortable. I actually timed myself. When i checked how long I'd been running, i felt so happy and proud of myself. Couldn't help smiling. Then i was sprinting the last minute/two laps.
Did a total of 46minutes! Beat my score from cross country.
I felt so satisfied when i changed completely out of my p.e outfit, and was so glad i brought spare underwear. Never felt so good to be in a clean pair of undies.

Last period was meh.
Car spoke. A lot. Too much. Went to see this tok teacher and both guys were talking so much and the end of school bell was approaching. Gawd. They speak too much. Cars too. I need a break from him, between talking about himself and flattering me, just kinda tired. Mean of me, yeah but well letting myself be honest here.

Tuition wasn't too bad. Got back last week's paper. Surprisingly was actually good. Wow. Didn't do paper today. Won't be doing next week either xD
But i really gotta start revising. Exams in two weeks😲😩 and deadlines are still flowing in... silly tok... Was hungry since lunch so was looking forward, since then, to return home.
Worked on psycho. Business. All due tomorrow... so demotivating. Still gotta work on oral english😧

Oh and printed the letters. Dad will post them for me tomorrow. It's scary how it's all so official and formal and how am the one doing it...

Manga: House of the sun

3minutes to 5a.m.
That's right. Pulled an all nighter to complete this tok presentation. The write up was actually honestly easier than the actual presentation which consisted of filming myself speak. Am not good at talking. Urgh. Anyways still waiting for the video to upload to youtube so i can share it with my class.. heard myself speak so much in the past 3 hours. Am sick of my voice.
Last night went to sleep at a bit past 21hr! So early. Wrapped 1a.m.'s gift.
This morning had a dream that i was going to give the gift to Car but before i reached him, Joker told me that he liked me. Anyway. Woke up to my alarm that i set too early. Then went back to sleep. Dreamt that my sister were kidnapped and held kinda hostage by this dad mom and kid. Was so weird. We had like a kinda room with bathroom for ourselves but couldn't leave.

First period was the form 7 assembly. The last day. Then exams starts for them.
Their assembly was great. They played tons of pranks on everyone. Teacher's included. And some really burnt some teachers.
They presented vines that were really relateable and truly the best part of their assembly. Their sketches and awards weren't toi great.

Then they did a memorial of the teacher that passed away. Was really sad. As from then it was just a downfall for tears.
Some people teared up. I did. A tad bit. And then this guy who does scout that i never really appreciated came forward. He prepared a speech. He talked a bout his dad that passed away. It was really sad. Really heartbreaking. His voice trembled. He was crying. Probably. His own friends that stood behind him were tearing. I was seated between guys and those on either of my sides were tearing up. Bus and Oeuf. Even Joker looked down. All this. I was tearing up so badly. Nose running. Tears running. Sleeves soaked with salty water and probably runny nose.
Then they showed pictures of their form. Since their entrance in school.
This will be us next year. Scary.
After the pictures, they proceeded to bidding adieu to the teachers. For now. And many were tearing up. One guy who kinda looks indifferent was tearing up too. I think he even had a tissue. Teared up too.

La Maison du Soleil 11 de TAAMO.
Tome plein d'émotion et les malentendus réglés.
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Ich werde nicht müde, diese wundervolle Serie weiterzuempfehlen.💖👚🏵
In den 13 Bänden von Haus der Sonne erleben wir, wie die Kindheitsfreunde Mao und Hiro zusammenziehen, die Liebe entdecken und lernen, dass Familien nur selten so perfekt sind wie im Bilderbuch. Die Charaktere entwickeln sich, werden erwachsen. Jeder von ihnen hat dabei sein eigenes Päckchen zu tragen. Sie müssen viel Kraft aufbringen und Hürden überwinden, um das Chaos in ihrem Leben Schritt für Schritt in den Griff zu bekommen ...
Wie gefällt euch die Serie und welches Extra (ShoCo Card, Miniprints, Booklet, Faltposter) findet ihr am besten?☀️
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