He helps and distract me at the same. PLUS anybody who knows me knows I love #tacobell #twodollarduo #footballsunday #seahawks

When your husband is obsessed with #tacobell #queso #myversion

I'm a monster #tacobell

#tacobell sign made us laugh.

Un hermoso día en el templo Las mejores experiencias en mi vida es cuando estas tú 🙈😍❤️💋 #eternidad #2meses #tacobell

I am so excited is my bday month!💛🌻💛

#tacobell 👍

Good night frens! 🌻💛🌻
Stay alive! ||-// 💛🌻💛

Stay with me

Drove an extra couple of hours on our way back from Monterey to hit up northern California’s nicest Taco Bell location. #tacobell #pacifica #californiaadventure #mexicanpizzanomeat #livemas

Live Más. That's Taco Bell's motto and after working there only 3 short weeks, I realized something. We don't. Working at Taco Bell is overwhelming but I can't help but love their motto. Because "live mas" translates to "live more" which is something we often don't do anymore. Me and alot of other people tend to hold back in life, we let others hold us back, situations, problems, and emotions. But I don't wanna hold back. I won't. I'm not gonna let anything or anyone hold me back from who I'm meant to be. I wanna live more happy, live more freely, live more wild, live more with a purpose, live more and take risks. I just wanna live! I've never experienced life, because living in a shell for so long, I never got to. But now that I'm not holding back it's like I'm seeing life for the first time and it's freaking amazing. Screw what people say or think, screw insecurities, screw anything that holds you back. Kick all that in the face and just live the life your so scared of living. Is life gonna be scary, yes. Is it gonna be hard, of course. Is it gonna suck at times, you got it. But life is also full of blessings! You can either choose to take hold of those blessings and be happy, or hide and hold back from them. But I've made my decision, to live more. To 'Live Más' and it feels so good. ☆

#tacobell #livemás #insecuritiesbegone #beyourbestself #blessings #toblessedtobestressed #notholdingback #tacobellemployee #likeitup #recent4recent #recent #newpost

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