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These are the kicks of a girl who hadn't done forms in about six months. These are the kicks of a girl who hadn't been sparring in three months. These are the kicks of a girl who is making her comeback bigger than her setback. #TurnDownForWhat 🤙 Featuring the awesome @james_t3 in the back 😂

Mil gracias a la escuela de Taekwondo Olímpico de Olavarría por el cariño y la buena onda!! #Taekwondoforall #taekwondoteam #teamkukkiwon #Taekwondoargentina #Taekwondoguy

I would like to confirm that I do not care. ✌ #ThatArmThough


Finished school for the semester! Now that finals are done, time to kick training back into high-gear!


"I've been waiting 87 years"

What makes training less boring is diversity...so get out there and do ya thing. Enjoy what you do and you never feel like you worked for it. Yeah I know..more stretching needed from me😁😁
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Or just when you see food in general 🙌

Heute startet wieder der langerwartete Tageslehrgang mit Großmeister @jaeheechang und seinem Trainerteam in Heidenheim. Großen Dank an den Organisator @franzkaemmerle / SG OSTALB.
a life long journey
#master #grandmaster
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Like, bro, you had one job. One. Job.

Anyone else getting excited for Christmas? I'm starting to feel that Christmas spirit in the air! 🎄❄☃🎁

Ooohhh snap 😨😆

Welcome to our meme page! We'll be posting funny, relatable memes that all martial artists and gym enthusiasts can relate to ✌ #FirstPost

Duelo de espadas ⚔️😂
Compartiendo el área con un gran amigo que me dio el Taekwondo @lucaspinitkd
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When life gets too hard to stand, KNEEL.
One of my favorite pre-tournament rituals. I am glad @batmangirltkd started a school prayer before every tournament. I stand for the flag and kneel for the cross!

🎶We weren't born to follow, come on and get up off your knees, when life's a bitter pill to swallow, you got to hold on to what you believe!🎶 Chart your own path and create your own destiny regardless of what others might say! One year ago, I began the journey of learning this kick despite the naysayers. They said I would never be able to do it. Every time I fell, I used their words as fuel for my progress and I won't stop now!

Despues de un año de no entrenar, poco a poco va regresando la elasticidad 🐼 #taekwondoguy #TKD #blackbelt

"A good coach can change a match. A great coach can change a life!" While I make goals for my students, I make goals for myself as a coach/instructor as well. It is a two-way street. They learn from me and I learn from them and we get better together!

"The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims His handiwork." I normally don't post non- martial arts posts, but the sky tonight was way too beautiful not to. This is without any filters! Absolutely stunning!

🎶You won't make yourself a name if you follow the rules, history gets made when your acting the fool!🎶 Can anyone name this poomsae? Definitely seems like I make a fool of myself while making history. I have made my fair share of embarrassing mistakes learning these new poomsae in preparation for tournaments. I did a new poomsae at a tournament and got accused of "making it up." Lost, but it was worth it to be the first person in North America to compete with the new poomsae! Guess I will keep trying to make history and making a fool of myself. Hopefully one day I do something monumental and get some credit! :)

Day 7/7 of the black and white photo challenge. No people no explanation.

Day 4/7 of the black and white photo challenge. No people, no explanations!

Day 3/7 of the black and white photo challenge. I know that there is not supposed to be any explanation, but I'm breaking the rules a bit here. On this Thanksgiving, remember to be grateful for all the wonderful blessings God has put in your life. We are nothing without HIM!

Day 1/7 of the seven day bkack abd white photo challenge. No people, no explanations!
Don't worry, I will still post my normal content too! 😃

🎶So we take what comes
And we keep on going
Leaning on each other's shoulders
Then we turn around
And see we've come so far somehow🎶

A little throwback to our first place team poomsae back at a tournament in Oct. Had a blast competing with some top competitors and some great friends!

"If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got!" This is so true! We have been mixing things up in classes lately and we have seen the results! The kids did GREAT at testing this week! Super proud of the hard work they have put in to reach their goals! Onto the next challenges!

"My drops of sweat, I will turn into sparks of fire!"

"If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it." I always feel it is important to share what you know. I feel extremely honored that I was asked to share my knowledge of the new Kukkiwon Competition Poomsae with Master Instructors and referees at a tournament I went to recently. Many of them had no clue what I was doing and thought I made my poomsae up! However, we all learned from the experience and are working on how to handle these poomsae in the future. I want to continue sharing what I know about what I love with whoever is willing to listen. It is the only way we grow as a community!

Get comfortable being uncomfortable. It is the only way to break out of the plateau and get to the next level!
Definitely uncomfortable doing this sequence, but with a little more work, I know I will nail it!

Saltando con patada de costado

Improvisando un poco.. No es muy elaborado y me quedo muy largo el vídeo porque no lo puedo cortar pero me gustó igual.

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🎶GSP, he's dynamite! GSP, and he'll win the fight! GSP, he's a power load! GSP, watch Bisping choke!🎶 All joking aside, congrats to @georgesstpierre for a great fight on Saturday! You are an inspiration to me and many, and prove the traditional martial arts are not dead. You are a testament that honor, respect, and tradition are still alive and you do not have to sink to name-calling and trash-talking to win. Even if you don't like the UFC, you need to look GSP up! Fantastic fighter, fantastic martial artist, and a fantastic person!

You can't always wait for the perfect time, sometimes you just have to dare to jump!

Can I tell you how lucky I am to have the privilege of being an instructor? There are moments when it stresses me out and I wonder if it is all worth it. However, today was one of those days that remind me why I do what I do. Today I got 13 new, wonderful students start the new session with me. As with the start of any new session, I ask students why they joined Taekwondo. One student, who took some time off, said she rejoined Taekwondo because it was one of the only places she felt comfortable being. It really touched me! It reminded me that despite all the ups and downs, I am making a difference in these kids lives and helping them grow as martial artists and as people. No matter what is going on in your life, take a little time to step back and realize how great your life really is!

Happy Halloween! 👻🎃👻

🎶Try and knock us down. We'll get up everyone. We can run this town!🎶 While Taekwondo is focused primarily on self-improvement, we are stronger with a great team behind us. While as an instructor, I feel responsible for inspiring those around me, I often feel my students truly inspire me just as much as I try to inspire them. They keep me going when no one else will. I am truly grateful for their help and support in my competitive/coaching/instructing career!

I ain't afraid of no ghost! 👻👻👻

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