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[ARMY REASONABLE READ]I am posting this from the credit I wrote below.
Cr: @bangtan.fact_indo
And it seems that he also got this shipment from his grub friend in social media.
which is in the picture using the Indonesian language, and I will translate it, so that other international A.R.M.Y or K-A.R.M.Y. can understand.
As for this Hoax Only or not. Whatever happens, we must protect the bangtan from things that can make them lose.and do the things suggested as in the post above is the form of ANTICIPATION.don't until something bad happens that can make hard work bangtan be futile. We A.R.M.Y should always support.and again, if at the time the main MV BTS has been released, please do not spread the video through social media. We must stream Bangtan on youtube on channel IBIGHIT, not others. remember our project this time, 15M in 24 hours! .A.R.M.Y and Bangtan it one.Bangtan worked hard to make A.R.M.Y happy while A.R.M.Y. must support the hard work of bangtan not to be in vain.

[pict1]👉 guys, please be careful yes. out there are many Antis who want to thwart Comeback BTS. they will do the latest MV BTS report to take down by youtube, they even want to report Ibighit channel, official twitter BTS, and official Instagram BTS let Deactivate.they spread the virus commented Teaser, and the latest MV BTS let viewersnya freeze or not increase added.bahkan, 100 Antis will come to Comeback Show BTS later and will throw the goods or garbage they have prepared towards bangtan.guys, please .. i have begged very, later when MV BTS has been released, you directly to youtube nontkn streaming, in like and in whatever comment you want, as long as do not virus. if anyone puts up a commented link,[pict2]please do not click on that link. never try to click and curious with the link. I beg. because it's a virus link that makes MV viewers not add or freeze. and help report antis account account, report also to bighit via bighit email. [email is in picture]. just send this photo poto to email bighit, do not engrave this Hoax or not. but if Hoax, thank goodness (alhamdulillah), we think what if this is true as they planned.
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BTS is not in line up Soribada Music Awards?

BTS is not in the line up Soribada Music Awards. This may be because they have not confirmed yet or because they can not attend because of a solid comeback schedule. meanwhile, the winner will be announced on 14/15 september.

BTS tidak ada di line up Soribada Music Awards.ini mungkin karena mereka belum konfirmasi lagi atau karena mereka memang tidak bisa hadir karena jadwal comeback yang padat. sementara itu,pemenang akan diumumkan pada tanggal 14/15 september.
Pls be active😿

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