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As promised for my US amigos.. the Type 97 / QBZ 95-1 tacticooled out 😉 1100 Luminous 3.7v light cannon with pressure switch attached with hear resistant electrical Velcro straps, Norinco QBZ 95 rail mount with a 3 MOA Red/ Green Dot Sight. Painted the Fire selector red as well. Future updates will be PLA official decal markings, official PLA QBZ sling and a left side charging handle adaption (its way too tight to be very effective for westerners), left side mag release adapter for quicker and less awkward magazine changes. Will have a range report and vids this weekend... will advise. #pla #qbz95 🇨🇳 #type97 #t97 🇨🇦 #chicomweapons #redweapons

The QBZ-95-1/ Type 97 Chinese PLA Service Rifle 🇨🇳 Only available on the Canadian market as the T97NSR in 5.56/223 NATO. The semi-automatic rifle was tailored to western standards and has a few small changes from the QBZ. The AR type deep magazine well and release to accommodate AR mags and being chambered in 5.56x45. These are a bullpup type rifle and are a required taste in the shooting sports community. I personally love them and it’s nice to have this to go with the Type 81 service rifle, not to mention a rifle our American friends can’t get 😉 A post to follow once it has been Tactically upgraded #qbz95 #type97 #t97 #china #pla #collectablefirearms

se ensaya... próximamente volvemos a las tablas... #HeavyArgento #HeavyNacional #T97

Type97 gen2. 5.56 #type97 #guns #556 #t97 #firearms

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