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(Credit to the artist) #creepypasta #creepypastas #tailsdoll

Previously I had drawn Tails and Tanny with my phone, but now I made a new improvement
I hope you like it a lot
#Tannydoll #Tailsdoll
#painttoolsai #creepypasta
By: (me)

😂😂🤣 This one had me DEAD! @ampiwui


I can't think of anything to post today so I thought I'd post my badges I drew for Summer Of Sonic last year in London. They're my FAVE Sega characters and need to have their own game! (Biased I know XD)
#drawings #badges #Sega #segacharacters #metalsonic #metalknuckles #tailsdoll #laminatedbadge #favesegacharacters #sonicthehedgehogcharacters #sonicthehedgehog #sonic #segafanart

Thats what i call kawaii however you spell it anyways im gonna write a short written story about the tails doll but theres no end or beginning im writing middle "He happily promt hiself up as he sat on her shoulder and tilted his head with a gleam in his eye and spoke with a soft voice " Tails doll:Say how about we play a game? Cream:What kind of game, is it hide and seek ? Tails doll:Why dont we look for those gems they call chaos emeralds, that sounds like fun to me *He gave abit of a chuckle* Cream:Well mr sonic already has five of the chaos emeralds im sure he wont mind if we helped him find them *She gives a warm smile * (I aint writing rest im working on full thing orginal has beginning and middle and end ill write whole thing soon )

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