Day 10? Update on the @tahoerimtrail

TRT day 7: Early start to hike in the cool as it was a long way to water. There's a fire in Yosemite so the air here has got super hazy, I could hardly see the lake. Met some donkeys and hiked to 10229 feet, which I think is the highest point I've hiked to! #tahoerimtrail #ultralight #thruhike

Thru-hiking hurts. Wildfires are necessary, but hiking in smoke really sucks. My dog and my person, who love me despite me smelling like literal trash, make it all better 😍 #tahoerimtrail

Today was bittersweet, an awesome ride on the #tahoerimtrail and #flumetrail, but the smoke blew in from Yosemite’s fire, and I missed the iconic views 😕🚵‍♂️. Still a great ride in the end! @petersonshealthyhabits

TRT Day 2-18 miles from Watson Lake to the glorious ridge I’m sitting on. Wildflowers, alpine meadows, cool rocks and smoky lake views and I made some trt thru hiker friends today. #tahoerimtrail #needmorechips

Made it to echo lakes, now taking a break
#TRT #tahoerimtrail #womenwhohike #backpacking #optoutside #sheexplores #thruhike

Getting over hump day, by thinking about all the fun that was had over the weekend on my @pivot_cyclesusa Mach 5.5 with @jezabella_mtb This last weekend #my55 took me up on the Tahoe Rim Trail! #tahoe #tahoerimtrail #trt #mach55carbon #pivotwomen #pivotlove #yournextbike @hyperthreads

Picture from our hike the other morning! #mtrosesummit #tahoerimtrail
Was a good morning, with even better people.

I took only one picture of today’s hike but it’s a good one. #tahoerimtrail #mtrosesummit #waterfall #hikenevada

Those boots have seen some miles.

Here's what's happening in this picture: ⏩ Mosquitoes are attacking me (how are they not showing up in the pic!?) and I am about to lose it. My feet and ankles are already covered in bug bites that are swelling and oozing from the day before. I'm hoping my bandana will protect my ears and neck so I don't have to spray repellent near my mouth. ⏩ I'm super dehydrated and annoyed that someone took the water we cached at Brockway Summit earlier that day. ⏩ My ankle is wrecked from twisting it earlier and my husband's getting blisters so neither of us wants to be on our feet to set-up the tent, get water, or prep dinner. ⏩ I'm hangry as hell.

I forget sometimes to tell you all about these moments. The times where I kind of want to crawl into my tent and cry.

When this happens, I try my best to take one step at a time and tell myself that things will be better tomorrow. But the reality of adventuring outdoors is that sometimes there are back to back days that kind of suck, like when you're caught in a storm or when you get injured.

I've come to realize though that these challenges are what build character, strength, and resilience. They're the stories I'll laugh about with my husband years from know and the memories I'm most excited to share with others once I'm home.

Sure. So much success, fulfillment, and joy come from spending time outdoors. But there's also a lot of pain, feeling uncomfortable, and testing yourself. Together, they are what makes the outdoors such a healing place to stretch, grow, and find yourself.

Day 1 of the #TRT. This picture shows 1-mile down and only 169 to go. Currently, at ten miles in, we're sitting on top of a mountain lamenting how hard this has been.

#tahoerimtrail #womenwhohike #backpacking #thruhike #optoutside #sheexplores

Day 31 @ #LakeAloha ; Mile 1,098.4, 8,143 ft. elevation:
After a very fun three day stop in #SouthLakeTahoe it was time to hit that dusty trail again. I caught a hitch with #Freebird & two other #PCT #hikers from #Australia. Freebird & I hiked a little over 6 miles along the #TahoeRimTrail & through the #DesolationWilderness. It was a very challenging & beautiful 3 hours of hiking. Can't wait for tomorrow! ..
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Another week another YouTube video. Martin and I are currently en route to Tahoe for the Tahoe Rim Trail race so I filmed his last big training day. I also chatted a bit about what our season looks like coming up! Not sure why the quality uploaded so poorly. I also filmed a bunch of fun before and after clips that I lost which I had a minor meltdown over. But the point is I’m trying to up my video games! #bonecho #trailrunning #ultramarathon #trter #tahoerimtrail

Tahoe, I miss you already!
TRT is probably the best combinations of scenic views and technical riding I have ever ridden. One to add to the mtb bucket list for sure!
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