Great finale of TKTZF aka Tai Kok Tsui Zine Fest 🥳 at @bedroom.tkt • Congratulations to every new and old friends exhibits in this magic room during this weekend • Best vibe before the year ends 👫👭👫👬👭👫

Reading the statement of TKTZF again reminds the beginning spirit of doing all these that in response to a contemporary situation in Hong Kong (中文下面) :

Notions of “Community”, “Locality”, and “Sustainability” have been cited ad-infinitum by various art spaces and fairs within our region. But how do we work towards a sense of community, as well as a practice of sustainability, during this nascent and pivotal period of Hong Kong’s art scene? How does one build a healthy, robust system within a complex and commercially oriented city?
TKT Zine Fest (TKTZF) springs from the heart of the HK DIY and print/zine art communities, counterpoint to the hyper commercialization of art in the city. Amidst the record-breaking auction sales, few have dared to engage more deeply with the local creatives who seek to make work together and forge connections outside the mainstream commercial art circuit.
TKTZF brings together different local independent entities to forge a transdisciplinary approach to art and culture. The fair does not aim to be the start of a “community”; a community cannot be borne overnight by merely organizing a fair. Rather, it is an experiment to see what happens when like-minded creatives gather on a lilac rooftop in TKT. Above all, it is celebrates “lowbrow” art made in bedrooms and basements, that doesn’t always hang on a wall, but circulates within friends and in broader circles.
/// “社區”,“地方”和“可持續性”的概念已被我們地區的各種藝術空間和展覽會無限引用。但在香港藝術界的這個新生和關鍵時期,我們如何努力實現社區意識和可持續發展的實踐呢?如何在復雜且商業化的城市中建立健康,強大的系統?

TKT Zine Fest(TKTZF)源於香港DIY和印刷/小誌藝術社區的核心,與城市當中藝術界的超級商業化相對應。累創紀錄的拍賣銷售中,很少有人敢與當地創意人士進行更深入的尋求共同合作,並在主流商業藝術圈外建立聯繫。

TKTZF匯集了不同的本地獨立創作單位,以形成跨學科的藝術和文化方法。zine fest的目的不是成為“社區”的開端;僅僅通過組織一個展會就不可能在一夜之間實現社區。相反,這是一個實驗,看看當志同道合的創意人聚集在TKT的屋頂時會發生什麼。最重要的是,它是在臥室和地下室製作的“低俗”藝術品,它並不總是掛在牆上,而是在朋友和更廣泛的圈子裡流傳。

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Fun day together with all these cool kids from TKT ZINE FEST (previous called Bedroom Zine Fair) | THANK YOU for having us 🍻🍻🍻
LAST DAY Tomorrow 1200-1800 5F 75 Bedford Road Taikoktsui Kowloon ;)
• Watch out more of @bedroom.tkt coming projects 🤑🤑🤑 •
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[正評如潮的食材,再介紹返😍] .
不枉我地踏遍咁多地方搵好食既食材,好感動😭😭 .
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