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Friends and family are always a wonderful part of any year. Tag someone ⬇️ that you would like to thank for making 2017 a great year?? #taggingthursday
#fashionist #fashionblog #agreatyear #peoplecrusheveryday

tagging thursday.. new string!! #tagging #taggingthursday

I know some stupid people I'd like to tag and call it #TaggingThursday 😒

@platosclosetcolonialheights we want you to win! Tag a local tri-cities friend and if you follow us on Instagram, you can win a $20 Gift Card! $20 will go to a random tagger. As long as we get 30 tags or more, we'll pick a name on Monday. #platosclosetcolonialheights #platoscloset #platos #resalerva #fashion #thrifting #PCspree #taggingthursday

Little sketch I just put together.
Go check out @tjtiffany page he always has awesome clips and shots! Just living the dream! Keep it up!👍🏻 #pala #kaoticdesignz #orlando #dirtbikesarecool #fllife🌅🌞🌚🌁☔ #motolife #fmx4ever #graffiti #graffitiart #artwork #throttletherapy #taggingthursday

#TaggingThursday - Tag your photographer crushes below! #insta4seniors #insta4teens

#TaggingThursday - Tag your photographer crushes below! #insta4seniors #insta4teens

• Okay... So I was thinking and I decided to make little game... ▶ it's called #LittleAtlaAndLokGame !! ⏩ so question is: WHICH IMPORTANT PERSON IS ON THIS PICTURE?? • leave youre answers in comments below 👇 • There is gonna be 10 questions (one every day). • btw it's #TaggingThursday so I tagged 5 person ♥♥

💦Good morning guys!! 🌏 Today is #TaggingThursday !! 🔥 Oh! Korra grew up so much trough these four books! We miss u!! 🌀 question: Your fav korras outfit ♥♥♥

BY POPULAR DEMAND! It's Back #taggingthursday
Tag a business that you know and support. Only way we can support is if we know about you. #dnpfinancial #CEO #womeninbusiness #womensupportingwomen

#taggingthursday I'm tagging @cre8ivesky. She is always sharing fun pictures and is the sweetest! Go follow her! @thetraintocrazy

#taggingthursday y'all should follow @julie_pickles ! Her patterns are the shiz and she's got some rad embroidery projects too.

It's #taggingthursday and I'm tagging @flamingotoes because you really should follow her if you don't. She does the best DIY projects and really is the sweetest person. Love her!

#taggingthursday I want to tag my two very creative aussi friends @adamwest @cirquedubebe because they make some of the coolest, covetous, kickass clothes for themselves and their kiddos and if you are not following them and you sew, you are doing yourself an injustice! Love these gals styles!!! 😍 Also still can't get over what sweet things sabra said about me. Girl, I love you! @sewastraightline

#taggingthursday tagging @sew_chibi because she just might be one of the most uniquely and genuinely creative people in the sewing-blog world. Even if our styles are different, I am constantly inspires by her.

#taggingthursday (oops, it's Friday) tagging @faithopeluve because I got to meet up with her IRL this summer and she is the sweetest!!! 😊❤

I missed #taggingthursday! I'm tagging @jessrabbott because she's amazing and you should all follow her. She's creative and very talented and has one of the most popular sewing blogs out there. Probably quickly approaching THE most popular. You'll see why! Plus she's an amazingly generous and gracious person. Always full of behind the scenes wisdom for me. Follow her!

If you don't follow @sewastraightline you should. She's freaking amazing. She made this outfit. He's a lucky kid.

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