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Flying back to NYC like ✈️☁️ #TacitaDean

When clouds matter @eneltamayo #tacitadean

We’re excited to announce a new unprecedented collaboration with our friends @royalacademyarts and @national_gallery to stage three exhibitions by artist Tacita Dean

The three exhibitions, Tacita Dean: LANDSCAPE, PORTRAIT, STILL LIFE respond to the individual character of each institution. Tacita Dean: PORTRAIT will be our first exhibition ever to be dedicated to the medium of film.
Opening at the National Portrait Gallery on 15 March 2018. Book your tickets now on our website.

Tacita Dean photographed in her studio In Los Angeles, October 2015 testing New 55 instant film © 2015 Jim McHugh / Los Angeles
#NewExhibition #TacitaDean #FilmPortrait #Portraiture

This weekend is your last chance to see "Tacita Dean" at Museo Tamayo. A "Save Film" panel/discussion with Tacita is also scheduled as part of the museum's public programs, today at 12pm. Do not miss! @eneltamayo #TacitaDean #MuseoTamayo

Catch Tacita Dean's beautiful dye sublimation photographs of #BerwickLighthouse at @theglucksman, Cork in 'Now Wakes the Sea' until 5 November. [Pictured: #TacitaDean, Berwick Lighthouse, Greetings from #Teignmouth the Devon resort chosen by #DonaldCrowhurst as the Home Port for his triumphant around the world Yacht race, 1996]

Can you name #5womenarists? We are joining @WomenInTheArts to call special attention to the gender imbalance in the art world. Throughout the month of March we will feature work by women artists on view, and in our collection including British visual artist #TacitaDean, who brings together the work of legendary choreographer #MerceCunningham and the experimental composer #JohnCage in her film installation "Merce Cunningham performs STILLNESS (in three movements) to John Cage’s composition 4‘33” with Trevor Carlson, New York City, 28 April 2007 (six performances; six films)." This gallery presentation, consisting of six film projections on free-standing screens is on view in #CommonTime. ⠀

Tonight at 5:30 pm, join a tour Linda Shapiro and Sam Johnson from the Twin Cities dance community to experience movement-based approaches to the exhibition Merce Cunningham: Common Time.


'Ponds (spilling)' by #AKassen, based on coffee stains left on a piece of paper that have been transferred on to the floor and filled with coffee, in front of #TacitaDean at @copenhagen_contemporary via @nicolaiwallner #artxeurope

“What happens if we agree that every story is an artificial construct that by definition distorts and lies? What if we acknowledge that no narrator is reliable? In lieu of solid narrative ground, this exhibition presents us with works that expose the machinery of story-making and then throw a wrench in the works.” -Curator Gabriela Vainsencher @gvainsencher
pictured: Tacita Dean, JG (offset), 2013 📸: @pearldheurle

Fertile soil, so I knew that I would find an overt sign of life. At the top left, a small 🌱.
Pedro Wirz's We know what we learn, 2017.
(In background: Tacita Dean's Quatemy, 2014.)
#cph #copenhagen #københavn #exsitu #PedroWirz #Weknowwhatwelearn #lifefindsaway #TacitaDean #latergramCOPENHAGEN @copenhagen_contemporary @wedropirz

The Ex Situ exhibition at the Copenhagen Contemporary.
Bottom left: A Kassen's Ponds (spilling), 2017.
Top right: Tacita Dean's Quatemary, 2014.
#cph #copenhagen #københavn #latergramCOPENHAGEN #exsitu #TacitaDean #AKassen @copenhagen_contemporary

“Time as Landscape: Inquiries of Art and Science” opens at the Museum to the public on September 29 with an 11 a.m. Exhibition Tour by CFAM Curator Amy Galpin. We look forward to sharing this exhibition with you! Tacita Dean (b. 1965), JG (offset) (detail) 1 0f 14, 2013, Handmade archival offset print, Courtesy of the artist, Marian Goodman Gallery, and Niels Borch Jensen Gallery @rollinscollege @mariangoodmangallery #timeaslandscape #tacitadean #art #science #rollinscollege

Books in BORCHs Butik, Copenhagen! We have a fine selection of art books from artists who have made original prints at our print studio #talr #adamjeppesen #mattsaunders #perkirkeby #tacitadean #johnkørner #johnzurier #knudodde #ulrikmøller #nielsborchjensen #borchsbutik #artbook

The artists presented here are expert time-warping story benders who reconfigure narrative’s constituent parts in order to expose its inner workings. -Gabriela Vainsencher

installation view | Now Wakes the Sea: Contemporary Art and the Ocean, open now @theglucksman until the 5th November feat. my photographs of #AndreasKindlervonKnobloch's Ultima Thule, inspired by the writings of Rene Duamal and Bas Jan Ader. #TacitaDean #SeanLynch #MarcelDinahet #MariaMcKinny #ConradShawcross #AnnaZacharoff #JanainaTschäpe #eflux

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