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5. Kép; 1. Könyv; A Ki mit tud? Cirkusz
6. Kép; 3. Könyv; A két királynő
7-8-9-10. Kép; 3. Könyv; És a sötétben királynő jő

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😍 This so reminds me of me and my boyfriend. Im not sure if beimg whipped is a good thing but i like him and i think thats all that matters @harry_klee
#tagatha #truelove #whipped #bffs

Woah...I think my mind just...🤯

here are spoilers bc i lov u and i know you’re thirsty for answers. I wanna spill it so hard ☕️ —
dm if you have Chapter 3🔮

SGE x Stranger Things intro 🚲🎞

i had so much fun doing this. I didn’t grabbed anything from the real ST intro, I tried my best to make them like the real ST intro, but with an SGE version ahaha.🕊 IG RUINED THE QUALITY DANG

If you don’t know where this is from, It’s from a show called “STRANGER THINGS” It’s a sci-fi show and it’s RETROOOO. [don’t steal my man finn wolfhard mkayyy]

Comment your favorite show!!🎐

Physically I don't feel as sick as I did yesterday but emotionally, I'll always feel like I did yesterday

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Fandom appreciation post🌻✨🍓 [Swipe for a surprise] + turn volume up!

all pictures are sent with permission to post ☁️

Thank you for everybody who contributed for my edit.💘 I had a long time doing the video edit, because everytime I’m done with it, somebody would send their pictures (after the due date). The fandom wall is a thing I did for just ‘100 accounts’ in the fandom; There are more, but my powers can’t cut more icons than a hundred (my fingers r hurtin)💀. It’s for the ppl who can’t send a picture, but can still be a part of this appreciation post🕊

we’re just a small family (for now), and I hope one day a lot more ppl can read SGE, and ofc, the fam would be bigger when the movie comes out. 🍿 [Tagatha art is from TheVioletEuphonia💓]

Video edit!! I used cute cut!! I also got help for the transitions from @cutecut_tuts and yeah this sucks lol but I will improve someday 😂
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[SWIPE] Inside their phones 📲 —
i’m making SGE niches soon muehehe. These are some of my modern AU stuff edits so enjoy ;)💖

If you’re wondering about the SGE special edit. The edit will be posted June 2 or 3. It should originally be posted at the end of the month but some ppl sent me entries later than the due date 😅

[SGE’s bitmoji are from Hestersdemon 💗, they post amazing edits]

book 1-4 first pages, with a twist 🌀🍃
Collab with le amazin @Snail_jam.sge 💗

she did the captions and i did my magic mueheh🐌

you still have until tomorrow to send your entries (picture of u with sge book)

what’s your favorite SGE book? [my fav is the first oneeee]

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